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Man City Transfer Target!

May 23, 2011, 10:59 AM

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Re: [UKPunk] Random & Pointless Things That Really Annoy You or Reply Privately

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Cyclists on pavements

People who fail to indicate, especially on roundabouts

People who sit virtually up to your bumper at night with their lights on full beam.

Drivers who refuse to move into the second lane when you're joining an A-road or motorway when there's nothing outside them forcing you to brake.

Stroppy teenagers who cross the road without looking and then look at you with indignation as if it's you that's in the wrong.

Kids on bikes riding on the right hand side of the road (a common sight in Clacton).

Horses on the road, particularly when the horse has a dump and the riders leave it there in the road or even sometimes on the pavement. If dog owners have to clear up after their animals why are horse riders allowed to get away with it?

Shopping (unless it's for beer, books or music).

Chris Evans

Schools that send the kids home the moment they see a snowflake.


God botherers

My girls when they leave their crap around the house. For example, shoes left on the floor instead of being placed in the shoe rack, makeup smeared around the bathroom sink because they couldn't spend 10 seconds rinsing it away, unwashed cups and plates left for others to clear away (we DO have a dishwasher!), handbags, hairbrushes, hair clips, nail varnish remover, cans of hairspray and sundry other 'girlie' items that are rarely if ever returned to their correct place.

People who don't look where they're going.

People who stand chatting in a supermarket blocking up the whole aisle.




Fireworks night

People who are regularly late.

Club secretaries of clubs at step 6 and above who are uncontactable on the morning of a game.

Non disabled people who park in disabled bays.

So called 'professionals' who are anything but. For example some of the useless social workers we've encountered over the years (our current one is very good and despairs at some of her colleagues' attitudes and lack of work ethic).

Cilla Black

The Brady Bunch

Fashion victims

Bernie Clifton

Des O' Conner

Max Bygraves

Text Speak

Take That

Justin Bieber

I'd go along with many of those...................drivers that fail to indicate! I mean how much effort does it take to flick an indicator stick one way or the other to let everybody else know what the hell they are doing???????Unsure

Same with drivers hogging the middle lane forcing everyone else to undertake them, and when you hoot or flash them they look totally bewildered as to what they've done wrong!

Drivers illegally using mobile phones when they're driving..............they deserve at very least a six month ban!

I know just what you mean about daughters.................and when they grow up and become women they're even more trouble!

PA announcers who say "I'll just run quickly through the two teams" and do just that................if they are not going to read them out s-l-o-w-l-y enough so people can amend their programmes then what exactly is the point????????????

I'd agree about non disabled people using disabled parking bays (except in the evenings when they're all empty anyway) but I strongly object to 'parent & child bays', why the hell should they get priority over everybody else?

Fireworks...............they should be banned!


Most H&S regulations................which fly in the face of commom sense!

The EU..................don't get me started on themMad

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Post edited by Isaac (Man City Transfer Target!) on May 23, 2011, 11:05 AM

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