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Dec 20, 2018, 1:25 PM

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Re: [oftenscore6] Non League Projections 2019/20 or Reply Privately

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It comes down to where you think the base of the "perfect pyramid" should be.

Above this, all decisions are national, points per game should rule the roost (as the fairest if not best way to do things, as inter-league play offs for relegation are not something under consideration). This means any club on any boundary can be shifted to a neighbouring league. Below this, it is regional - so in one region an abysmal club can be spared the drop, which a much better club in another area gets relegated.
My view is that a hybrid version is required. In most of the country, including the Hellenic League step 6 is pooled, but some (I think two) areas are ring fenced. The South West Peninsular league should not stretch outside Devon (at least by more than a few miles), while the Northern League requires a Southern limit. No current Northern League club should ever be considered as a potential member of the Northern Counties (East) and only Pickering are eligible to move the other way.

Pickering are at step 4 now. I checked Knaresborough’s mileage, if they are laterally transferred to the NL at the end of the season. It’s actually not too bad compared to this season in the NCEL. If Harrogate RA are relegated this season(which looks likely). Then Knaresborough closest clubs are Northallerton & Garforth(the southern most NL club & the projected next most northerly NCEL club)& they sit almost halfway between them. It’s only 94 miles to Ashington & 74 miles to Forest Town(AFC Mansfield, if they are relegated).

Knaresborough might be possible to move although if there's a step 5 East Midlands league coming, some of the southerly NCEL clubs might fall into that and reduce their distances in staying in NCEP. But they might themselves get promoted and then what are you left with to pool someone into NL1? The problem is the step 6 divisions are not spread evenly to start with, so NL1 has only a tiny of amount of step 5/6 teams outside the Northern league that it makes any sense to allocate to. Maybe the answer is to form 2 NL2 divisions of 14 like the Hellenic, that'd need another 10 teams or so. Maybe include new groundsharers, reserves and some derogation on not meeting the grade currently, as happened in the South East...

I think the biggest issue for the Northern League, will be the creation of the new step 4 league. How many NL1 will be promoted into this league? If they promote 8 clubs(for example), will they then promote 8 clubs from the NL2? How many clubs will the FALC want in the NL2? If they want to run with 18 clubs for example. Will they then cherry pick 6 clubs from the 3 feeder leagues? What will then be left of those feeder leagues(because 2 of the 3 feeder leagues are struggling)?
For what its worth, I think the FA will create a new step 5 league in the West Midlands(part of the NWCL1S & the WMRL Prem area).

Non League Projection - 2020/21:
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
Step 5:
Step 6:

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