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League Grounds First Visit


Jul 29, 2019, 9:06 PM

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League Grounds First Visit or Reply Privately

Just a thought that occurred to me, which leagues were the clubs playing in when I first ticked each ground.
With one exception, the current team is either the one I watched, or a reformation of that team (such as Stevenage or Fleetwood).
The one exception being AFC Wimbledon as the first visit to the ground was for an Isthmian game for Kingstonian, the first AFC Wimbledon home game being while they were in the Combined Counties League
For the Premier League and Championship, all the grounds were first visited for League matches, but the league names have changed
SO it is
Tier 1 - Premier 16, Championship 8, League-1 1, League-2 0. (25)
Tier 2 - Premier 2, Championship 8, League-1 3, League-2 3 (16)
Tier 3 - Premier 1, Championship 5, League-1 5, League-2 4 (15)
Tier 4 - Premier 1, Championship 3, League-1 10, League-2 11 (25) National League - League-1 2, League-2 1
Southern League - League-2 3 (including one in Division One (North))
Isthmian League - League-1 1 (See note)
Northern Premier League - League-2 1
North West Counties League - League-1 2, League-1 1

While the North West Counties League record looks remarkable, it should be pointed out that all of these were done when there was only one level of NPL and one level of what is now National League, to these were in fact tier 7. (Accrington, Fleetwood and Salford)

The Southern League ticks are one at Tier 5 (Cheltenham), two at tier 6 (Stevenage and Crawley)

The NPL tick was at Tier 6 (Macclesfield)

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