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March Madness 2019

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Apr 1, 2019, 3:23 PM

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March Madness 2019 or Reply Privately

Two terrific matches in the NCAA Basketball regional finals over the weekend.

Worth watching the closing minutes if you haven't seen them.

Duke v Michigan State

Auburn v Kentucky

The four regional winners head to Minneapolis this weekend:

Texas Tech
and the two winners from the games above.

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Richard Rundle
Man City Transfer Target!

Apr 1, 2019, 9:25 PM

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Re: [PaulC] March Madness 2019 or Reply Privately

After a very "chalky" opening weekend (of the 16 teams to make it through, 13 were in the top 4 seeds in their region so expected to make it through and two of the other three were 5 seeds), the tournament livened up considerably last weekend.

The last 60 seconds of the Gonzaga v Texas Tech are also well worth watching, with some "interesting" but probably correct, officiating, and Virginia v Purdue was also an excellent game.

Virginia have made it to their first Final Four since 1984, the year after they had become the first No. 1 seeds to lose to a No. 16 in their opening game (and they were the number one overall of the No. 1 seeds). This year they were the second ranked of the No. 1 seeds and progressed after an early scare against No. 16 Gardiner Webb.

The tournament always delivers, even if this year it didn't have one of the major components of interest - a Cinderella run.