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Albania 1998-2003

Andorra 1998-2003

Armenia 1998-2005

Azerbaijan 1998-2006

Belarus 1998-2005

Bosnia-Herz. 1998-2003

Cyprus 1998-2003

Estonia 1998-2005

Faroes 1998-2005

Finland 1998-2002

Georgia 1998-2006

Iceland 1998-2002

Kazakhstan 1998-2002

Latvia 1998-2002

Lithuania 1998-2002

Luxembourg 1998-2003

Macedonia 1998-2003

Malta 1998-2003

Moldova 1998-2003

San Marino 1998-2006

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Opening coverage of leagues in many of Europe's smaller states ...

League tables from the countries listed below will be accessible over the next few weeks.  

In the first phase, the five seasons beginning in 1998 will be covered, with the top flight standings 
for the first four campaigns included and at least two tiers for the countries’ leagues included for 
the fifth season.  In some cases, the ‘more than one section’ principle will be applied from 1998.

There are 20 countries in the list, so this will take time to put together.  Once all named states have an opening page, other seasons will be added.  This has been started by adding three further seasons to first pages for the opening batch of countries.

Once a named button appears, then league tables from that country are on site.

Albania                                       begun
Andorra                                      begun
Armenia                                     begun - extended
Azerbaijan                                 begun - extended
Belarus                                       begun - extended
Bosnia-Herzegovina                begun
Cyprus                                        opened up
Estonia                                       opened up - extended
Faroe Islands                            opened up
Finland                                       opened up
Georgia                                      opened up - extended
Iceland                                       opened up
Kazakhstan                               opened up
Latvia                                         started
Lithuania                                   started
Luxembourg                             started
Macedonia                                started
Malta                                          started
Moldova                                     started
San Marino                                begun