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Apr 30, 2011, 7:20 PM

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Re: [Andrelux] Random & Pointless Things That Really Annoy You or Reply Privately

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(3) to do with English motorway driving particularly. There are three or four lanes on the motorway in South-East England. Use them all!! I've sometimes driven down to Dover thinking I've had my own private lane, driving at the speed limit down the inside lane while there's been huge queues of cars outside me.

I hear you brother.
I use the M3 to go to and from work. It's only one junction, about 4 miles. I will, almost everytime I use this route, go past cars who sit in the middle lane whilst I stay in the inside lane.
Today coming back from football I used the same stretch of motorway. Three cars all in line doing 60-65mph in the middle lane which I happily went past on the inside lane as it was empty.
This happens nearly every time I go on the M25 as well although sometimes you're two or three lanes away from the muppets who are scared to move across.
They pull onto the motorway, go straight into lane 2 which becomes lane 3 at times and stay there until they finally decide to come off which they also leave to the last second and have to cut across two or three lanes in order to make the junction.
There are often accidents on the M25 approach from the M3 because of this and, when that happens, it can affect the traffic locally even though we're 15 miles away.
It drives me mental that, in all my years of driving, I've only seen two people pulled up by the police for dangerous driving on the motorway.

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