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Dec 10, 2009, 9:49 PM

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Twenty Questions - Ambiguities or Reply Privately

Update as of 14.11.2014

When the 20 Question subject is a European based answer, there are often controversies as to what the geography of Europe is. I suggest from opinions already sought the following rules.

1) Adriatic coastline countries should also be considered as Mediterranean e.g (Slovenia,Croatia,Montenegro,Albania,Bosnia & Herzegovina)
2) Scandinavia should be only Denmark, Sweden, Norway
3) Nordic Countries should be Denmark,Finland, Iceland,Sweden,Norway plus their associated territories (Faroe Islands,Greenland,Svalbard and Aland)
4) Baltic states should be referred to as Estonia,Latvia and Lithuania
5) UK should be England,Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (not include Channel Islands or Isle of Man)
6) Great Britain should Be England,Scotland and Wales (not include Channel islands or Isle of Man)
7) British Isles should be the two sovereign states of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland +Ireland + the surrounding islands like Channel islands and Isle of Man etc (as defined in wiki). As the term British Isles is controversial in relationship with Ireland perhaps an alternative question to ask would be “Is the club/ground in the UK/ROI/Crown Dependencies ?” which covers the Channel islands and isle of Man.
8) Mainland Europe should include All countries of Europe,except those that are solely islands e.g (Great Britain,Ireland,Iceland,Malta,Cyprus) or islands that are the territories of Mainland European countries e.g (Sicily,Majorca,Crete)

9) Some people refer to Holland as a Country when it should perhaps be The Netherlands ??? (Holland is perhaps to be considered by some, as a region of the Netherlands ???) if we all refer to the country as The Netherlands then it would avoid controversy when narrowing down a question. E.g Does the country begin with letters M-Z ?

10) The definition of Europe itself is ambiguous. It should be simplified for this 20q quiz as to all of the countries that are affiliated to the Uefa Football Confederation with the exception of Israel.

11)There are 7 countries according to wiki that are considered to be both European & Asian (Russia,Kazakhstan,Azerbaijan , Georgia,Armenia,Cyprus and Turkey. If someone chose a subject from any of these countries, I do not believe it would be misleading to answer “yes the club/ground is from Asia.”

As we cannot agree if an inland sea has a coastline or what a European person is, we should perhaps ask the following alternative questions to avoid misleading information
Does the country have a coastline or borders an Inland sea ?
Was/is the person born in Europe ?

As Monsieur Pascal stated in an earlier post if unsure, there is no harm in seeking clarity to an answer on a geographical question but with the above guidelines hopefully it should help.


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