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Jun 21, 2019, 2:12 PM

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Re: [windydcfc] Next Prime Minister? or Reply Privately

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I watched a program a few years back about the roots of English accents in England. There are 3 variants: Norse, Saxon & Norman. In the north (Danelaw) the reason we pronounce Path, Grass, Glass instead of how it is pronounced in the south(Saxon) Parth, Grrazz, Glarzz. The reason upper class people speak the way they do isnít because they are speaking posh, itís because it has historical roots in Norman.

Another distinction is between Scots pronunciation (and very northern English) and English which arises from the Great Vowel Shift in Middle English (1350-1700).

Pre-GVS the pronunciation of the modern English words "house", "brown" , 'town' "cow," "down" "now" approximated to hoose, broon, toon, coo, doon noo. In English the vowel sound shifted, but not in Scots.

The same with the vowel sound in English stone, home, bone. Old English was stane, hame, bane,

And of course the Middle English "hw" sound in "which", "when", "what" has disappeared in English, but not Scots. I'm always alarmed when I hear an English newsreader report the sighting of Wales in the Thames.

Scots pronunciation and vocabulary also owes a lot to Scandinavian languages. If you watch the Saturday night Scandi-noir series you can hear whole sentences which are almost pure Scots;

Hus - hoose (house)
Ut -oot (out)
Efter - efter (after)
brenne - burn (stream)
flytta - to flit (move house)
grŚte - to greet (cry)
bra - braw (excellent)
full - fu (to be drunk)
sten - stane (stone)
barn - bairn (child)
kvinne - quine (girl/woman)
kikke - keek (to peek)
morgen - morn (tomorrow)
stoev - stoor (dust)
stoevsuger - (stoor sooker)
man - man (husband)
dykke - dook (submerge)
ojne - een (eyes)
kjenne - ken (to know)

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