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Feb 14, 2018, 5:14 PM

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Re: [bigjmc] Various Yorkshire Leagues... or Reply Privately

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Be interesting to see how many WRCAL clubs vote with their feet to join the WYL or Yorks Amateur and can see them down to one division next season

Was never really merger talks was it - merger suggests both parties can gain from it/its in both their interests/both need it.

The truth is the West Yorkshire League does not need this and only entertained the idea in order to help out the beleaguered WRCAL and its dwindling members.

A merger would have meant a proper merging of it member clubs across the levels. What the West Yorkshire League came to the "merger talks" table with was a mere rescue plan of sorts - a safe haven for the troubled WRCAL sides if their league folds. And so the WYL obviously said...
"Yes please join us, but we aren't merging in the true sense with you, you will all go into a new division we will create for the bottom"

So the WRCAL have said a firm "No" - but are they now just cutting off their nose to spite their face?

If 5 or 6 of the members in the summer resign and decide to go against the rest and join the WYL, then the league will be in danger of either:

a) folding and its remaining clubs fleeing to the Yorkshire Amateur League, or...
b) Only having 10-13 clubs willing to stick it out in a single division next season, thus losing its Step 7 status anyway...which will effectively make it a feeder to the WYL and so they'll be in exactly the same place as they would have been had they accepted the WYL's offer.

They seem to be in a no win situation to me!

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