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Feb 14, 2019, 9:41 PM

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Re: [THDrummer1] Non League Projections 2019/20 or Reply Privately

Just having one of my infrequent glances through this section so apologies if I'm just repeating what's already known. But, looking at the NLS Regs, given no more than 27 clubs will come up from step 7, at least 11 clubs will be reprieved from relegation from step 6, determined on a ppg game basis. Any further reprieves (due to vacancies arising) will be discretionary. Then, only if vacancies exist in a particular league, a club outside the NLS system might get to fill that vacancy. If the three named by windydcfc turns out to be all there are, then you'd imagine Jersey and Bracknell reserves get the nod (the CoCo has, I believe, already backed both of them). AFC Skem, though, would presumably have a problem as there's no vacancy (..yet) in the NWCL.
Extracts of relevant regulation (in quotations, with my own tuppen'orth added):

"At the end of the Regular Playing Season the Clubs in the bottom two positions of each of the nineteen Step 6 divisions will be liable to relegation" and "No more than 38 Clubs will be promoted from Step 7." "Where the eligible Clubs count does not reach 38 in number, reprieves of Step 6 Clubs shall come into effect on a points per match basis."

Then the issue of filling vacancies in leagues:

"Where a vacancy arises at Step 5 and below, the question of reprieves shall be dealt with at the sole discretion of the Committee."
(Don't know how they'll go about that but, although some on here may instinctively disagree, I'd expect there to be a consistent pattern in how the committee exercises its discretion in these cases, and that it'd at least be compatible with achieving their overall vision of the so-called 'perfect pyramid.').
Then, to further help fill those vacancies "a League may seek approval from the Committee to receive a club or team not currently in membership of a League within the NLS provided that there is: (a) exceptional circumstances, (b) a vacancy within its constitution, (c) the club meets the entry criteria and (d) promotion and relegation issues have been satisfied." (Self explanatory, but notable that this is done at the individual league level rather than at the step-wide level.)

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