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Man City Transfer Target!

Jun 5, 2011, 8:04 PM

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Re: [Mishi] Random & Pointless Things That Really Annoy You or Reply Privately

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Out of interest on what London area lines CAN we sit in first class?

And how do you find out such things?

If it's marked on the timetable with a big fat '1' then the service offers first class accommodation. If not the whole train is free for anyone to sit in. I learnt this from several ticket inspectors getting on and telling people and then had it confirmed by FCC directly after the above mentioned twat* inspector gave me what for. If you are travelling to/from New Barnet for example, only the 5.17am (or thereabouts) has 1st class accommodation. All the rest are 'decomissioned'.

* and before anyone sticks up for the twat, he could've taken my details and left me to clear it up with FCC as I suggested to him but he was aggresive and rude as was the 'policewoman' (who never showed me any ID) he managed to find. They lectured me on 'people like me' taking advantage of the system. I suggested to FCC that they should be aiming to avoid paying customers being abused and insulting for no reason by educating inspectors who are brought from a different line (this is what one of the normal inspectors said the problem was - they get drafted from the Hertford branch where it doesn't work that way and nobody tells them the rules). They more or less suggested I should leave them to their business.

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