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Jan 5, 2019, 1:53 AM

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Re: [AndyE] Non League Projections 2019/20 or Reply Privately

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If you want the football authorities to treat you strictly as a Nottingham club then play in Nottingham!

On the other hand, Nottingham already has lots of teams at Step 6 and 7 level, and you have to compete with them for players. East Leake is certainly big enough to support a team at Step 7, and at the moment anyone from East Leake who plays serious football probably does it in either Nottingham or Loughborough. If you establish yourselves as East Leake's team, you might start to attract players from south of Nottingham.

Which direction you'd be sent in at the higher levels is impossible to guess because it depends on a thousand things. But Leicester isn't very much further than Nottingham, and the longest away trip based on the current Step 7 divisions is Southwell in Notts and Rugby in Leics. Having teams from Rugby in a Leicestershire league probably won't become a regular thing, but if it does, yes it's further than Southwell but the M1 is quite convenient.

For the moment though, having to find the players to play in a Step 7 league in Leicestershire is a nice problem to have in the future. Win your Step 9 league first!

Completely agree that we may be years and years from step 7. The Notts senior League is a strong league and also as things stand our ground would only take us as far as step 7 anyway. But to me its nice to have targets, and while our first target is to complete our first season and not end up being the whipping boys its nice to look at what the future could hold too.

One thing to clarify though is you say if we want to be treated as a Nottingham club then play in Nottingham.. Rushcliffe is definitely in Nottingham, with Nottingham Forest being in the same council area of Rushcliffe and no one would ever say they aren't from Nottingham. Its our Postcode starting with LE rather than NG that may one day lead to problems, despite us being 8 miles from Nottingham city centre and 14 miles from Leicester city centre. but 4.5 miles from Loughborough (which is obviously Leicestershire) think it leaves us in a funny place geographically.
I guess we will just worry about that if we get that far haha
Long way to go til then.

(This post was edited by Rushcliffe on Jan 5, 2019, 1:56 AM)

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Post edited by Rushcliffe (Junior Team Star) on Jan 5, 2019, 1:56 AM

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