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Mr. T
Chelsea Transfer Target

May 6, 2011, 12:02 PM

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Re: [KnowYourMarket] Random & Pointless Things That Really Annoy You or Reply Privately

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Unfortunately Dave, Radio 5 has become like a tabloid on radio. Wind up phone ins on sport and current affairs, day and night. Constant wittering over and over again about the same things. If I want news and current affairs now I listen to Radio 4. I gave up on Talk Sport a long time ago, although I did find Hawkesby and Jacobs quite good in the afternoon.

I used to listen to Radio 5 more than now. Radio 4 could be a bit earnest and worthy at times, so 5 offered a bit of relief. Not any more. It has some of the worst programmes to be heard anywhere on national radio (excluding Radio 1, which is for cabbages). Trivial beyond belief (as witlessly so as local radio), the very worst are on Saturday and Sunday mornings between 9 and 12. Danny Baker may have gone for now but his recent effort was desperately poor stuff. Fighting Talk is an embarrassment (someone please silence Colin Murray), with its participants shouting at one another like drunks in a pub and 'laughing' endlessly in that excruciating 'hur, hur, hur' manner. The Sunday morning political magazines are hardly any better, being devoid of any real analysis of anything and with the contributors continually talking across one another. They think they are being incisive and satirical but they merely insult their subjects and our intelligence.

Add to this the appalling diction and grammar of the majority of the presenters, gabbling away at 300 words per minute, and Radio 5's only useful purpose now is for a quick news and sports summary on the hour.


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