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Twenty Questions - Rules



Sep 14, 2007, 8:45 PM


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     Twenty Questions - Rules   or

An update to the rules, following the vote over proposed changes.

It's one guess and one question per day - a day being from 0:00 to 23:59 in the time zone of the poster* - and despite the title there has never been a limit to twenty questions. This has been the case on this board, and on the previous one that crashed a couple of years ago, probably due to the fact anyone can "cheat" at this to remain the question-master for as long as they deem fit. When a new game starts, all the contestants start with a clean slate!

If possible, ideally can everyone distingiush which is a question and which is an answer. The easy way is to state: Q = Is it something to do with .... ####? or alternatively A= Is it #####? This is NOT A RULE only a suggestion.

Any queries are to made to the Ambiguities thread.

*Time zone of the poster is based on the declared location the first time the poster enters a 20Qs - anyone who has the luxury of posting away from their resident country, must use their native (home) time zone as a guideline.

Just a note to anyone who is wondering, I am no longer a moderator of this forum due to current personal circumstances and work commitments. If you need help, contact leohoenig or Steve walker. Thank You.

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Mar 3, 2011, 11:08 PM


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     20/20 Game Rules [In reply to]   or

20/20 games take place every Sunday at a time of the Question-Master's choosing. This time is to be advertised at the end of the previous week's contest - IF POSSIBLE.

Contestants are able to ask the Question-Master an unlimited number of questions per day, but are locked out of the game until their previous Q is answered - meaning they have to wait until their question is answered before they either ask another Q or make a guess. Likewise with guesses, they can't ask another Q until their guess is answered.

Any queries are to be made to the Ambiguities thread.


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