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Aug 15, 2019, 10:23 PM

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Re: [boyspen] Evo Stik Unstuck or Reply Privately

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I think we're both coming from the same starting place, just that I see many clubs nowadays chasing each 'step up' in the pyramid and assuming that if they can afford the wage bill then everything else will fall into place via volunteers. So I think clubs in general need to look after their volunteers more, and as they move into Step 3 or National League, either take more responsibility for their volunteers or accept that they may need to have more paid positions behind the scenes. It's probably going to be a trade-off, because it'd be a shame if people who wanted to do stuff like filming games free of charge and other stuff they enjoyed were then put off due to league whip-cracking. But I also feel that clubs who are paying multiples of four figures per game in wages, can't argue legimately that they don't have the resources to produce a video, if that's one of the hoops that the league want them to jump through.

I don't disagree with you in principle. The two clubs that I care about are certainly not paying out the kind of money you allude to and I don't think either would ever be in a position to.

Prescot do actually have a volunteer filming games and putting highlights out via a club YouTube channel, so I suppose Cables would be in a better position than many Step 4 clubs to comply with this directive in the event of gaining promotion. That's not really my issue, though. What irritates me about the edict from the NPL is that it has appears to have been sneaked 'under the radar', as it were.

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I would also say the same goes for other media such as programmes and websites - by all means have it done by volunteers, but as a club oversee how they're run and take the responsibility for them, whether through a club secretary, volunteer co-ordinator, or actually pay people to do them - it'd still be a fraction of what the player wage bill is each week.
That aside, the strictness now being applied on videos, programmes, websites etc also seems harsh, and in danger of backfiring on those who are bringing in the regulations.

Your last sentence strikes at the heart of my point.

I had a email exchange with an officer of the NPL last week where it took that individual three messages to clarify for me that the BetVictor logo has to be positioned in the bottom right-hand corner of the programme cover (and nowhere else). The reason it took three emails for this to become clear was their first message simply referred me to the six pages of instructions pertaining to programmes. This is a different document to the 8 pages of FAQs discussed elsewhere on this thread, meaning that I have some 14 pages of additional directives and instructions to comply with

When I asked whether we had to exactly follow the example image provided (which was from a Southern League club), the reply was that "the guidance is in the document". Which it wasn't. There was a picture, but no stipulation that this was exactly what we were supposed to do. So, I explained this to the League Official who came back to me with "we'd like you to replicate the picture, please" and an offer to give any revised layouts a once-over, which I was happy to accept to make sure we got it right (which we now have).

Now, I might have been being a little pedantic by this stage, but the fact is that I look after Prescot Cables' website and programme on a voluntary basis. The 6 pages of dos and don'ts for programmes were issued on top of the 8 pages of FAQs and directives discussed elsewhere on this thread. So I've got 14 pages of extra instructions over and above the Rules published in the Handbook to comply with, which seems like quite a burden to put on people with full-time jobs and families.

I will say that my contact at the League is very helpful and the issue was more to do with ommissions from the guidance as opposed to the actual requirements for programme advertising being unreasonable. They're no worse than previous seasons.

That's not the point. The point is that the harder it gets to do something, the less likely people are to do it. That's the point I'm getting to.

I got involved in my home town non-league club at the age of 10 and I've been volunteering in football ever since. This summer has been a non-stop grind to tick boxes and if it weren't for the fact that I know that walking away would create all manner of problems for people who have more than enough on their plates as it is, I would have jacked it in already. I'm getting on with it, for now, in the hope that flagging up how jaded I am becoming will spur the club to find one or more people who have the energy I am running out of early enough that I can perform an orderly handover.

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