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Nov 16, 2011, 5:10 PM

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Re: [stevegraze] LFA Sunday Intermediate Cup - 2nd Round Results or Reply Privately

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Hughesvideo, thanks for those detailed match highlights and report. You run an extremely well organised club. Given how well you run your club I'm surprised that: (a) your players don't take LFA matches more seriously; and (b) you don't have dozens of excellent players banging at your door asking to join your team.

Regarding (a), it doesn't matter who the opponents are or what the competition is. If players are attending a social function the night before where all their mates (who don't play Sunday morning football) are getting 'hammered', then they will join in and get 'paralytic' regardless. Our Captain's attitude was that at least he still turned up and started the match. Most players who like a Saturday night out with team-mates from their Saturday side would have just said they are not available for the following morning's match and in most cases they just give up playing Sunday football altogether, so I can see his point of view. The problem is the standard we are playing at nowadays. Back in the 90's we were only in Division Five of our League. We had players playing back then who were just as drunk but they could get away with it at that level.

Regarding (b), I must admit it really bugs me that we don't have that. What we get instead (because of the videos and the club website) is players who think we are the local semi-pro club from Saturday football who are going to pay them and turn them into a 'superstar' (see here for numerous examples !), or we get players who have only ever had a kickabout over the park before and don't realise how good the standard is. Invariably they just want to see themselves on video and in some cases use it to 'enhance their profile' for whatever job it is they do. We are most definitely looking for ex-Semi-Pro players in their mid/late-20's who want to concentrate solely on Sunday football and be able to attend our Wednesday night training sessions, but we just can't find any. All other teams in the top two divisions of our League have those sort of players but we don't. It could be because we don't have a clubhouse/pub as a base and because we have not won anything at 11-a-side for 23 years (or reached a Cup Final for 25 years), but that's a poor excuse and you would think the club being well-run and our longevity would make up for that ?

By the way, I have just had an e-mail from Marc Dolby from Baldon Sports. He has recently started a 'Grass Roots Monthly' magazine which features all the London F.A. Sunday Cup competitions. Issue One has been out for a while and Issue Two is on it's way. Has anybody seen a copy of Issue One ?

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