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Jun 4, 2011, 1:25 PM

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Re: [pitch 63] Random & Pointless Things That Really Annoy You or Reply Privately

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About 50% of what is in our letterbox now has an official stamp put on it by us stating - "Post Office - delivered to wrong address"

The Post Office haven't delivered it to the wrong address. They're a separate company who don't deliver mail.

We get a few calls about misdelivered mail. Some posties are useless and it is embarrassing but just as many of the complaints are from people who've had mail delivered by other carriers but they automatically assume it's Royal Mail.
They come into the office in a huff, throw down a packet that's been misdelivered and start having a go at me. I point out it was HDNL / ParcelForce / City Link / DHL or whoever who doorstepped it at the wrong house, they reply they don't care who it was and walk off in a huff. We're left with a packet we haven't been paid to deliver that we can't do anything about.
It happens fairly regularly with whichever carrier has the contract for delivering passports as well. The envelope even says that, if it's misdelivered, phone the number provided and DO NOT put it in the Royal Mail system. People are stupid though and think that doesn't apply to them.
On that note - people who are having arguments with their utility companies who then send a letter without a stamp on it writing 'they can pay' or 'freepost' or something similar. It doesn't work like that. For a start, why refuse to pay Royal Mail to deliver the item, your argument with the company isn't anything to do with us.
Secondly, unless a company has a surcharge account set up, there's a good chance they won't pay for the letter so they won't get it. Freepost addresses and business replys have an account number which the company receiving the letter gets billed on. Without that number written on the envelope, they won't get billed and won't get the letter.
And you can't use any old number. Each Delivery Office can only bill accounts that are registered to that office. Some people think they're being clever by obscuring the pre-printed address on a business reply and writing another one. Fail.
And when an envelope from a company such as T-Mobile says 'do not include correspondence with this payment' there's a reason for that. The letter isn't going to T-Mobile. It's going to a centre run by a bank that deals with payments and nothing else. That centre also has 15-20 other company's mail going there. Anything that isn't a payment gets shredded or binned I presume. There are three or four of these places around the UK for most of the major utility / phone / credit card companies. We have one in Camberley. they get all sorts sent there. Some people even send their mobile phones there. These get refused and handed back to us and, guess what, half the time the sender hasn't put a return address on.
We should be more like Canada and insist all mail has a return address on it. It'd solve half the cases of stuff allegedly 'missing' in the post. We get a couple of thousands of items a day that can't be delivered as the address is incomplete, the address has gone away or whatever. A large percentage of these are shredded as it's part of the contract for anyone using a franking machine or PPI if there's no return ddress printed.

I think I've got it all out now. Apologies!

I know the Royal Mail isn't perfect and, in some cases, the service is chronically bad, but the public prove they can be just as incompetent.

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