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May 1, 2011, 3:07 PM

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Re: [Fanatic] Random & Pointless Things That Really Annoy You or Reply Privately

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Nationalist editors on Wikipedia also really annoy me. A small group of them can force ridiculous policies on the whole project simply by behaving so obnoxiously that everyone else gives up. Examples include preventing the phrase "Northern Irish" from being used to describe people (instead they have to be "from Northern Ireland") and a guy who insisted than anyone born in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania between 1940 and 1990 could not be described as being born in the USSR (according to him they were all independent countries at the time).

See also Middlesex nationalists(?). Wikipedia is one place where pedantry should be encouraged so places like Staines and Ashford are now in Surrey, not Middlesex. We don't call Hampshire 'Wessex' anymore so Middlesex should go the same way. Granted it's a historical county and I'm not trying to get it erased from all history but it ceased to be in 1965. It is an ex-county.
Even when people begrudgingly admit they're now in Surrey or Greater London they still insist on saying it used to be Middlesex.
The area I live in has possibly been part of Surrey, Mercia, Wessex, Middlesex or Sussex at times. It's Surrey at the moment so that's what I call it.

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