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Oct 30, 2016, 11:25 AM

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Re: [Hitchin-John] NLM Main Site - errors and corrections 201617 or Reply Privately

More work for the Admins on the Staffordshire County Senior League pages I'm afraid.

On Friday, 28th October 2016 Hawkins Sports resigned from the league with immediate effect and all results were expunged. They had played 8 league fixtures up to the point that they resigned. I have already deleted all of their results and fixtures they just need to be deleted from Division One of the SCSL and the appropriate header added to the Division One page.

The following are not name changes, in the sense that the club has just changed its name this week, but are errors that should be corrected.

Hilton Harriers of the SCSL Premier Division and Hilton Harriers Reserves of SCSL Division Two South should be Hilton Harriers Athletic and Hilton Harriers Athletic Reserves. There was a discrepancy here between the league website (which included the word Athletic in the team name) and the club(s) own website/twitter page/club badge (which did not). As I was unsure which was correct I left it unchanged. The club have now updated their sites listing the clubs name as Hilton Harriers Athletic FC or Hilton Harriers AFC and showing a club badge reading Hilton Harriers Athletic FC.

Along similar lines, in SCSL Division 2 North the club listed on NLM as Norton should be Norton Athletic. What seems to have happened here is that as the league website lists the club as Norton AFC whoever added them to NLM assumed that meant Norton Association Football Club and left it off in the same way that FC is left off every clubs name. However, as with Hilton Harriers Athletic the A stands for Athletic rather than Association. This is a link to the entry list for this season's Staffordshire FA Challenge Cup on the Staffordshire FA website which shows the entrants from each league, the entrant listed as Norton Athletic of the SCSL is Norton AFC of the SCSL Division Two North.
This link shows the results for the 1st round of that county cup competition. Tie 5 tallies with the one listed on the SCSL website as Audley 1:7 Norton AFC.

Whittington Reserves in the SCSL Division Two South should be just Whittington. Whittington FC ran a 1st team in the SCSL Division One with their Reserves playing in Division 2 South. The first team resigned from the SCSL during the 2015-16 season (as can be seen from the header on the SCSL Division One table). For the 2016-17 season Whittington are running three teams - Whittington FC Under 21s in Division 5 of the Birmingham AFA Birmingham & District League, Whittington FC in Division 6 of the Birmingham & District League (which must be their reserve side) and the team in Division 2 South of the Staffs County Senior League - who must be Whittington's first team now. The links for the Staffs FA Challenge Cup above show that the entrant from the SCSL is called Whittington not Whittington Reserves and both Whittington Reserves and Whittington U21s play in the Birmingham & District League.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I hope that clarifies the required changes.

(This post was edited by Mark_a_Wood on Oct 30, 2016, 12:00 PM)

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