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County Senior Cups Summary


Richard Rundle
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Mar 12, 2013, 10:02 AM

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Hopefully this is about up-to-date. Any one wants a PDF that is in a much nicer format (plus another one with loads of League Cups) please PM me with your email address

Any corrections and updates of course welcomed

AFA Senior Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Latymer Old Boys 4-4 Old Finchleians (Latymer Old Boys won 4-2 on penalties)
Old Isleworthians 3-2 Old Uffingtonians
Old Manorians 0-3 UCL Academicals
Old Thorntonians 3-4 Old Paulines
Old Aloysians 1-0 Old Garchonians
Wake Green Amateur 5-2 Lloyds TSB Bank
Globe Rangers 0-3 Old Cholmelians
Nottsborough 3-0 Old Chigwellians
Enfield Old Grammarians 4-1 Old Wokingians
Polytechnic 4-1 Old Tiffinians
Old Malvernians 2-11 Kings Old Boys
Old Carthusians 3-1 Old Suttonians
Alexandra Park 4-3 Lea Valley
Old Salopians 0-2 Old Edmontonians
Old Lyonians 1-0 Southgate County
Bealonians 8-0 Old Belgravians
Old Esthameians 3-2 Southgate Olympic
Tansley 3-5 Old Danes
Old Westminster Citizens 0-5 Old Owens
Sinjuns Grammarians 0-7 Crouch End Vampires
Round 2
Crouch End Vampires 6-1 Old Bromleians
West Wickham 4-0 Winchmore Hill
Wake Green Amateur 0-5 Old Salesians
Old Parmiterians 5-1 East Barnet Old Grammarians
Old Foresters 1-3 Old Ignatians
Norsemen 1-4 Old Minchendenians
Alleyn Old Boys 4-4 Old Carthusians (Old Carthusians won 4-2 on penalties)
Carshalton 1-2 Civil Service
Old Magdalenians 2-0 BB Eagles
Polytechnic 1-2 Broomfield
Economicals 0-4 Old Meadonians
South Bank Cuaco 2-4 Albanian
Bank of England 0-4 Old Salvatorians
Hale End Athletic 0-2 UCL Academicals
Weirside Rangers 3-0 Ibis
Kew Association scr-w/o Lancing Old Boys
Old Hamptonians 2-1 HSBC
Old Actonians Association 10-1 Old Isleworthians
Old Parkonians 7-0 Old Latymerians
Old Stationers 2-6 Old Cholmelians
Old Vaughanians 4-1 Old Woodhouseians
Nottsborough 1-4 Old Wilsonians
Kings Old Boys 6-2 Wood Green Old Boys
Old Westminster 0-3 Parkfield
Honourable Artillery Company 5-0 Old Edmontonians
SOAS Chimeras scr-w/o Old Lyonians
Alexandra Park 3-2 Old Brentwoods
Latymer Old Boys 3-4 Merton
Dorkinians 5-0 Old Danes
Old Esthameians 2-3 Bealonians
Old Aloysians 3-4 Enfield Old Grammarians
Old Paulines 2-3 Old Owens
Round 3
Alexandra Park 4-0 Kings Old Boys
Old Parkonians 1-1 Albanian (Old Parkonians won 4-3 on penalties)
Old Magdalenians 0-6 Civil Service
Old Carthusians 1-4 Old Minchendenians
Old Meadonians 2-0 Merton
West Wickham 3-1 Old Actonians Association
Old Vaughanians 1-2 Old Owens
Parkfield 2-2 Old Salvatorians (Parkfield won 6-5 on penalties)
Weirside Rangers 1-3 Old Wilsonians
UCL Academicals 3-0 Old Hamptonians
Old Lyonians 1-9 Dorkinians
Bealonians 6-0 Crouch End Vampires
Lancing Old Boys 2-1 Broomfield
Honourable Artillery Company 2-2 Old Parmiterians (Honourable Artillery Company won 4-2 on penalties)
Enfield Old Grammarians 1-4 Old Ignatians
Old Salesians 3-1 Old Cholmelians
Round 4
Old Owens 3-0 Old Ignatians
UCL Academicals 2-4 Old Salesians
West Wickham 4-1 Old Wilsonians
Alexandra Park 5-0 Dorkinians
Old Parkonians 2-7 Old Minchendenians
Parkfield 0-3 Old Meadonians
Honourable Artillery Company 4-1 Lancing Old Boys
Civil Service 0-4 Bealonians
Quarter Finals
Old Salesians 2-1 Honourable Artillery Company
Bealonians 0-3 Old Meadonians
West Wickham 2-2 Alexandra Park (West Wickham won 5-4 on penalties)
Old Minchendenians 2-1 Old Owens
Old Minchendenians 2-0 Old Meadonians (@ Bank Of England)
West Wickham 1-2 Old Salesians (@ Kew Association)
Final (@ Old Chigwellians, 13/4/13)
Old Minchendenians 3-0 Old Salesians

AFA Middlesex/Essex Senior Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Old Vaughanians 2-1 Birkbeck College
Old Isleworthians 0-3 Albanian
Globe Rangers 3-7 Old Parkonians
Old Edmontonians 0-1 Old Actonians Association
Latymer Old Boys 0-4 Old Chigwellians
Norsemen 5-2 Wood Green Old Boys
BB Eagles 0-4 Civil Service
Southgate County 2-5 Tansley
Round 2
Hale End Athletic 0-3 Alexandra Park
Old Ignatians 5-1 Southgate Olympic
Old Hamptonians 5-1 Old Danes
Old Vaughanians 1-3 Broomfield
Old Salvatorians 4-1 Crouch End Vampires
East Barnet Old Grammarians 1-3 Old Parkonians
Old Aloysians 0-8 Old Meadonains
Old Cholmelians scr-w/o Old Actonians Association
Old Foresters 1-3 Old Owens
Civil Service 6-0 Old Latymerians
Albanian 3-0 Old Lyonians
Norsemen 1-2 Old Manorians
Old Uffingtonians 3-3 Old Stationers (Old Uffingtonians won 8-7 on penalties)
Polytechnic 5-0 Old Chigwellians
Winchmore Hill 3-1 Old Garchonians
Enfield Old Grammarians 7-4 Tansley
Round 3
Old Meadonians 2-0 Civil Service
Old Ignatians 2-1 Enfield Old Grammarians
Old Owens 5-1 Albanian
Old Parkonians 5-3 Old Uffingtonians
Winchmore Hill 3-1 Old Manorians
Polytechnic 1-0 Old Salvatorians
Old Actonians Association 1-9 Old Hamptonians
Alexandra Park 3-2 Broomfield
Quarter Finals
Old Meadonians 5-1 Polytechnic
Old Parkonians 0-2 Winchmore Hill
Old Hamptonians 4-3 Old Ignatians
Alexandra Park 3-3 Old Owens (Old Owens won 5-4 on penalties)
Old Meadonians 4-2 Old Owens
Winchmore Hill 0-3 Old Hamptonians
Final (@ East Barnet Old Grammarians, 6/4/13)
Old Meadonians 3-3/ Old Hamptonians (Old Meadonians won 5-4 on penalties)

AFA Surrey/Kent Senior Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Alleyn Old Boys 6-0 Reigatians
Old Tenisonians 0-5 Merton
West Wickham 4-0 Old Salopians
Lloyds TSB Bank 3-1 Ibis
Kings Old Boys 1-1 Dorkinians (Kings Old Boys won 4-2 on penalties)
Old Salesians 6-1 Old St Mary's
Nottsborough 5-0 South Bank Cuaco
Old Westminster Citizens 3-6 Old Wokingians
Round 2
Carshalton 2-2 Old Thorntonians (Carshalton won 5-4 on penalties)
Lloyds TSB Bank 5-0 Clapham Old Xaverians
Old Wokingians 3-1 Bank of England
HSBC 0-3 Honourable Artillery Company
Merton 3-2 Old Tiffinians
Sinjuns Grammarians 1-2 Kings Old Boys
Old Salesians 4-1 West Wickham
Nottsborough 4-4 Alleyn Old Boys (Alleyn Old Boys won 5-4 on penalties)
Quarter Finals
Kings Old Boys 5-2 Honourable Artillery Company
Carshalton 3-1 Lloyds TSB Bank
Alleyn Old Boys 1-2 Old Salesians
Old Wokingians 4-0 Merton
Old Salesians 3-0 Kings Old Boys
Old Wokingians 2-3 Carshalton
Final (@ Old Carthusians, 23/3/13)
Old Salesians 2-2 Carshalton (Carshalton won 5-4 on penalties)

Bedfordshire Premier Cup (Complete)
Final (@ Dunstable Town, 26/7/12)
Dunstable Town 1-0 Luton Town

Bedfordshire Senior Challenge Cup (last checked 24/4)
Round 1
Arlesey Town 2-1 Luton Town
Dunstable Town 3-0 Biggleswade United
Leighton Town 0-5 Bedford Town
Ampthill Town 5-0 AFC Kempston Rovers
Quarter Finals
Dunstable Town 0-3 Biggleswade Town
Bedford Town 2-0 Ampthill Town
Stotfold 2-3 AFC Dunstable
Barton Rovers 0-0 Arlesey Town (Barton Rovers won 5-4 on penalties)
Biggleswade Town 3-1 Bedford Town
AFC Dunstable 3-2 Barton Rovers
Final (@ Luton Town, 8/5/13)
Biggleswade Town v AFC Dunstable

Bedfordshire Senior Trophy (complete)
Round 1
Shefford Town & Campton 2-0 Sharnbrook
Kent Athletic 4-1 Wilshamstead
The 61 FC (Luton) 4-1 Lidlington United Sports Club
Wootton Blue Cross 6-1 Bedford SA
Totternhoe 2-5 Renhold United
Bedford 4-1 Oakley Sports M & DH
Potton United 1-1 Crawley Green (Potton United won 2-0 on penalties)
Cranfield United 1-3 Langford
Blunham 0-5 Ickwell & Old Warden
Caddington 3-2 Flitwick Town
Round 2
AFC Biggleswade 1-2 Caldecote
AFC Kempton Town & Bedford College 2-0 Bedford Hatters
Marston Shelton Rovers 0-3 Langford
Potton United 5-1 Arlesey Town reserves
Wootton Blue Cross 0-5 The 61 FC (Luton)
Renhold United 3-0 Shefford Town & Campton
Bedford 5-4 Kent Athletic
Caddington 2-4 Ickwell & Old Warden
Quarter Finals
Potton United 4-2 Langford
Ickwell & Old Warden 0-8 Bedford
Caldecote 4-3 AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College
The 61 FC (Luton) 0-2 Renhold United
Potton United 1-0 Renhold United
Caldecote 0-4 Bedford
Final (@ Biggleswade Town, 13/3/13)
Potton United 0-1 Bedford

Bedfordshire Intermediate Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Stotfold reserves 0-2 Ampthill Town reserves
FC Spandits 7-6 The 61 FC (Luton) reserves
Co-op Sports 4-2 Caldecote reserves
AFC Dunstable reserves 3-1 Lea Sports PSG
Round 2
Christians In Sport (Luton) 3-2 FC Spandits
Crawley Green reserves 3-1 Shefford Town & Campton reserves
Farley Boys 3-0 Sandy
Elstow Abbey 3-1 Henlow
Lewsey Park 1-3 AFC Kempston Rovers reserves
Ampthill Town reserves 3-1 AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College reserves
Brickhill Tigers 3-2 Kent Athletic reserves
Langford 2-3 St Josephs
Pavenham 1-4 Leighton Town reserves
Southcott Village RA 2-3 Dunstable Town reserves
Tottternhoe reserves 3-1 Biggleswade United reserves
Leighton United 2-1 The 61 FC (Luton) “A”
AFC Dunstable reserves 1-0 Kings
Dunstable Rangers 1-4 Barton Rovers reserves
Luton Boys 3-1 Co-op Sports
FC Wisla (Luton) 2-0 Shillington
Round 3
Christians in Sport 1-2 FC Wisla (Luton)
Ampthill Town reserves 1-2 Crawley Green reserves
Luton Town 3-4 Farley Boys
Kent Athletic reserves 1-6 Totternhoe reserves
AFC Kempston Rovers reserves 2-4 Leighton Town reserves
Elstow Abbey 0-5 Barton Rovers reserves
AFC Dunstable reserves 4-1 Leighton United
St Josephs 0-1 Dunstable Town reserves
Quarter Finals
AFC Dunstable reserves 8-1 Dunstable Town reserves
Farley Boys 0-1 Leighton Town reserves
Totternhoe reserves 8-0 FC Wisla (Luton)
Crawley Green reserves 1-3 Barton Rovers reserves
AFC Dunstable reserves 3-2 Leighton Town reserves
Totternhoe reserves 1-2 Barton Rovers reserves
Final (@ Stotfold, 17/4/13)
Barton Rovers reserves 1-1 AFC Dunstable reserves (Barton Rovers won 4-1 on penalties)

Bedfordshire Junior Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Four Model 7-3 Sandy reserves
Queens Park Crescents 3-1 Westoning reserves
Kempston Athletic 1-2 Marsh Leys (tie awarded to Kempston Athletic)
Bromham United 7-0 Flitwick Town reserves
Sundon Park Rangers 11-1 FC Wisla (Luton) reserves
Royal Oak (Kempston) 5-2 Caddington reserves
Elstow Abbey reserves 2-3 Wootton Village
Kempston Con Club Sport 3-3 Potton Town (Potton Town won 3-0 on penalties)
Clifton w/o-scr Luton Deaf
Bedford Panthers 2-3 Jedenastka
Cranfield United reserves 2-1 Marabese Ceramics
North Sundon Wanderers 2-5 Bedford Park Rangers
Kempston Hammers Sports 4-1 Square Rangers
Riseley Sports w/o-scr Farley Boys reserves
Dunton 1-3 Oakley Sports M&DH reserves
Goldington 7-0 FC Spandits reserves
St Josephs reserves 8-1 Stopsley Park
Westoning w/o-scr Christians in Sport reserves
Potton United reserves 4-1 Shefford Town & Campton “A”
Southcott Village RA reserves 6-0 Clifton reserves
Ickwell & Old Warden reserves 0-6 Woburn Athletic
Goldington Hammers scr-w/o Dunton reserves
Round 2
Great Barford 3-1 Meltis Albion
Stevington 2-8 St Josephs reserves
Wilhamstead 4-1 Royal Oak (Kempston)
Stopsley Baptist Church 2-3 Luton Leagrave
Caldecote “A” 2-6 Oakley Sports M&DH reserves
Dinamo Flitwick 2-4 Queens Park Crescents
Potton Town 1-5 Eastcotts
Marston Shelton Rovers reserves 2-5 Four Model
Jedenastka 9-2 Marsh Leys
Goldington 3-2 Riseley Sports
Dunton reserves 1-3 Southcott Village RA reserves
Bedford Park Rangers 3-4 Woburn Athletic
Cranfield United reserves 2-0 Potton United reserves
Wootton Village 0-4 Bromham United
Kempston Hammers Sports 1-3 Sundon Park Rangers
Westoning 1-0 Clifton
Round 3
Westoning 1-3 Oakley Sports M&DH reserves
Sundon Park Rangers 2-3 Bromham United
Woburn Athletic 5-2 Southcott Village RA reserves
Four Model 2-4 Great Barford
Queens Park Crescents 5-2 Goldington
Jedenastka 1-8 Wilshamstead reserves
Eastcotts 2-1 Luton Leagrave
St Josephs reserves 1-1 Cranfield United reserves (St Josephs reserves won 4-2 on penalties)
Quarter Finals
St Josephs reserves 1-1 Bromham United (Bromham United won 3-2 on penalties)
Queens Park Crescents 2-3 Oakley Sports M&DH reserves
Wilhamstead reserves 2-4 Woburn Athletic
Great Barford 1-0 Eastcotts
Great Barford 1-4 Woburn Athletic
Oakley Sports M&DH reserves 3-4 Bromham United
Final (@ Potton United, 26/4/13)
Woburn Athletic 1-3 Bromham United

Berks & Bucks Senior Cup (last checked 10/3)
Round 1
Maidenhead United 3-2 Didcot Town
Abingdon United 1-3 Chesham United
Thatcham Town 2-4 Burnham
Beaconsfield SYCOB 4-2 Hungerford Town
Quarter Finals
Beaconsfield SYCOB 2-0 Burnham
Chesham United 4-2 Chalfont St Peter
Maidenhead United 4-1 Slough Town
Aylesbury 0-4 Milton Keynes Dons
Chesham United 1-0 Maidenhead United
Beaconsfield SYCOB 3-0 Milton Keynes Dons
Final (@ Chesham United, 6/5/13)
Chesham United v Beaconsfield SYCOB

Berks & Bucks Senior Trophy (Complete)
Preliminary Round
Abingdon Town 0-4 Reading Town
Round 1
Sandhurst Town 3-6 Aylesbury United
Holmer Green 0-3 Holyport
Reading Town 1-2 Windsor
Wokingham & Emmbrook 2-0 Newbury
Newport Pagnell Town 0-2 Binfield
Ascot United 4-0 Wantage Town
Highmoor/Ibis 1-2 Shrivenham
Flackwell Heath 3-2 Marlow
Quarter Finals
Binfield 0-2 Windsor
Ascot United 1-0 Holyport
Aylesbury United 4-0 Shrivenham
Flackwell Heath 2-1 Wokingham & Emmbrook
Windsor 2-3 Flackwell Heath – both teams played an ineligible player and were disqualified
Ascot United 0-2 Aylesbury United
Final (@ Chesham United, 16/4/13)
Aylesbury United were awarded the competition by walkover. They were then removed from the competition for fielding an ineligible player.

Berks & Bucks Intermediate Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Stewkley 5-1 Great Linford
Thornborough Athletic 0-5 Olney Town
Great Horwood 1-2 Grendon Rangers
Aston Clinton 3-1 Buckingham Town
Loughton Manor 4-5 Pitstone & Ivinghoe United
P & IC United 3-0 Aston Park
Wolverton Town 1-0 Old Bradwell United
Winslow United 0-2 Aylesbury Dynamos
New Bradwell St Peter 2-0 Bedgrove Dynamos
Walton Court Wanderers 0-9 Buckingham Athletic
Stony Stratford Town 6-2 Newport Pagnell Town reserves
MK Titans 2-7 Hale Leys United
Mursley United 2-0 City Colts
Stoke Green Rovers 3-2 AFC Spartans
Slough Heating 0-3 Holmer Green reserves
Iver 2-11 Marlow United
Walters Leisure 7-3 Wycombe Athletic
Chalvey (WMC) Sports 3-2 Hazlemere Sports
Downley Albion 3-4 Alpha Arms Academicals
Farnham Park 3-1 Singh Sabha Slough
Burnham reserves 6-0 Winchmore Hill
Hambleden 0-1 FC Beaconsfield
Slough Laurencians 4-2 Slough Irish Society Centre
Penn & Tylers Green 10-0 Stokenchurch
Bucks CC 1-2 Taplow United
Risborough Rangers 3-0 Amersham Town
Great Missenden 4-4 Lane End (Lane End won 4-2 on penalties)
Prestwood 2-6 Wraysbury Village
Chalfont Wasps 2-1 Chesham United reserves
Woodley Town 3-0 Finchampstead
REME (Arborfield) 4-1 Westwood United
Ascot United reserves 0-3 Highmoor/Ibis reserves
AFC Corinthians 2-1 Kintbury Rangers
Reading YMCA 0-1 Theale
Orchard Park Rangers 2-3 Letcombe
Unity 4-3 Shrivenham reserves
Long Wittenham Athletic 5-3 Sandhurst Town reserves
Mortimer 4-4 Maidenhead United reserves (Mortimer won 4-3 on penalties)
Cookham Dean 3-0 Didcot Town reserves
South Reading 4-1 Crowmarsh Gifford
Ashridge Park 3-2 Harwell International
Childrey United 0-2 Kennington United
Round 2
Bedgrove United 3-0 Mursley United
New Bradwell St Peter 4-3 Aylesbury reserves
Aylesbury Dynamos 0-4 Pitstone & Ivinghoe United
Wolverton Town 0-1 Olney Town
Hale Leys United 3-1 Buckingham Athletic
P & IC United 0-3 Aston Clinton
Stewkley 0-2 Stony Stratford Town
FC Beaconsfield 3-3 Chalfont Wasps (FC Beaconsfield won 4-2 on penalties)
Alpha Arms Academicals 6-5 Holmer Green reserves
Chalvey (WMC) Sports 5-3 Farnham Park
Wraysbury Village 3-2 Slough Laurencians
Risborough Rangers 6-0 Lane End
Penn & Tylers Green 2-1 Taplow United
Stoke Green Rovers 3-7 Marlow United
Walters Leisure 0-1 Burnham reserves
Unity 0-1 Highmoor/Ibis reserves
Letcombe 2-1 Binfield reserves
Bracknell Town 6-0 Ashridge Park
South Reading 2-1 Mortimer
Woodley Town 3-3 Long Wittenham Athletic (Woodley Town won 4-2 on penalties)
REME (Arborfield) 2-1 Cookham Dean
AFC Corinthians 2-0 Theale
Barton Rovers 1-0 Holyport reserves
Milton United 1-3 Wantage Town reserves
Didcot Casuals 8-0 Sutton Courtenay
AFC Aldermaston 7-0 Abingdon United reserves
Wootton & Dry Sandford 0-3 Faringdon Town
Frilsham & Yattendon 2-1 Kennington United
AFC Wallingford 7-0 East Hendred
Saxton Rovers 3-2 Newbury reserves
Round 3
Hale Leys United 1-2 FC Beaconsfield
Aston Clinton 4-1 Risborough Rangers
Penn & Tylers Green 0-5 Stony Stratford Town
Pitstone & Ivinghoe United 2-1 Olney Town
Grendon Rangers 2-1 Alpha Arms Academicals
Burnham reserves 2-1 Wraysbury Village
Bedgrove United 0-4 New Bradwell St Peter
Marlow United 6-0 Chalvey (WMC) Sports
AFC Corinthians 1-1 Lambourn Sports (AFC Corinthians won 4-3 on penalties)
South Reading 6-1 Saxton Rovers
Faringdon Town 0-1 Frilsham & Yattendon
Barton Rovers 3-4 Wantage Town reserves
AFC Wallingford 1-3 Letcombe
Bracknell Town 6-1 Highmoor/Ibis reserves
AFC Aldermaston 4-1 Woodley Town
REME (Arborfield) 2-1 Didcot Casuals
Round 4
Marlow United 5-1 FC Beaconsfield
Stony Stratford Town 0-1 Aston Clinton
New Bradwell St Peter 0-2 Grendon Rangers
Burnham reserves 2-3 Pitstone & Ivinghoe Unied
Frilsham & Yattendon 2-1 AFC Corinthians
REME (Arborfield) 3-5 Bracknell Town
Woodley Town 1-2 Letcombe
South Reading 5-2 Wantage Town reserves
Quarter Finals
Grendon Rangers 0-1 Bracknell Town
Letcombe 4-2 Marlow United
South Reading 2-3 Aston Clinton
Frilsham & Yattendon 1-4 Pitstone & Ivinghoe United
Bracknell Town 0-2 Aston Clinton
Pitstone & Ivinghoe United 2-1 Letcombe
Final (@ Chesham United. 17/4/13)
Aston Clinton 2-3 Pitstone & Ivinghoe United

Birmingham Senior Cup (last checked 7/4)
Round 1
Stourbridge 3-1 Gornal Athletic
Tipton Town 0-1 Walsall
Sutton Coldfield Town 5-1 Tamworth
Hednesford Town 5-4 Tividale
Bedworth United 3-5 Continental Star
Redditch United 1-2 Birmingham City
Coventry Sphinx 5-4 Highgate United
Coleshill Town 2-4 Burton Albion
Studley 2-1 Halesowen Town
Rushall Olympic 0-5 Wolverhampton Wanderers
Stratford Town 3-6 Banbury United
Solihull Moors 4-2 Boldmere St Michael
Alvechurch 3-1 Leamington
Romulus 4-1 Causeway United
Rugby Town 0-2 Nuneaton Town
Round 2
Hednesford Town 5-4 Burton Albion
Continental Star 1-4 Birmingham City
Studley 2-3 Sutton Coldfield Town (@ Sutton Coldfield Town)
Banbury United 3-0 Nuneaton Town
Solihull Moors 0-3 Coventry Sphinx
Stourbridge 0-0 West Bromwich Albion (Stourbridge won 6-5 on penalties)
Alvechurch 2-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers
Romulus 1-6 Walsall
Quarter Finals
Hednesford Town 5-3 Alvechurch
Stourbridge 3-1 Birmingham City
Coventry Sphinx 5-1 Banbury United
Sutton Coldfield Town 3-2 Walsall
Coventry Sphinx 2-3 Hednesford Town
Sutton Coldfield Town 5-4 Stourbridge
Final (@ Walsall, 30/4/13)
Hednesford Town v Sutton Coldfield Town

Birmingham Midweek Challenge Cup (last checked 7/4)
Round 1
Castle Vale JKS 3-3 Darlaston Town (Darlaston Town won 6-5 on penalties)
Bustleholme 1-0 Pilkington XXX
Racing Club Warwick 3-4 Dudley Town
Bolehall Swifts 1-0 Willenhall Town
Wednesfield 1-4 Nuneaton Griff
Black Country Rangers 1-3 Atherstone Town
Round 2
Nuneaton Griff 3-1 Bustleholme
Coventry Copsewood 3-2 Atherstone Town
AFC Wulfrunians 1-4 Cradley Town
Bartley Green 0-3 Southam United
Boldmere St Michaels reserves 1-4 Lye Town
Bolehall Swifts 7-1 Darlaston Town
Dudley Sports 3-3 Blackwood (Dudley Sports won 4-3 on penalties)
Dudley Town 2-0 Earlswood Town
Quarter Finals
Lye Town 4-3 Bolehall Swifts
Nuneaton Griff 0-3 Southam United
Coventry Copsewood 3-2 Cradley Town
Dudley Town 1-0 Dudley Sports
Southam United 3-3 Coventry Copsewood (Coventry Copsewood won 4-2 on penalties, tie later awarded to Southam United)
Lye Town 3-1 Dudley Town
Final (@ Solihull Moors, 13/5/13)
Southam United v Lye Town

Birmingham Saturday Vase (Complete)
Round 1
Polesworth 6-2 Highway Coundon Court
Boldmere Sports & Social Falcons 1-2 Stretton Eagles 2004
Earlswood Town reserves scr-w/o Triumph Athletic
Ettingshall Park Farm 1-2 Continental Star reserves
AFC Wombourne United 2-1 West Midlands Police
Barton United 3-1 St Francis
Alcester Town 3-2 Whitnash Town
Coventry Spires 2-0 Bell (AEI) Rugby
Hawkes Mill Sports 0-3 Knowle
Village 0-2 Mahal
Jet Blades 0-4 Phoenix United
Wrens Nest 1-2 Sutton United
Blackheath Town 2-1 Greenhill
Alvis Sporting Club 8-2 Copsewood (Coventry)
Trysull 1-4 Northfield Town
Leamington Hibernian 0-5 Brinklow Saturday
Aston 1-3 AFC Smethwick
Ambleside Sports 0-6 Hampton SNR Saturday
Team Dudley 0-1 FC Glades Sporting
FC Stratford 2-3 Brooklands/Jaguar
Enville Athletic 8-6 Penncroft
Folly Lane BCOB Association 5-1 Kenilworth Town KH
Stockton Saturday 7-0 Clements 83 Saturday
Bulkington Sports & Social 1-0 Coton Green Saturday
Christ The King 2-1 Henley Forest of Arden
Barnt Green Spartak 0-1 Shirley Town 2008 (tie awarded to Barnt Green Spartak)
Round 2
Stretton Eagles 2-4 Bulkington Sports & Social
Continental Star reserves 4-2 Wolverhampton United
Barnt Green Spartak 0-2 Brinklow Saturday
Sutton United 2-1 AFC Wombourne United
Chelmsley Town 3-0 Coventry Spires
Knowle 4-5 Woodlands WMC
Brooklands/Jaguar 2-4 Hampton SNR Saturday
Mahal 4-3 Northfield Town
Stockton Saturday 3-2 Barton United
Phoenix United 2-1 Triumph Athletic
Polesworth 2-4 Village
Coventry Spartans 0-5 Alvis Sporting Club
FC Glades Sporting 2-4 Folly Lane BCOB
AFC Smethwick 2-1 Cadbury Athletic
Christ The King 6-1 Alcester Town
Enville Athletic 3-1 Blackheath Town
Round 3
Continental Star reserves 2-1 Enville Athletic
Woodlands WMC 1-5 Hampton SNR Saturday
AFC Smethwick 2-1 Village
Folly Lane BCOB 0-2 Alvis Sporting Club
Christ The King 0-4 Chelmsley Town
Brinklow Saturday 4-3 Mahal
Sutton United 2-1 Stockton Saturday
Bulkington Sports & Social 1-2 Phoenix United
Quarter Finals
Phoenix United 2-5 AFC Smethwick
Alvis Sporting Club 3-1 Sutton United
Chelmsley Town 2-0 Continental Star reserves
Hampton SNR Saturday 3-2 Brinklow Saturday
Alvis Sporting Club 1-3 Hampton SNR Saturday
Chelmsley Town 1-3 AFC Smethwick
Final (@ Solihull Moors, 17/4/13)
Hampton SNR Saturday 3-0 AFC Smethwick

Cambridgeshire Professional Cup (Complete)
Final (@ Histon, 11/8/12)
Histon 2-1 Cambridge City

Cambridgeshire Invitation Cup (Ridgeons) (Complete)
Round 1
CRC 0-3 Great Shelford
Wisbech Town 4-1 Linton Granta
March Town United 1-0 Lakenheath
Cambridge University Press 3-0 Over Sports
Quarter Finals
Soham Town Rangers 1-2 Cambridge University Press
Ely City 1-1 Histon (Histon won 4-3 on penalties)
March Town United 1-5 Wisbech Town
Cambridge City 6-1 Great Shelford
Cambridge City 3-2 Wisbech Town
Ely City 2-0 Cambridge University Press
Finals (@ Cambridge United, 22/4/13)
Cambridge City 0-3 Ely City

Cambridgeshire Cliff Bullen Challenge Cup (last checked 17/3)
Round 1
Soham Town Rangers reserves 3-1 Wisbech St Mary
Cottenham United 0-1 Linton Granta
Parson Drove 92 0-4 Over Sports
Whittlesey United 3-1 Milton
Hardwick 4-1 Girton United
Leverington Sports 2-3 Sawston United
Ely City reserves 3-6 Cambridge City reserves
Waterbeach 5-3 Coates Athletic
Round 2
Soham Town Rangers reserves 2-4 Linton Granta
Foxton 2-0 West Wratting
Over Sports 5-2 Whittlesey United
Cherry Hinton 5-0 Chatteris Town
Great Shelford 6-0 Hardwick
Sawston United 5-2 Cambridge City reserves
Littleport Town 11-0 Whittlesey Blue Star
Fulbourn Institute 6-1 Waterbeach
Quarter Finals
Over Sports 4-1 Littleport Town
Sawston United 3-0 Cherry Hinton
Foxton 1-3 Great Shelford
Linton Granta 2-0 Fulbourn Institute
Sawston United 1-2 Over Sports
Great Shelford 4-3 Linton Granta
Final (@ Histon, 30/4/13)
Over Sports v Great Shelford

Cheshire Senior Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Macclesfield Town 1-0 Stockport County
Altrincham 0-4 Congleton Town
Alsager Town 3-1 Cammell Laird
Northwich Villa 0-6 Hyde (@ Hyde)
Warrington Town 0-5 Runcorn Town
Cheadle Town 2-4 Chester
Round 2
Stalybridge Celtic 5-2 Macclesfield Town
Chester 6-0 Stockport Sports
Crewe Alexandra 0-1 Northwich Victoria
Nantwich Town 2-4 Tranmere Rovers
Vauxhall Motors 2-0 Hyde
Runcorn Town 0-1 Witton Albion (@ Witton Albion)
Congleton Town 2-2 Winsford United (@ Winsford United, Congleton Town won 6-5 on penalties)
Runcorn Linnets 3-1 Alsager Town (@ Alsager Town)
Quarter Finals
Congleton Town 1-2 Witton Albion
Stalybridge Celtic 2-1 Runcorn Linnets
Chester 1-0 Tranmere Rovers
Vauxhall Motors 0-4 Northwich Victoria
Stalybridge Celtic 3-0 Northwich Victoria
Chester 3-0 Witton Albion
Final (@ Witton Albion, 17/4/13)
Stalybridge Celtic 1-2 Chester

Note – the first two rounds were originally called Preliminary and Round 1, with the Cheshire FA changing the names partway through the competition.

Cheshire Amateur Cup (Complete)
Round 1
AFC Bebington Athletic 3-1 Moore United
Atlantic 0-6 Upton AA
Stockport Georgians 2-0 Christleton
Crewe 5-1 Styal
Eagle 2-5 Helsby
Govan Athletic 0-4 Poynton
High Lane 1-4 Runcorn Linnets reserves
Lostock Gralam 1-3 Newton (Wirral)
Malpas 2-2 Ellesmere Port (Malpas won 6-5 on penalties)
Mersey Royal 2-3 Spurley Hey
Middlewich Town 11-1 Hazel Grove
Newton Athletic Youth 2-1 Mallaby
Sale Town 3-3 Capenhurst Villa (Capenhurst Villa won 4-3 on penalties)
Sale United 6-6 Rudheath Social Club (Rudheath Social Club won 4-2 on penalties)
Sandbach United 2-0 Grappenhall Sports
Stoconians 1-7 Shaftesbury Youth
Tarporley Vics 2-3 Blacon Youth Club
Vauxhall Motors reserves 2-2 Manor Athletic (Vauxhall Motors won 3-1 on penalties)
Witton Albion reserves 0-1 Runcorn Town reserves
Round 2
Malpas 1-0 Rudheath Social Club
Barnton 3-0 Dukinfield Town
Spurley Hey 2-4 Ashville
Willaston 5-2 Middlewich Town
Neston Nomads scr-w/o Runcorn Town reserves
Upton AA 5-1 Helsby
Chester Nomads 1-2 Cammell Laird reserves
Knutsford 4-0 AFC Bebington Athletic
West Kirby 4-0 Blacon Youth Club
Wilmslow Albion 2-4 Vauxhall Motors reserves
Poynton 3-1 Linotype Cheadle HN
Old Altrinchamians 1-2 Newton (Wirral)
Crewe 4-3 Stockport Georgians
Shaftesbury Youth Club 1-0 Capenhurst Villa
Heswall 3-0 Runcorn Linnets reserves
Newton Athletic Youth 1-2 Sandbach United
Round 3
Newton (Wirral) 4-2 Knutsford
Cammell Laird reserves 5-1 Sandbach United
Ashville 5-1 Malpas
West Kirby 5-0 Crewe
Willaston 1-3 Heswall
Runcorn Town reserves 1-2 Vauxhall Motors reserves
Shaftesbury Youth Club 1-7 Barnton
Poynton 3-4 Upton AA
Quarter Finals
Upton AA 1-4 Heswall
Barnton 6-5 Ashville
Vauxhall Motors reserves 4-2 Newton (Wirral)
West Kirby 4-1 Cammell Laird
Semi-Finals (6 Mar)
West Kirby 2-0 Vauxhall Motors reserves
Heswall 6-5 Barnton
Final (@ Vauxhall Motors, 19/4/13)
West Kirby 1-0 Heswall

Cornwall Senior Cup (Complete)
Extra Preliminary Round
RNAS Culdrose 6-1 St Stephen
Edgcumbe 3-5 St Agnes
Preliminary Round
Biscovey 1-3 Probus (@ Probus)
Goonhavern Athletic 6-0 Nanpean Rovers
Illogan RBL 1-0 St Ives Town
Kilkhampton 2-4 Ludgvan
Mullion 3-5 RNAS Culdrose
Pendeen Rovers 7-0 Holman Sports Club
Polperro 1-2 Lanreath
Roche 0-4 Bude Town
St Day 2-0 Millbrook
St Dominick 6-3 St Teath
St Just 4-4 Falmouth Athletic (St Just won 4-2 on penalties)
St Stephens Borough 2-3 St Agnes
Troon 2-1 Perranwell
Wendron United 1-0 Morwenstow
Round 1
Goonhavern Athletic 0-1 St Just
Ludgvan 0-1 Illogan RBL
Pendeen Rovers 2-1 St Agnes
Lanreath 4-1 RNAS Culdrose
St Day 3-0 Probus
St Dominick 2-5 Bude Town
Troon 2-3 Wendron United
Round 2
Callington Town 4-0 Perranporth
Dobwalls 4-2 Hayle
Illogan RBL 2-1 Pendeen Rovers
Wendron United 1-4 St Blazey
Camelford 2-1 Sticker
Foxhole Stars 0-6 Liskeard Athletic
Wadebridge Town 1-2 Helston Athletic
St Dennis 7-1 Mousehole
AFC St Austell 3-5 Launceston
Torpoint Athletic 2-1 Godolphin Atlantic
Penzance 1-2 Truro City reserves
Probus 0-7 Saltash United
Penryn Athletic 2-1 Porthleven
Falmouth Town 0-9 Bodmin Town
St Just 3-1 Bude Town (Bude Town won 3-2 on penalties)
Lanreath 1-3 Newquay
Round 3
Bodmin Town 3-1 Launceston
Camelford 0-2 St Dennis
Dobwalls 3-1 Truro City reserves
Helston Athletic 2-1 Callington Town
Liskeard Athletic 2-1 St Blazey (@ St Blazey)
Newquay 5-0 Bude Town
Penryn Athletic 3-0 Illogan RBL
Torpoint Athletic 4-3 Saltash United
Quarter Finals
St Dennis 3-4 Newquay
Dobwalls 0-3 Bodmin Town
Liskeard Athletic 3-5 Helston Athletic
Torpoint Athletic 1-2 Penryn Athletic
Helston Athletic 3-2 Newquay (@ Truro City)
Bodmin Town 3-2 Penryn Athletic (@ Wadebridge Town)
Final (@ Saltash United, 1/4/13)
Helston Athletic 0-0 Bodmin Town
Final Replay (@ Truro City, 16/4/13)
Helston Athletic 3-4 Bodmin Town

Cornwall Durning Lawrence Charity Cup (last checked 22/4)
Round 1
Helston Athletic 2-0 Godolphin Atlantic
Penryn Athletic 5-4 Dobwalls
St Dennis 1-2 Sticker
Wadebridge Town 7-0 Mousehole
Porthleven 3-2 Hayle
Perranporth 6-0 Foxhole Stars
Bude Town 5-2 Callington Town
St Ives Town 2-2 Truro City reserves (St Ives Town won 6-5 on penalties)
Quarter Finals
Porthleven 2-5 Dobwalls
Perranporth 2-3 Sticker
Bude Town 2-3 Wadebridge Town
St Ives Town 1-1 Helston Athletic (St Ives Town won 4-3 on penalties)
Dobwalls 4-3 Wadebridge Town (@ Liskeard Athletic)
Sticker 2-1 St Ives Town (@ Penryn Athletic)
Final (@ Truro City, 8/5/13)
Dobwalls v Sticker

Cornwall Junior Cup (Complete)
Preliminary Round
LC Phoenix 1-2 Grampound
Mabe 7-1 Holman Sports Club reserves
Round 1
AFC Bodmin 2-1 St Stephen reserves
AFC St Austell reserves 5-0 Week St Mary
Biscovey reserves 8-0 Lanivet Inn
Boscastle 2-6 Pelynt
Bude Town reserves 3-1 Premier Sixes
Callington Town "A" 1-8 Torpoint Athletic "A"
Delabole United 4-4 Veryan (Delabole United won 3-2 on penalties)
Duke of Cornwall 2-7 St Mawgan
Foxhole Stars reserves 2-1 Calstock
Gorran 1-2 Pensilva
Gunnislake 0-4 Fowey United
Holywell & Cubert 6-0 St Breward
Kilkhampton reserves 1-2 North Petherwin
Lanreath reserves 0-5 Mevagissey
Looe Town 13-0 Stratton United
Lostwithiel 1-4 St Minver
North Hill 3-1 St Dennis reserves
Padstow United 1-1 St Newlyn East reserves (St Newlyn East reserves won 4-2 on penalties)
Polperro reserves 7-1 Gerrans & St Mawes United
Probus reserves 1-1 St Cleer (St Cleer won 4-1 on penalties)
Queens Rangers 1-5 St Neot
Saltash United "A" 2-4 Godolphin Atlantic
Southgate Seniors 4-0 Camelford reserves
St Merryn 6-1 Morwenstow reserves
St Teath reserves 0-6 St Dominick reserves
Sticker reserves 1-0 Tregony
Stoke Climsland 0-6 St Columb Major
Tintagel 1-5 Altarnun
Torpoint Comrades 0-3 Bodmin Saints
Tregrehan Mills 4-4 Maker with Rame (Maker with Rame won 4-3 on penalties)
Wadebridge Town "A" 2-6 Grampound
Welcome Inn 2-0 Roche reserves
Camborne Park v St Ives Town reserves (Abandoned in extra time at 3-3, Camborne Park conceded before replay)
Camborne School of Mines 1-2 Wendron United reserves
Chacewater 1-3 Lizard Argyle
Constantine 3-0 Pendeen Rovers reserves
Cury 1-7 Penzance reserves
Falmouth Albion 3-2 Threemilestone
Frogpool & Cusgarne 3-1 Trispen
Goonhavern Athletic reserves 3-2 Sennen
Gwinear Churchtown 4-5 Falmouth Athletic reserves
Helston Athletic reserves 3-2 Penryn Athletic "A"
Illogan RBL reserves 3-2 Redruth Athletic
Lanner 3-4 Newlyn Non-Athletico
Ludgvan reserves 0-2 Mousehole reserves
Madron 2-5 Stithians
Marazion Blues 0-5 St Buryan
Newlyn Dolphins 0-14 Rosudgeon
Newquay "A" 3-0 St Ives Mariners
Penwith Exiles 1-5 Halsetown
Perranporth reserves 2-5 Redruth United
Perranwell reserves 0-5 St Day reserves
Porthleven Rangers 0-2 Hayle "A"
Praze-an-Beeble 5-3 Four Lanes
St Agnes reserves 2-0 Mullion reserves
St Just reserves 0-4 Ruan Minor
St Keverne 4-0 Trelander
St Erme 1-4 RNAS Culdrose
Storm 4-3 Carharrack
Titans 18-0 Clipper Bar Inn
Trevenson United 1-5 Mawnan
Troon reserves 2-0 Mabe
West Cornwall 3-1 Pool United
Gulval w/o-scr Illogan Park Rangers
Round 2
A F C Bodmin 0-2 Pensilva
A F C St Austell reserves 5-2 Pelynt
Torpoint Athletic "A" 4-1 Looe Town
Delabole United 5-0 St Mawgan
Maker with Rame 0-3 Foxhole Stars reserves
Fowey United 6-1 St Merryn
Holywell & Cubert 1-2 St Dominick reserves
St Minver 4-1 Bodmin Saints
St Newlyn East 5-0 North Petherwin
Polperro reserves 8-2 St Cleer
St Neot 0-1 North Hill
Godolphin Atlantic reserves 3-0 Welcome Inn
Southgate Seniors 1-5 Biscovey reserves
Sticker reserves 1-3 Bude Town reserves
St Columb Major 2-3 Altarnun
Grampound 4-1 Mevagissey
St Ives Town reserves 1-2 Helston Athletic reserves
Wendron United reserves 3-0 Constantine
Falmouth Albion 1-2 Stithians
Frogpool & Cusgarne 7-1 Goonhavern Athletic reserves
Falmouth Athletic reserves 6-6 Mawnan (Mawnan won 3-0 on penalties)
Gulval 1-3 St Agnes reserves
Illogan RBL reserves 4-0 Ruan Minor
St Buryan 3-0 Titans
Newquay 1-3 Newlyn Non-Athletico
Halsetown 0-3 Redruth United
St Day reserves 5-2 Rosudgeon
Hayle "A" 0-2 West Cornwall
Four Lanes 1-9 Lizard Argyle
St Keverne 9-0 Cury
RNAS Culdrose reserves 7-3 Storm
Troon reserves 2-1 Ludgvan reserves
Round 3
AFC St Austell reserves 3-1 Fowey United
Delabole United 2-4 Altarnun
St Dominick reserves 5-3 North Hill
St Minver 2-1 St Newlyn East
Polperro reserves 2-3 Torpoint Athletic "A"
Godolphin Atlantic reserves 3-3 Pensilva (Godolphin Atlantic won 5-4 on penalties)
Bude Town reserves 5-2 Biscovey reserves
Grampound 1-0 Foxhole Stars
Wendron United reserves 0-2 St Agnes reserves
Frogpool & Cusgarne 1-4 RNAS Culdrose reserves
Illogan RBL reserves 5-0 St Day reserves
St Buryan 9-2 Newlyn Non-Athletico
Redruth United 5-4 Stithians
West Cornwall 2-3 Helston Athletic reserves
St Keverne 1-6 Lizard Argyle
Troon reserves 0-2 Mawnan
Area Quarter Finals
Altarnun 2-3 Bude Town reserves
Godolphin Atlantic reserves 2-2 Grampound (Godolphin Atlantic reserves won 3-1 on penalties)
Torpoint Athletic “A” 3-3 St Dominick reserves (Torpoint Athletic “A” won 4-1 on penalties)
AFC St Austell reserves 2-1 St Minver
RNAS Culdrose reserves 0-0 Lizard Argyle (@ Lizard Argyle, Lizard Argyle won 5-4 on penalties)
Helston Athletic reserves 4-1 Mawnan
Redruth United 1-2 Illogan RBL reserves
St Agnes reserves 0-3 St Buryan
Area Semi-Finals
St Buryan 2-3 Illogan RBL reserves
Lizard Argyle 2-0 Helston Athletic reserves
Grampound 1-4 Bude Town reserves
Torpoint Athletic “A” 0-2 AFC St Austell reserves (@ AFC St Austell)
Area Finals
Illogan RBL reserves 5-0 Lizard Argyle (@ Penzance)
AFC St Austell reserves 2-2 Bude Town reserves (@ Wadebridge Town. AFC St Austell reserves won 2-0 on penalties)
Final (@ Saltash United,1/4/13)
Illogan RBL reserves 1-2 AFC St Austell reserves

Cumberland Senior Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Wigton 5-0 Eden Thistle
Penrith 15-0 Wigton Athletic
Workington Red Star 4-1 Cleator Moor Celtic
Netherhall 3-2 Borough
Celtic Nation 1-2 Carlisle United
Carlisle City 17-0 Penrith Saints
Longtown 1-0 Langwathby United
Round 2
Aspatria 6-1 Wetheriggs United
Kirkoswald 5-2 Cockermouth
Carlisle City 9-1 Frizington White Star
Workington Red Star 3-1 Greystoke
Silloth 3-1 Harraby United
Mirehouse v Bransty Rangers (tie awarded to Mirehouse)
Whitehaven 15-0 Parton United
Penrith Rangers 7-5 Hensingham
Workington Red House 2-3 Workington
Windscale 7-3 Alston Moor Sports Club
Braithwaite 2-6 Warwick Wanderers
Northbank 0-1 Keswick
St Bees 5-4 Unisun Athletic
Whitehaven Miners Social 1-2 Wigton
Netherall 1-2 Penrith
Carlisle United 3-0 Longtown
Round 3
Silloth 3-1 Keswick
Mirehouse 3-1 Windscale
Workington Red Star 1-0 Wigton
Penrith 5-1 Workington
Aspatria 1-7 Carlisle City
Penrith Rangers 0-16 Carlisle United
St Bees 3-4 Kirkoswald
Whitehaven 3-1 Warwick Wanderers
Quarter Finals
Carlisle United 1-0 Carlisle City
Penrith 5-2 Workington Red Star
Whitehaven 3-0 Silloth
Mirehouse 2-0 Kirkoswald
Mirehouse 3-4 Whitehaven
Carlisle United 3-1 Penrith
Final (@ Carlisle United, 23/4/13)
Whitehaven 1-8 Carlisle United

Derbyshire Senior Cup (last checked 7/4)
Preliminary Round
Whaley Bridge Athletic 3-0 Belper United
Round 1
Stapenhill 0-3 Clay Cross Town
Glapwell 2011 5-1 Blackwell Miners Welfare
Mickleover Royals 5-2 Dronfield Town
Pinxton 11-0 Holbrook St Michaels
Shirebrook Town 0-0 Gamesley (Shirebrook Town won 5-3 on penalties)
South Normanton Athletic 1-4 Whaley Bridge Athletic
Round 2
Shirebrook Town 0-2 Borrowash Victoria
Glossop North End 2-1 Whaley Bridge Athletic
Heanor Town 5-1 Clay Cross Town
Long Eaton United 0-1 Holbrook Sports
Pinxton 4-2 Graham Street Prims
Glapwell 2011 0-3 Mickleover Royals
Round 3
Ilkeston 3-0 Pinxton
Chesterfield 2-1 Holbrook Sports
Alfreton Town 3-2 Buxton
Gresley 1-3 Matlock Town
Borrowash Victoria 3-2 New Mills
Glossop North End 1-4 Mickleover Royals
Belper Town 2-1 Mickleover Sports
Derby County scr-w/o Heanor Town
Quarter Finals
Mickleover Royals 0-6 Alfreton Town
Ilkeston 7-0 Heanor Town
Matlock Town 4-1 Borrowash Victoria
Chesterfield 4-2 Belper Town
Ilkeston 2-0 Alfreton Town
Matlock Town 2-1 Chesterfield
Final (@ Chesterfield, 30/4/13)
Ilkeston v Matlock Town

Derbyshire Divisional Cup North (Complete)
Round 1
Red Lion 0-4 Buxworth
Gamesley reserves 1-0 AFC Dronfield Woodhouse
Ashover 0-1 Wirksworth Town
Grindleford 0-1 Blazing Rag 2000
Tintwistle Athletic 6-0 Buxton Town
Coteheath 2-2 Holmesfield (Holmesfield won 5-4 on penalties)
Peak Dale w/o-scr Calver
Shirebrook Rangers & Juniors 0-2 Chesterfield Town
Wirksworth Ivanhoe 6-2 Youlgrave United
Round 2
Matlock Town reserves 4-1 Bakewell Town
Dronfield Town reserves 3-0 Tibshelf
Cromford 4-2 Wirksworth Town
New Mills reserves 2-0 Dronfield Woodhouse S&SC
Whaley Bridge Athletic reserves 3-3 Holmesfield (Whaley Bridge Athletic won 4-2 on penalties)
Hathersage 2-0 Furness Vale
Blazing Rag 2000 5-2 Buxworth
Dove Holes 11-3 Brampton
Boythorpe Inn 2-5 Rowsley 86
Tideswell United 1-2 Bradwell Sports
FC United of Tideswell 2-5 Baslow
Chesterfield Town 2-0 Matlock Sports
Chapel Town 1-1 South Normanton Athletic reserves (South Normanton Athletic reserves won 6-5 on penalties)
Bamford 0-5 Wirksworth Ivanhoe
Tintiwistle Athletic 4-1 Peak Dale
Gamesley reserves 1-5 Glossop North End reserves
Round 3
Baslow 0-7 Dove Holes
Rowsley 86 11-1 South Normanton Athletic reserves
Wirksworth Ivanhoe 3-0 Whaley Bridge Athletic reserves
Chesterfield Town 4-1 Dronfield Town reserves
Hathersage 1-5 Bradwell Sports
Cromford 5-1 Tintwistke Athletic
New Mills reserves 5-0 Blazing Rag 2000
Matlock Town reserves 3-0 Glossop North End reserves
Quarter Finals
Dove Holes 2-1 Rowsley 86
Cromford 1-2 New Mills reserves
Bradwell Sports 1-2 Matlock Town reserves
Wirksworth Ivanhoe 3-2 Chesterfield Town
Wirksworth Ivanhoe 1-3 New Mills reserves
Matlock Town 0-7 Dove Holes
Final (@ Buxton, 11/4/13)
Dove Holes 4-5 New Mills reserves

Derbyshire Divisional Cup South (Complete)
Round 1
Gresley reserves 3-2 Stapenhill reserves
Round 2
Sandiacre Town 4-6 Pastures
Stanton Ilkeston 4-9 Allenton United
Swanwick Pentrich Road 2-1 Belper United reserves
Chellaston 2-4 Belper Town reserves
Borrowash Victoria reserves 5-0 Heanor Town reserves
Mackworth St Francis 0-4 Little Eaton
Hilton Harriers 4-1 Long Eaton United reserves
Bargate Rovers 0-2 Willington
Meblbourne Dynamo 2-0 Newhall United
Holbrook Sports reserves 1-3 Derby Rolls Royce Leisure
Holbrook St Michaels 2-2 Allestree (Allestree won 6-5 on penalties)
Woolley Moor United 5-4 Derby Singh Brothers
Graham Street Prims reserves 4-3 Newmount
Punjab United 0-1 Gresley reserves
Ripley Town 3-4 Ashbourne
Round 3
Swanwick Pentrich Road 6-1 Pastures
Belper Town reserves 3-5 Allenton United
Gresley reserves 5-1 Woolley Moor United
Graham Street Prims reserves 1-1 Little Eaton
Derby Rolls Royce Leisure 0-0 Hilton Harriers (Derby Rolls Royce Leisure won 4-3 on penalties)
Mickleover RBL 2-4 Melbourne Dynamo
Borrowash Victoria reserves 2-4 Allestree
Willington 3-1 Ashbourne
Quarter Finals
Willington 0-1 Allenton Unied
Swanwick Pentrich Road 4-2 Derby Rolls Royce Leisure
Allestree 2-3 Melbourne Dynamo
Graham Street Prims reserves 2-1 Gresley reserves
Allenton United 4-1 Melbourne Dynamo
Swanwick Pentrich Road 3-2 Graham Street Prims reserves
Final (@ Mickelover Sports, 18/4/13)
Swanwick Pentrich Road 0-1 Allenton United

Devon St Lukes Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Ivybridge Town 2-1 Barnstaple Town
Willand Rovers 5-0 Elmore
Cullompton Rangers 0-3 Buckland Athletic
Round 2
Willand Rovers 1-1 Exeter City (Exeter City won 5-4 on penalties)
Liverton United 2-2 Torquay United (Torquay United won 3-1 on penalties, @ Devon FA HQ, Newton Abbot)
Tavistock 1-2 Plymouth Parkway
Ivybridge Town 0-1 Plymouth Argyle (@ Plymouth Argyle)
Elburton Villa 3-4 Bideford
Buckland Athletic 1-0 Bovey Tracey
Witheridge 1-1 Ilfracombe Town (Witheridge won 5-4 on penalties)
Dartmouth scr-w/o Tiverton Town
Quarter Finals
Plymouth Parkway 1-2 Bideford
Witheridge 2-7 Plymouth Argyle
Buckland Athletic 1-3 Torquay United
Tiverton Town 1-4 Exeter City
Semi-Finals (2nd SF 9 Apr)
Torquay United 3-0 Bideford
Plymouth Argyle 1-0 Exeter City
Final (@ Plymouth Argyle, 23/4/13)
Torquay United 1-4 Plymouth Argyle

Devon Premier Cup (Graddon Vending) (last checked 31/3)
Round 1
Tavistock reserves 0-5 Braunton
Torridgeside w/o-scr Abbotskerswell
Thorverton 3-0 Georgeham & Croyde
Kingskerswell & Chelston 9-0 Shebbear United
Plympton RBL 3-2 Bere Alston United
Newtown 1-5 Mount Gould
Staverton & Landscove 3-2 FC Manadon
Round 2
Axminster Town 0-1 Bideford reserves
Putford 2-1 Plymouth Marjon
Boca Seniors 11-0 Beer Albion
Newton Abbot Spurs 5-1 Barnstaple AAC
Mount Gould 0-1 Buckland Athletic reserves
University of Exeter 5-2 Plymstock United
Sidmouth Town 4-2 Plymouth Parkway reserves
Crediton United 0-1 Holsworthy
Lee Moor 3-1 University of Plymouth
Exmouth Amateurs 2008 0-2 Shakespeare
Totnes & Dartington SC 4-2 Chaddlewood Miners OB
Okehampton Argyle 3-1 Bradworthy
Topsham Town 1-3 Galmpton United
Feniton 7-0 Efford United Bluebird
Stoke Gabriel 2-0 Elburton Villa reserves
Ipplepen Athletic 0-5 Heavitree Social United
Teignmouth 2-1 Staverton & Landscove
Loddiswell Athletic 4-3 Seaton Town
Vospers Oak Villa 3-1 Willand Rovers reserves
Roborough 2-1 Braunton
Clyst Valley 1-7 St Martins
Chittlehampton 3-7 Exmouth Town 2006
Thorverton 1-2 Appledore
Hatherleigh Town 3-5 North Molton Sports Club
Tavistock Community 0-4 Plympton RBL
Dolton 1-3 Upton Athletic
Watts Blake Bearne 2-1 Morchard Bishop
Torridgeside 3-2 Kingsteignton Athletic
Alphington 4-3 Brixham
Exeter Civil Service 8-0 Shamwickshire Rovers
Budleigh Salterton 2-0 Chard United
Kingskerswell & Chelston w/o-scr Bratton Fleming
Round 3
Watts Blake Bearne 1-5 Teignmouth
Plympton RBL 1-4 Roborough
Loddiswell Athletic 5-4 Kingskerswell & Chelston
Boca Seniors 1-1 Okehampton Argyle (Boca Seniors won 5-3 on penalties)
Budleigh Salterton 1-1 Shakespeare (Budleigh Salterton won 4-1 on penalties)
Feniton 11-0 Putford
North Molton Sports Club 1-2 Buckland Athletic reserves
University of Exeter 8-0 Vospers Oak Villa
St Martins 1-0 Upton Athletic
Lee Moor 0-4 Appledore
Torridgeside 2-3 Holsworthy
Alphington 1-0 Sidmouth Town
Galmpton United 1-2 Newton Abbot Spurs
Exmouth Town 2006 5-1 Totnes & Dartington SC
Stoke Gabriel 5-2 Bideford reserves
Exeter Civil Service 2-1 Heavitree Social United
Round 4
University of Exeter 5-4 Boca Seniors
Exmouth Town 2006 2-0 Newton Abbot Spurs
St Martins 7-0 Loddiswell Athletic
Holsworthy 2-4 Teignmouth
Stoke Gabriel 3-1 Appledore
Budleigh Salterton 0-1 Exeter Civil Service
Feniton 0-5 Buckland Athletic reserves
Alphington 2-1 Roborough
Quarter Finals
Alphington 1-1 University of Exeter (University of Exeter won 4-3 on penalties)
Buckland Athletic reserves 3-2 St Martins
Exmouth Town 2-0 Exeter Civil Service
Stoke Gabriel 5-1 Teignmouth
Exmouth Town 2-0 Stoke Gabriel (@ Buckland Athletic)
University of Exeter 0-1 Buckland Athletic reserves (@ Bovey Tracey)
Final (@ Devon Co FA HQ, Newton Abbot, 9/5/13)
Exmouth Town v Buckland Athletic reserves

Devon Senior Cup (Firewatch) (last checked 14/4)
Round 1
Kingsteignton Athletic reserves 2-1 Fremington
Whipton & Pinhoe scr-w/o Combe Martin
Waldon Athletic 1-0 Upottery
Ashburton 1-2 Hele Rovers
Bow AAC 3-3 Lympstone (Bow AAC won 6-5 on penalties)
Woolsery 2-3 Yelverton
East Allington United 1-7 Watcombe Wanderers
Newton St Cyres 2-4 Riviera Spurs
Wembury Rovers 0-1 Brixham reserves
Winkleigh 1-2 Hooe Rovers
North Tawton 4-4 Windsor Car Sales (Windsor Car Sales won 5-4 on penalties)
Roborough reserves 3-2 Plymstock United reserves
Chulmleigh 0-2 Pinhoe
Woodbury 5-3 Chagford
Yealm United w/o-scr Holsworthy reserves
Langdon 3-6 Torrington
Paignton Villa 4-3 Tedburn St Mary
Colyton w/o-scr Wrey Arms
Park United 4-1 Sandford
Harbertonford 2-0 Chudleigh Athletic
Kingskerswell & Chelston reserves 0-2 Witheridge reserves
South Zeal United 1-3 Crediton United reserves
Hookhills United 0-3 Cullompton Rangers reserves
Merton 1-2 Hemyock
Kentisbeare scr-w/o Exmouth Town reserves
Heavitree Social United reserves 2-0 Halwill
Seaton Town 0-6 Brixham Town
Culm United 5-4 Exmouth Amateurs reserves
Offwell Rangers 4-1 Horrabridge Rangers SA
Ottery St Mary 3-1 Dartmouth reserves
Honiton Town 3-2 Broadhempston Untied
Okehampton Argyle reserves 1-6 Tiverton Town reserves
Northam Lions w/o-scr Exeter Civil Service reserves
Steam Packet 4-4 Bickleigh (Steam Packet won 4-3 on penalties)
Clyst Valley reserves 3-4 Elmore reserves
Sidbury United 0-1 Windmill
Ashwater 1-3 Topsham Town reserves
Lynton & Lynmouth 6-3 Axminster Town reserves
Beesands Rovers 2-1 University of Plymouth reserves
Buckland Athletic “A” 3-4 Shamwickshire Rovers reserves
Axmouth United 2-4 Thorverton reserves
Bampton 6-3 Paignton Saints
Round 2
Windsor Car Sales 1-2 Newton United
Harbertonford 4-0 Hemyock
Brixham reserves 2-0 Dolphin
Windmill 7-1 Riviera Spurs
Buckfastleigh Rangers 6-3 Thorverton reserves
Combe Martin 3-1 Roborough reserves
Park United 2-5 Witheridge reserves
Kingsteignton Athletic 5-1 Woodbury
Tipton St John w/o-scr Shamwickshire Rovers reserves
Colaton Raleigh 7-3 Beacon Knights
Colyton 2-3 Honiton Town
Watcombe Wanderers 8-1 Hooe Rovers
Westexe Rovers 0-2 Hideaway Cafe
Waldon Athletic w/o-scr South Molton
Dawlish United 5-0 Heavitree Social United “A”
Northam Lions 0-5 Topsham Town reserves
Bovey Tracey reserves 2-1 Elmore reserves
Bow AAC 4-1 Culm United
Lords XI 4-0 Totnes & Dartington SC reserves
Yelverton 0-3 Morley Rangers
Paignton Villa 4-3 Crediton United reserves
Brixham Town 3-2 Exmouth Town reserves
Lynton & Lynmouth 5-2 Steam Packet
Beesands Rovers 1-0 Offwell Rangers
Cullompton Rangers 3-1 Yealm United
East Budleigh 4-0 Alphington reserves
Pilton Academicals scr-w/o Heavitree Social United reserves
Hele Rovers 0-5 Torrington
Pinhoe 2-3 Newtown reserves
Bampton 2-7 Braunton reserves
Newton Abbot 66 7-0 Ottery St Mary
Tiverton Town reserves w/o-scr Stoke Fleming
Round 3
Buckfastleigh Rangers 9-2 Paignton Villa
Newton United 1-4 Topsham Town reserves
Bovey Tracey reserves 5-2 Torrington
Bow AAC 2-0 Watcombe Wanderers
Brixham Town w/o-scr Tipton St John
Honiton Town 4-2 Brixham reserves
Lynton & Lynmouth 2-0 Cullompton Rangers reserves
Windmill w/o-scr Combe Martin
Dawlish United 1-3 Harbertonford
Lords XI 2-1 Witheridge reserves
Kingsteignton Athletic reserves 4-3 Beesands Rovers
Newtown reserves 1-4 Walton Athletic
Braunton reserves 0-9 Tiverton Town reserves
Morley Rangers 2-1 East Budleigh
Colaton Raleigh 5-4 Hideaway Cafe
Heavitree Social United reserves 3-0 Newton Abbot 66
Round 4
Brixham Town 0-5 Topsham Town reserves
Bow AAC 3-2 Walton Athletic
Harbertonford 1-4 Tiverton Town reserves
Windmill 4-2 Lords XI
Kingsteignton Athletic reserves 0-5 Bovey Tracey reserves
Heavitree Social United reserves 2-3 Colaton Raleigh
Buckfastleigh Rangers 2-1 Lynton & Lynmouth
Morley Rangers1-3 Honiton Town
Quarter Finals
Colaton Raleigh 4-7 Honiton Town
Tiverton Town reserves 4-1 Bovey Tracey reserves
Buckfastleigh Rangers 1-2 Topsham Town reserves
Bow AAC 2-2 Windmill (Windmill won 4-2 on penalties)
Topsham Town reserves 1-2 Windmill
Honiton Town 1-4 Tiverton Town reserves
Final (@ Devon FA HQ, Newton Abbot, 2/5/13)
Windmill v Tiverton Town reserves

Dorset Senior Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Holt United 2-4 Chickerell United
Parley Sports 4-2 Swanage Town & Herston
Wareham Rangers 0-2 Portland United
Gillingham Town 6-1 Blandford United
Cranborne 0-3 Verwood Town
Round 2
Poole Borough 0-6 Portland United
Weymouth 7-0 Hamworthy Recreation
Merley Cobham Sports 1-4 Poole Town
Bridport 2-1 Chickerell United
Parley Sports 1-1 Sherborne Town
Dorchester Town 3-2 Hamworthy United
Shaftesbury Town 0-2 Gillingham Town
Verwood Town 0-2 Wimborne Town
Round 2 Replay
Sherborne Town 4-2 Parley Sports
Quarter Finals
Wimborne Town 3-2 Dorchester Town
Gillingham Town 6-1 Sherborne Town
Poole Town 4-1 Bridport
Weymouth 3-1 Portland United
Poole Town 4-1 Gillingham Town (@ Wimborne Town)
Weymouth 0-1 Wimborne Town (@ Hamworthy United)
Final (@ Hamworthy United, 9/4/13)
Poole Town 4-1 Wimborne Town

Dorset Senior Trophy (Complete)
Preliminary Round
Mere Town w/o-scr Dorchester Town reserves
Round 1
Weymouth Sports 0-1 Poundbury Rovers
Allendale 3-4 Poole Town reserves
Bere Regis 0-5 Blandford United reserves
Kingston Lacy 0-1 Bridport reserves
Okeford United 2-1 Hamworthy United reserves
Sturminster Marshall 5-2 Sturminster Newton United
Witchampton United 5-1 Merley Cobham Sports reserves
Chickerell United reserves 0-1 Sherborne Town reserves
Verwood Town reserves 0-1 Gillingham Town reserves
Swanage Town & Herston reserves w/o-scr Portland United reserves
Stourpaine 2-3 Piddletrenthide United
Parley Sports reserves 8-0 Poole Borough reserves
Milborne Sports w/o-scr 11 Signal Regiment
South Cheriton United 6-2 Kangaroos
Upwey & Broadwey 4-1 Corfe Mullen United
Mere Town 3-6 Wimborne Town reserves
Round 2
Bridport reserves 3-1 Sturminster Marshall
Gillingham Town reserves 2-4 Poole Town reserves
Witchampton United 1-6 Piddletrenthide United
Sherborne Town reserves 3-0 Blandford United reserves
South Cheriton United 2-1 Parley Sports reserves
Milborne Sports 6-2 Swanage Town & Herston reserves
Wimborne Town reserves 2-3 Poundbury Rovers
Okeford United scr-w/o Upwey & Broadwey
Quarter Finals
South Cheriton United 0-4 Sherborne Town reserves
Milborne Sports 2-1 Upwey & Broadwey
Bridport reserves 2-0 Poundbury Rovers
Piddletrenthide United 1-2 Poole Town reserves
Milborne Sports 2-6 Poole Town reserves
Sherborne Town reserves 2-2 Bridport reserves
Semi-Final Replay
Bridport reserves 2-4 Sherborne Town reserves
Final (@ Hamworthy United, 25/4/13)
Sherborne Town reserves 0-2 Poole Town reserves

Dorset Intermediate Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Wareham Rangers reserves 0-2 Corfe Castle
St Marys RC 1-5 Dorchester Sports
Shaftesbury Town reserves w/o-scr Parley Sports “A”
Portland Town 0-1 Normalair RSL
Ship Inn Wool 2-2 Weymouth Spartans
Round 1 Replay
Weymouth Spartans 3-3 Ship Inn Wool (Ship Inn Wool won 4-2 on penalites)
Round 2
Alderholt 2-1 Beaminster
Shaftesbury Town reserves 0-4 Lyme Regis
Ship Inn Wool 5-0 Sturminster Newton United reserves
Corfe Castle 2-3 The Balti House
Wyke Regis Social Club 2-3 Harrington United
Gillingham Town “A” 3-0 Donhead United
AFC Cobham 2-1 Dorchester Sports
Normalair RSL 0-6 Ferndown Sports
Quarter Finals
Gillingham Town “A” 3-0 Ship Inn Wool
AFC Cobham 5-3 Harrington United
Alderholt 5-1 The Balti House
Ferndown Sports 4-6 Lyme Regis
AFC Cobham 2-3 Gillingham Town “A”
Alderholt 2-3 Lyme Regis
Final (@ Dorchester Town, 23/4/13)
Gillingham Town “A” 1-2 Lyme Regis

Durham Challenge Cup (last checked 22/4)
Preliminary Round
South Shields Harton & Westoe CW 1-2 Birtley Town
South Shields 6-0 Horden Colliery Welfare
Ryton & Crawcrook Albion 1-1 Whickham (Whickham won 5–4 on penalties)
Hebburn Town 3-0 Darlington 1893
Gateshead Leam Rangers 2-4 Brandon United
Stockton Town 0-3 Bishop Auckland
Seaton Carew 3-0 Sunderland Silksworth Rangers
Sunderland Ashbrooke Belford House 0-4 Hartlepool United
Darlington Railway Athletic 0-3 Jarrow Roofing Boldon CA
Boldon CA 3-1 Wolviston
Chester-le-Street Town 3-1 Peterlee Town
Tow Law Town 1-3 Durham City
Sunderland West End 1-0 Coxhoe Athletic
Washington 0-4 Jarrow
Easington Colliery 1-3 Willington
Annfield Plain 2-3 Darlington Cleveland Bridge
Round 1
Bishop Auckland 4-2 South Shields
Norton & Stockton Ancients 2-1 Hartlepool United
Billingham Town 4-5 Sunderland RCA
Boldon CA 2-4 Crook Town
Consett 2-1 Sunderland West End
Sunderland Ryhope CW 1-2 Seaton Carew
Newton Aycliffe 0-3 Spennymoor Town
Brandon United 1-3 Jarrow Roofing Boldon CA
Esh Winning 3-4 Billingham Synthonia
Hartlepool 0-7 Seaham Red Star
West Auckland Town 3-3 Birtley Town (West Auckland Town won 5-4 on penalties)
Jarrow 1-4 Durham City
Willington 1-2 Gateshead
Whickham 0-2 Dunston UTS
Chester-le-Street Town 2-3 Hebburn Town
Shildon 4-2 Darlington Cleveland Bridge
Round 2
Shildon 2-1 Consett
Dunston UTS 1-4 Gateshead
Hebburn Town 0-2 Durham City
Norton & Stockton Ancients 2-0 Crook Town
Billingham Synthonia 4-2 Seaton Carew
West Auckland Town 2-5 Spennymoor Town
Sunderland RCA 3-1 Bishop Auckland
Seaham Red Star 2-2 Jarrow Roofing Boldon CA (Seaham Red Star won 4-2 on penalties)
Quarter Finals
Durham City 1-3 Gateshead
Shildon 7-0 Seaham Red Star
Bishop Auckland 2-1 Norton & Stockton Ancients
Spennymoor Town 4-0 Billingham Synthonia
Gateshead 1-2 Bishop Auckland (@ Bishop Auckland)
Spennymoor Town 3-0 Shildon
Final (@ Eppleton Colliery Welfare, 8/5/13)
Bishop Auckland v Spennymoor Town

Durham County Trophy
Preliminary Round
Murton 3-0 Swalwell Amateur
Sunderland Hylton Colliery Welfare 8-1 Coxhoe Uniteed
Birtley St Josephs 2-6 Chester-le-Street Whtitehills
Stockton West End “A” 6-1 Wheatley Hill WMC
Durham Garden House 3-2 Sherburn Village WMC
Ebchester Consett reserves 3-1 Brandon United reserves
Coxhoe Athletic 4-0 Billingham Town Intermediates
Round 1
Coundon & Leeholme Youth 5-2 Stockton West End “A”
Hebburn Reyrolle 1-2 Coxhoe Athletic
Washington Town 1-2 Murton
Gateshead Leam Rangers 3-0 Darlington Rugby Club
Chester-le-Street Whitehills 5-2 Gateshead Rutherford
Ebchester Consett reserves v Durham Garden House
Shildon Railway scr-w/o Gateshead Redheugh 1957
Sunderland Hylton Colliery Welfare 5-1 Brandon British Legion
Quarter Finals
Murton 3-4 Durham Garden House
Gatehead Redheugh 2-4 Coundon & Leeholme Youth
Gateshead Leam Rangers 1-3 Sunderlan Hylton Colliery Welfare
Coxhoe Athletic 4-1 Chester-le-Street Whitehills
Semi-Finals (9 Feb)
Coundon & Leeholme Youth v Coxhoe Athletic
Durham Garden House v Sunderland Hylton Colliery Welfare

East Riding Senior Cup (last checked 14/4)
Round 1
Reckitts 4-0 Hodgsons
Beverley Town 2-1 Chalk Lane
Westella Hanson 1-2 Sculcoates Amateurs
Bransholme Athletic 1-3 Hornsea Town
Easington United 3-3 St Andrews (Easington United won 3-1 on penalties)
Round 2
Hessle Rangers 2-1 Easington United
Bridlington Sports Club 1-3 Hull City
Reckitts 3-1 Dunnington
Sculcoates Amateurs 3-5 Bridlington Town
North Ferriby United 6-1 Hornsea Town
Beverley Town 1-0 North Cave
Pocklington Town 5-0 Westella & Willerby
Crown 4-2 Hall Road Rangers
Quarter Finals
Reckitts 3-0 Pocklington Town
Crown 1-8 Hull City
Beverley Town 0-2 Bridlington Town
North Ferriby United 6-0 Hessle Rangers
Semi-Finals (both @ Ray Wood Centre)
Hull City 2-3 Reckitts
North Ferriby United 3-1 Bridlington Town
Final (@ Hull City, 7/5/13)
Reckitts v North Ferriby United

East Riding Senior Country Cup (last checked 21/4)
Round 1
Driffield Evening Institute 1-4 AFC Rovers
Bridlington Town reserves 10-4 Eddie Beedle
Walkington 2-3 Beverley Town reserves
Skirlaugh 2-6 Haltemprice Rangers
Brandesburton 4-2 Holme Rovers
Hedon Rangers 7-5 Hunmanby United
Driffield Junior 2-5 Riccall United
Easington United reserves 4-6 Driffield Rangers
Hedon Rangers reserves 5-2 Long Riston
Little Weighton 2-1 Filey Town
Hornsea Town reserves 5-3 Withernsea
Gilberdyke Phoenix scr-w/o Kingburn Athletic
Driffield Evening Institute reserves 1-6 Howden
St George 3-5 South Cave Sporting Club
Round 2
Molescroft Rangers 1-1 Howden (Molescroft Rangers won 5-4 on penalties)
Kingburn Athletic 2-2 Haltemprice Rangers (Haltemprice Rangers won 7-6 on penalties)
Hodgsons reserves 6-5 Bridlington Town reserves
Driffield Rangers 0-3 Hedon Rangers
Beverley Town reserves 3-4 Little Weighton
Hedon Rangers reserves 3-3 AFC Rovers (AFC Rovers won 4-1 on penalties)
South Cave Sporting 6-2 Hornsea Town
Riccall United 5-4 Brandesburton
Quarter Finals
Little Weighton 2-1 Hedon Rangers
Hodgsons 3-7 Riccall United
South Cave Sporting Club 1-3 AFC Rovers
Molescroft Rangers 2-1 Haltemprice Rangers
AFC Rovers 2-0 Little Weighton (@ University of Hull)
Molescroft Rangers 0-3 Riccall United (@ Pocklington Town)
Final (@ Bridlington Town, 8/5/13)
Little Weighton v Riccall United

Essex Senior Cup (BBC Essex) (Complete)
Round 1
Barking 3-3 Brightlingsea Regent (Barking won 5-3 on penalties)
Halstead Town 3-0 Eton Manor
Round 2
Burnham Ramblers 4-1 Wivenhoe Town
Takeley 3-1 Southend Manor
Barkingside 2-2 Bowers & Pitsea (Bowers & Pitsea won 6-5 on penalties)
FC Clacton 0-1 Barking
Basildon United 3-1 Stansted
Great Wakering Rovers 5-2 Halstead Town
Hullbridge Sports 4-1 Saffron Walden Town
Stanway Rovers 3-1 London APSA
Round 3
Waltham Forest 8-1 Bowers & Pitsea
Tilbury 6-0 Basildon United
llford 0-3 Barking
Canvey Island 6-2 Braintree Town
Chelmsford City 2-1 Great Wakering Rovers
Colchester United 8-1 Harlow Town
Hullbridge Sports 2-2 Heybridge Swifts (Hullbridge Sports won 5-4 on penalties)
Redbridge 2-2 Romford (Romford won 3-1 on penalties)
Dagenham & Redbridge 3-4 Concord Rangers
Waltham Abbey 3-0 Witham Town
Aveley 3-2 Takeley (Aveley removed for fielding ineligible player; Takeley reinstated)
AFC Hornchurch 3-3 Billericay Town (AFC Hornchurch won 4-1 on penalties)
Grays Athletic 2-0 East Thurrock United
Maldon & Tiptree 2-0 Stanway Rovers
Southend United 4-2 Burnham Ramblers
Thurrock 0-2 Brentwood Town
Round 4
Romford 3-3 Barking (Barking won 9-8 on penalties)
Tilbury 3-3 Waltham Abbey (Waltham Abbey won 5-3 on penalties)
Waltham Forest 1-2 Chelmsford City
Concord Rangers 8-2 Takeley
Maldon & Tiptree 1-1 Grays Athletic (Grays Athletic won 5-4 on penalties)
Canvey Island 0-2 AFC Hornchurch
Brentwood Town 0-8 Colchester United (@ Colchester United)
Hullbridge Sports 0-5 Southend United
Quarter Finals
AFC Hornchurch 4-3 Colchester United
Barking 1-2 Grays Athletic
Concord Rangers 3-3 Chelmsford City (Concord Rangers won 6-5 on penalties)
Waltham Abbey 2-1 Southend United (@ Great Wakering Rovers)
Concord Rangers 0-2 Grays Athletic
Waltham Abbey 2-3 AFC Hornchurch
Final (@ Dagenham & Redbridge, 15/4/13)
Grays Athletic 1-2 AFC Hornchurch

Essex Saturday Premier Cup (BBC Essex) (Complete)
Round 1
Heybridge Swifts reserves 8-1 Writtle
Leigh Town 0-1 Tiptree Jobserve
Hullbridge Sports reserves 1-5 Broomfield
Runwell Hospital 2-0 Harold Wood Athletic
Brightlingsea Regent reserves 3-1 Bowers & Pitsea reserves
West Essex 2-5 Thurrock reserves
Mersea Island 1-4 Harwich & Parkeston
Hutton 3-1 Great Wakering Rovers reserves
Forest United 2-5 Dedham Old Boys
Buckhurst Hill 5-1 Stanway Rovers reserves
Toby 1-0 Canning Town
Westhamians 3-1 Old Chelmsfordians
Newbury Forest 9-1 Clacton United
Ramsden Scotia 0-3 Hannakins Farm
Boxted Lodgers 2-5 Leigh Ramblers
Debden scr-w/o Manford Way
Southminster St Leonards 6-1 Earls Colne
Chafford Park United 0-10 Chingford Athletic
East Thurrock United reserves 1-2 White Ensign
Holland w/o-scr Sungate
Old Southendian 2-3 Springfield
Castle United 1-5 Harold Hill
Forest Glade scr-w/o Little Oakley
Wadham Lodge 2-0 Waltham Abbey reserves
Burnham Ramblers reserves 0-5 Debden Sports Club
Halstead Town reserves 3-3 Ryan (Ryan won 5-4 on penalties)
Alresford Colne Rangers 3-2 Stambridge United
Roydon 0-2 Cranes United
Hatfield Peverel 2-4 Upminster
Rayleigh Town 1-5 Kelvedon Hatch
Lakeside 0-1 Alemite Athletic
Round 2
Debden Sports Club 7-2 Coggeshall Town
Barnston 2-5 Toby
Kirby Athletic 2-8 Little Oakley
Wormingford Wanderers 2-0 Hedinghams United (tie awarded to Hedinghams United)
Takeley reserves 2-3 Cranes United
Tollesbury 3-0 Holland
Shenfield Association 7-2 Gosfield United
Ongar Town 5-3 Brightlingsea Regent reserves
M & B Club 3-0 Leigh Ramblers
Foxash Social 1-4 White Ensign
Hutton 3-5 Gas Recreation
Colne Engaine & Bell United 1-2 Manford Way
Aldborough Athletic 0-2 Frenford Senior
Benfleet 2-0 Tilbury reserves
Bradfield Rovers 1-11 Southminster St Leonards
Dedham Old Boys 3-1 Catholic United
White Notley 2-1 Barking reserves
Runwell Hospital 0-1 Galleywood
Upminster 2-3 Lawford Lads
Leytonstone United 2-3 Tiptree Jobserve
Old Barkabbeyans 2-3 Buckhurst Hill
Alemite Athletic 6-5 Basildon Town
Herongate Athletic 6-1 St Clere’s
West Bergholt 2-1 Great Bentley
Stansted reserves 2-4 Alresford Colne Rangers
Grays Athletic reserves 0-4 Kelvedon Hatch
Ryan 1-3 Newbury Forest
Heybridge Swifts reserves 1-9 Wadham Lodge
Broomfield 2-5 Springfield
Harold Hill 3-0 Westhamians
Thurrock reserves 1-2 Harwich & Parkeston
Chingford Athletic 3-8 Hannakins Farm
Round 3
Gas Recreation 11-3 Dedham Old Boys
Wadham Lodge 5-0 Tollesbury
Alresford Colne Rangers 1-2 Frenford Senior
Harold Hill 1-1 Kelvedon Hatch (Kelvedon Hatch won 5-4 on penalties)
Lawford Lads 1-3 Buckhurst Hill
Toby 5-1 West Bergholt
Springfield 1-2 Newbury Forest
White Ensign 3-1 Shenfield Association
Hedinghams United 2-1 White Notley
Alemite Athletic 4-3 Cranes United
Herongate Athletic 2-4 Manford Way
Hannakins Farm 5-2 Benfleet
Ongar Town 3-2 M & B Club
Debden Sports Club 1-0 Galleywood
Tiptree Jobserve 2-3 Harwich & Parkeston
Southminster St Leonards 3-0 Little Oakley
Round 4
Gas Recreation 5-2 Debden Sports Club
Hedinghams United 0-2 Buckhurst Hill
Kelvedon Hatch 0-1 Frenford Senior
Manford Way 3-3 Wadham Lodge (Wadham Lodge won 5-4 on penalties)
White Ensign 4-2 Ongar Town
Harwich & Parkeston 1-2 Toby
Newbury Forest 1-3 Hannakins Farm
Alemite Athletic 4-3 Southminster St Leonards
Quarter Finals
Frenford Senior 2-0 Buckhurst Hill
Toby 2-3 Wadham Lodge
Gas Recreation 4-2 White Ensign
Hannakins Farm 1-2 Alemite Athletic
Wadham Lodge 3-1 Alemite Athletic
Gas Recreation 2-1 Frenford Senior
Final (@ Billericay Town, 10/4/13)
Wadham Lodge 2-0 Gas Recreation

Gloucestershire Senior Challenge Cup (last checked 14/4)
Round 1
Cirencester Town 3-1 Shortwood United
Cinderford Town 2-2 Bristol City reserves (Cinderford Town won 3-1 on penalties)
Mangotsfield United 1-0 Gloucester City
Quarter Finals
Bishops Cleeve 0-5 Mangotsfield United
Bristol Rovers reserves 4-0 Yate Town
Cinderford Town 2-2 Forest Green Rovers (@ Forest Green Rovers, Cinderford Town won 7-6 on penalties)
Cheltenham Town reserves 1-1 Cirencester Town (@ Cirencester Town, Cheltenham Town reserves won 4-3 on penalties)
Semi-Finals (2nd SF 30 Apr)
Mangotsfield United 2-1 Cheltenham Town reserves
Bristol Rovers reserves v Cinderford Town

Gloucestershire Challenge Trophy (Complete)
Round 1
Longlevens 3-2 Cribbs Friends Life
Rockleaze Rangers 1-0 DRG Frenchay
Berkeley Town 0-1 Frampton United
Almondsbury UWE 0-2 Kings Stanley
Patchway Town 0-0 Shirehampton (Patchway Town won 4-2 on penalties)
Yate Town reserves 4-1 Thornbury Town
Round 2
Fairford Town 0-2 Cheltenham Saracens
Tuffley Rovers 3-5 Taverners
Kingswood 0-3 Bitton
Kings Stanley 0-4 Oldland Abbotonians
Roman Glass St George 0-4 Tytherington Rocks
Cadbury Heath 2-1 Frampton United
Hanham Athletic 0-1 Rockleaze Rangers
Henbury 7-0 Gloucester City Development
Hallen 5-0 Cirencester Town Development
Winterbourne United 0-3 Slimbridge
Bristol Manor Farm 2-0 Ellwood
Chipping Sodbury Town 2-4 Longlevens
Lydney Town 0-3 Brimscombe & Thrupp
Patchway Town 4-3 Southmead Athletic
Yate Town reserves 0-5 Longwell Green Sports
Bristol Academy 1-0 Bishops Cleeve reserves
Round 3
Oldland Abbotonians 0-2 Bitton
Longlevens 2-2 Tytherington Rocks (Tytherington Rocks won 4-3 on penalties)
Cadbury Heath 8-1 Henbury
Cheltenham Saracens 2-2 Rockleaze Rangers (Cheltenham Saracens won 3-0 on penalties)
Slimbridge 0-1 Hallen
Bristol Academy 1-0 Patchway Town
Longwell Green Sports 1-1 Taverners (Taverners won 3-2 on penalties)
Bristol Manor Farm 2-2 Brimscombe & Thrupp (Bristol Manor Farm won 4-2 on penalties)
Quarter Finals
Cheltenham Saracens 0-0 Hallen (Cheltenham Saracens won 4-3 on penalties)
Bitton 1-1 Bristol Manor Farm (Bristol Manor Farm won 4-1 on penalties)
Cadbury Heath 8-1 Taverners
Bristol Academy 3-2 Tytherington Rocks
Bristol Manor Farm 1-4 Cadbury Heath
Bristol Academy 2-1 Cheltenham Saracens
Final (@ Glos FA HQ, Almondsbury, 25/4/13)
Bristol Manor Farm 1-1 Bristol Academy (Bristol Academy won 4-3 on penalties)

Gloucestershire Senior Amateur Cup (North) (Complete)
Round 1
Viney St Swithins 2-3 Shortwood United reserves
Kings 1-1 Chalford (Chalford won 4-3 on penalties)
Bourton Rovers 1-2 Sharpness
Ruardean Hill Rangers 1-1 Falcons (Ruardean Hill Rangers won 4-3 on penalties)
Soudley 4-2 Stroud
Brockworth Albion 2-1 Cam Bulldogs
Star 1-1 Brimscombe & Thrupp reserves (Brimscombe & Thrupp reserves won 4-3 on penalties)
Broadwell Amateurs 9-1 Bishops Cleeve “A”
Minsterworth 5-1 Fairford Town reserves
Winchcombe Town 3-1 Wotton Rovers
Charlton Rovers 4-1 Gloucester Elmleaze
Moreton Rangers 1-0 Longford
Gala Wilton 1-1 Cheltenham Saracens reserves (Cheltenham Saracens won 6-5 on penalties)
Northway 2-2 Bibury (Bibury won 5-4 on penalties)
Round 2
Hardwicke 2-3 Smiths Athletic
Cheltenham Civil Service 3-2 FC Barometrics
Chalford 0-2 Dursley Town
Stonehouse Town 2-0 Whaddon United
Winchcombe Town 2-4 Leonard Stanley
Lydbrook Athletic 0-0 Tewkesbury Town (Tewkesbury Town won 6-5 on penalties)
Moreton Rangers 3-2 Ramblers
Barnwood United 1-4 Bibury
Tuffley Rovers reserves 0-1 Harrow Hill
Butlers 1-3 Abbeymead Rovers
Applerley & Tewkesbury Dynamos 1-6 Minsterworth
AC Olympia 1-1 Charlton Rovers (AC Olympia won 4-1 on penalties)
Sharpness 1-2 Ruardean Hill Rangers
Soudley 2-4 Brockworth Albion
Broadwell Amateurs 3-3 Cheltenham Saracens reserves
Shortwood United reserves 1-0 Brimscombe & Thrupp reserves
Round 3
Stonehouse Town 1-2 Cheltenham Civil Service
Leonard Stanley 2-1 Shortwood United reserves
Brockworth Albion 3-5 Dursley Town
Smiths Athletic 0-0 Harrow Hill (Smiths Athletic won 5-4 on penalties)
Tewkesbury Town 1-1 Abbeymead Rovers (Abbeymead Rovers won 4-2 on penalties)
Minsterworth 4-2 Bibury
Ruardean Hill Rangers 4-2 AC Olympia
Moreton Rangers 8-2 Cheltenham Saracens reserves
Quarter Finals
Moreton Rangers 3-3 Cheltenham Civil Service (Moreton Rangers won 4-3 on penalties)
Minsterworth 4-1 Smiths Athletic
Dursley Town 1-1 Ruardean Hill Rangers (Ruardean Hill Rangers won 4-2 on penalties)
Leonard Stanley 1-2 Abbeymead Rangers
Moreton Rangers 3-3 Minsterworth (Minsterworth won 5-4 on penalties)
Abbeymead Rovers 1-4 Ruardean Hill Rangers
Final (@ Slimbridge, 11/4/13)
Minsterworth 5-0 Ruardean Hill Rangers

Gloucestershire Senior Amateur Cup (South) (Complete)
Round 1
Almondsbury UWE reserves 1-4 Highridge United
Winford PH 7-1 Southmead United
AEK Boco 4-1 Shaftesbury Crusade
Torpedo 1-5 Cribbs Friends Life reserves
Wessex Wanderers 2-5 Lebeq
Cadbury Heath reserves 3-3 Oldland Abbotonians reserves (Cadbury Heath reserves won 5-4 on penalties)
Lawrence Rovers 2-3 Seymour United
Eden Grove 4-3 Longwell Green Sports reserves
Bristol Athletic 1-1 Bitton reserves (Bristol Athletic won 4-3 on penalties)
Olveston United 1-4 Little Stoke
Rockleaze Rangers reserves 1-3 Brislington Cricketers
Made For Ever 1-2 Ridings High
Glenside 5 OB w/o-scr Wingleside
Totterdown United 1-3 Easton Cowboys Suburbia
Fishponds Old Boys 7-2 Greyfriars Athletic
Wick 1-0 Roman Glass St George reserves
Brimsham Green 3-1 Mangotsfield Sports
Frampton Athletic 6-0 Old Georgians
Winterbourne United reserves 2-0 Hallen reserves
Lawrence Weston 7-1 Totterdown POB
Lawes Juniors 0-3 Old Sodbury
Severn Beach 0-2 Sneyd Park
Tytherington Rocks 2-0 Patchway Town reserves
Nicholas Wanderers 1-0 Crosscourt United
Round 2
Brimsham Green 1-4 Stoke Gifford United
Winterbourne United reserves 5-3 Bristol Telephones
Mendip United 4-0 Henbury reserves
Avonmouth 3-1 Eden Grove
Winford PH 1-2 St Aldhelms
Easton Cowboys Suburbia 0- Sporting Greyhounds
Bristol Manor Farm reserves 0-4 Ridings High
Lawrence Weston 1-3 Little Stoke
Lebeq w/o-scr Nicholas Wanderers
Cribbs Friends Life reserves 2-4 Highridge United
AEK Boco 2-0 Bristol Athletic
Sneyd Park 4-1 Tytherington Rocks reserves
Glenside 5 OB 2-3 Cadbury Heath reserves
Wick 2-1 Seymour United
Frampton Athletic 4-3 Fishponds OB
Brislington Cricketers 6-0 Old Sodbury
Round 3
Stoke Gifford United 3-3 Mendip United (Stoke Gifford United won 4-3 on penalties)
Avonmouth 0-5 Sneyd Park
Lebeq w/o-scr Cadbury Heath reserves
Ridings High 3-1 St Aldhelms
Sporting Greyhounds 1-2 Little Stoke
Frampton Athletic 1-4 Winterbourne United reserves
AEK Boco 4-1 Brislington Cricketers
Wick 0-3 Highridge United
Quarter Finals
Winterbourne United reserves 6-0 Sneyd Park
Little Stoke 3-0 Lebeq
Highridge United 1-1 AEK Boco (Highridge United won 6-5 on penalties)
Ridings High 3-1 Stoke Gifford United
Winterbourne United reserves 1-3 Little Stoke
Ridings High 0-3 Highridge United
Final (@ Gloucestershire FA HQ, Almondsbury, 23/4/13)
Little Stoke 0-1 Highridge United

Gloucestershire Intermediate Cup (North) (Complete)
Round 1
Real Fairford 4-5 Whaddon United
Coaley Rovers 1-3 Upton St Leonards reserves
Ramblers “A” 5-1 Glevum United
Mitcheldean reserves 1-4 Leonard Stanley reserves
Tivoli Rovers 2-0 Poulton
Barnwood United 0-3 Wickwar Wanderers
Puma 0-7 Stroud Imperial
The Beeches 6-2 Cam Bulldogs reserves
South Cerney 5-1 Mushet & Coalway
Naunton Park Rovers 3-0 Longlevens “A”
Stroud Harriers 6-1 Quedgeley Wanderers
Lydbrook Athletic reserves 7-1 Arlingham
Kings reserves 0-4 Prestbury Rovers
Ruardean Hill Rangers 0-0 Yorkley (Ruardean Hill Rangers won 4-3 on penalties)
Chalford reserves 1-2 Andoversford
Cheltenham Civil Service reserves 12-0 Elmbridge Old Boys
Tetbury Town reserves 2-2 Sharpness reserves (Sharpness reserves won 7-6 on penalties)
Belmore 2-2 Ellwood reserves (Belmore won 4-2 on penalties)
Newnham United 0-8 Hatherley Rangers
Eastcombe 0-3 Abbeymead Rovers
Falcons reserves 5-6 Whitecroft reserves
Bush 0-2 Down Ampney
Newent Town reserves 3-1 Berkeley Town reserves
Tredworth Tigers 7-0 Worrall Hill
Village Real 4-4 AFC Phoenix (AFC Phoenix won 5-4 on penalties)
Coleford United 1-4 Whitminster reserves
Lydney Town “A” 3-3 Matchplay (Lydney Town “A” won 5-4 on penalties)
WMK w/o-scr CHQ United
Nympsfield 3-1 White Horse
Round 2
Randwick reserves 3-3 FC Lakeside (FC Lakeside won 3-2 on penalties)
Whitecroft reserves w/o-scr Thornbury Town reserves
Tivoli Rovers 2-4 WMK
Andoversford 2-3 Whaddon United
Wickwar Wanderers 2-2 Newent Town reserves (Wickwar Wanderers won 4-3 on penalties)
Abbeymead Rovers reserves 7-0 Upton St Leonards reserves
Stroud Harriers 4-4 The Beeches (Stroud Harriers won 5-4 on penalties)
Whitminster reserves 1-0 Sharpness reserves
Hatherley Rangers 1-2 Ruardean Hill Rangers
Belmore 2-3 Leonard Stanley
Naunton Park Rovers 1-3 South Cerney
Lydney Town “A” 1-10 Tredworth Tigers
Cheltenham Civil Service reserves 1-1 Lydbrook Athletic reserves (Cheltenham Civil Service won 4-2 on penalties)
Down Ampney 0-5 Stroud Imperial
AFC Phoenix 2-2 Prestbury Rovers
Ramblers “A” 4-2 Nympsfield
Round 3
Whaddon United reserves 6-0 South Cerney
FC Lakeside 2-1 Abbeymead Rovers reserves
Ruardean Hill Rangers 1-1 Whitminster reserves (Ruarden Hil Rangers reserves won 3-2 on penalties)
Tredworth Tigers 5-0 WMK
Ramblers “A” 1-2 Stroud Imperial
Cheltenham Civil Service reserves 3-0 Whitecroft reserves
Leonard Stanley reserves 3-2 Wickwar Wanderers
Stroud Harriers 7-1 Prestbury Rovers
Quarter Finals
Stroud Harriers 1-2 Cheltenham Civil Service reserves
Ruardean Hill Rangers reserves 4-1 Tredworth Tigers
Whaddon United reserves 2-4 FC Lakeside
Stroud Imperial 0-2 Leonard Stanley reserves
Cheltenham Civil service reserves 0-3 FC Lakeside
Leonard Stanley reserves 1-3 Ruardean Hill Rangers reserves
Final (@ Harrow Hill, 10/4/13)
FC Lakeside 3-0 Ruardean Hill Rangerrs reserves

Gloucestershire Intermediate Cup (South) (Complete)
Round 1
Bitton “A” 1-5 St Annes Town
Totterdown United reserves 7-1 Greens Park Rangers
Saints Old Boys reserves 2-0 Portland Old Boys
Bradley Stoke Town reserves 1-6 Real Thornbury
Round 2
Horfield United 5-0 Chipping Sodbury Town “A”
Bristol Telephones reserves 1-5 Cribbs Friends Life “A”
Winterbourne United “A” 9-2 AEK Boco “A”
Jersey Rangers 5-3 Old Cothamians reserves
Ashley reserves 4-3 Bendix
Clifton St Vincents reserves 1-1 Greyfriars Athletic reserves (Greyfriars Athletic won 6-5 on penalties)
Lebeq (Saturday) reserves 4-3 Hare On The Hill
Lloydy Coalpit 3-1 Iron Acton reserves
Yate Athletic 3-4 Sneyd Park reserves
Real Thornbury w/o-scr Bristol Sanctuary
Patchway North End 2-0 Bristol Barcelona reserves
St Andrews 3-3 Frampton Athletic reserves (St Andrews won 4-3 on penalties)
DRG Frenchay reserves 3-2 Lion
Olveston United reserves 3-0 Saints Old Boys reserves
St Annes Town 1-4 Evergreen Athletic
Totterdown United reserves 4-3 Sporting Greyhound reserves
Round 3
Lloydy Coalpit 2-5 Real Thornbury
Greyfriars Athletic reserves 6-2 Patchway North End
Winterbourne United “A” 5-3 DRG Frenchay reserves
Totterdown Untied reserves 3-0 Cribbs Friends Life “A”
Evergreen Athletic 5-2 Lebeq reserves
Olveston United reserves 1-3 Jersey Rangers
Frampton Athletic 6-3 Sneyd Park reserves
Horfield United 3-1 Ashley reserves
Quarter Finals
Jersey Rangers 1-0 Winterbourne Athletic “A”
Real Thornbury 4-2 Greyfriars Athletic reserves
Totterdown United reserves 5-0 Frampton Athletic reserves
Evergreen Athletic 0-6 Horfield United
Real Thornbury 2-1 Jersey Rangers
Totterdown United reserves 0-0 Horfield United (Totterdown United reserves won 3-2 on penalties)
Final (@ Gloucestershire FA HQ, Almondsbury, 9/4/13)
Real Thornbury 3-1 Totterdown United reserves

Hampshire Senior Cup (BSA Regal Group) (Complete)
Round 1
Totton & Eling 6-3 Hartley Wintney
Ringwood Town 0-4 Cowes Sports
Moneyfields 0-1 GE Hamble
Team Solent 3-3 Alton Town (Alton Town won 4-2 on penalties)
Romsey Town 0-2 East Cowes Victoria Athletic
Petersfield Town 3-2 Rozel Rovers
Hythe & Dibden 3-2 Andover New Street
Fareham Town 2-0 Fawley
Eversley & California 4-3 Whitchurch United
Newport IOW 3-2 AFC Portchester
Hayling United 3-1 Bournemouth
Cove 5-1 Tadley Calleva
Lymington Town 3-1 New Milton Town
Stockbridge 0-4 Christchurch
Round 2
Brockenhurst 0-3 Fleet Town
AFC Bournemouth 6-0 Winchester City
Farnborough 3-4 Basingstoke Town
GE Hamble 3-1 Petersfield Town
Horndean 11-0 Hythe & Dibden
East Cowes Victoria Athletic 2-4 Alresford Town
Gosport Borough 3-0 Lymington Town
Totton & Eling 2-1 Cowes Sports
Aldershot Town 4-0 Alton Town
Hayling United 0-4 A F C Totton
United Services Portsmouth 1-11 Havant & Waterlooville
Cove 2-5 Sholing
Bashley 0-1 Newport IOW
Fareham Town 1-4 Blackfield & Langley
Eastleigh 3-0 Christchurch
Eversley & California 0-1 Fleet Spurs
Round 3
AFC Bournemouth 6-2 Fleet Town
Alresford Town 2-1 Aldershot Town
Gosport Borough 3-0 Blackfield & Langley
Totton & Eling 0-3 Havant & Waterlooville
Newport IOW 2-4 Sholing
Fleet Spurs 1-5 Eastleigh
AFC Totton 2-1 Horndean
GE Hamble 1-0 Basingstoke Town
Quarter Finals
AFC Totton 3-1 Gosport Borough
AFC Bournemouth 2-2 Eastleigh (AFC Bournemouth won 4-3 on penalties)
Havant & Waterlooville 1-3 Sholing
GE Hamble 0-1 Alresford Town
Semi-Finals (Mar 5)
AFC Bournemouth 1-1 AFC Totton (@ AFC Totton. AFC Bournemouth won 4-2 on penalties)
Alresford Town 2-1 Sholing
Final (@ AFC Bournemouth, 22/4/13)
AFC Bournemouth 2-3 Alresford Town

Hampshire Russell Cotes Cup (Harold G Walker) (last checked 14/4)
Round 1
Newport IOW 0-2 Christchurch
Gosport Borough w/o-scr QK Southampton
Locksheath 2-0 AFC Stoneham
Bemerton Heath Harlequins 8-1 AFC Portchester
Round 2
GE Hamble 1-2 Lymington Town
Fareham Town 4-3 Moneyfields (@ Moneyfields)
Liphook United 1-1 AFC Totton (AFC Totton won 6-5 on penalties)
Locksheath 1-2 Gosport Borough (@ Gosport Borough)
Totton & Eling 2-1 Horndean (@ Horndean)
Fleet Town 3-2 Blackfield & Langley (@ Blackfield & Langley)
United Services Portsmouth 1-4 Bemerton Heath Harlequins
Christchurch 8-0 Hythe & Dibden
Quarter Finals
Bemerton Heath Harlequins 1-4 Gosport Borough
AFC Totton 3-6 Totton & Eling
Lymington Town 2-0 Fareham Town
Christchurch 3-1 Fleet Town
Totton & Eling 0-1 Lymington Town
Gosport Borough 4-2 Christchurch
Final (@ Gosport Borough, 9/5/13)
Lymington Town v Gosport Borough

Hampshire Intermediate Cup (Genesis Reflective Products) (last checked 14/4)
Round 1
Baffins Milton Rovers w/o-scr Alton Athletic
Mudeford Mens 10-0 Ventnor
Hythe Aztecs w/o-scr White Horse
Liss Athletic reserves 0-4 Newport IOW reserves
Fleetlands 4-0 Old Oakmeadians
Sholing reserves 3-1 Bournemouth Manor
Lyndhurst 3-1 Poole Town reserves
Hayling United reserves 1-0 St Helena Bobs
Ringwood Town reserves 1-1 Hedge End Rangers (Ringwood Town reserves won 5-4 on penalties)
Tadley Calleva reserves 7-3 Paulsgrove
White Star Wombles w/o-scr NAP Construction
Alton Town reserves 3-4 New Milton Town reserves
Sway w/o-scr Horndean United
Netley Central Sports 4-1 Nursling reserves
Romsey Town reserves 2-3 Burridge
AFC Stoneham reserves 4-1 Fleet Spurs reserves
Farnborough North End 2-4 Southampton University
GE Hamble reserves 4-1 Hamble Club
East Cowes Victoria Athletic reseves 2-0 Alresford Town reserves
Old Farnboronians 3-1 Westover Bournemouth
Team Solent reserves v Forest Town (tie awarded to Forest Town)
Christchurch reserves 7-0 Michelmersh & Timsbury reserves
Winchester Castle 1-6 Richmond Park Con Club
University of Portsmouth Community 3-1 Waterlooville Social Club
Meon United 5-3 AFC Hiltingbury
Broughton w/o-scr Mottisfont
Portcastrian 2-1 Clanfield
Liphook United 0-0 Fleet Town reserves (Fleet Town reserves won 4-3 on penalties)
Northwood St Johns 8-0 Bournemouth Sports reserves
Cadnam United 0-1 Bush Hill
Yateley Green reserves 5-1 Thornhill
Infinity 6-5 Park Sports
Fareham Town reserves w/o-scr Osborne Coburg
Upham 4-0 Whitchurch United reserves
Liss Athletic 3-0 Petersfield Town reserves
Shanklin 0-2 Bournemouth Sports
East Boldre 1-1 Fawley reserves (Fawley reserves won 9-8 on penalties)
Gosport Borough reserves 2-3 Nursling
AFC Hereford 1-3 Michelmersh & Timsbury
BTC Southampton 3-2 Questmap
Four Marks 3-1 Sporting Bishops Waltham
Sandpiper scr-w/o Bishopstoke WMC
Oakfield 5-3 Southampton Energy
Frimley Select 3-2 Crusaders
Otterbourne 3-5 Locksheath
Hedge End Town 1-10 AFC Stoneham
Andover Lions 3-0 Niton
Hamble Club reserves 1-7 Pan Sports
QK Southampton 1-6 Hedge End Rangers
Colden Common 4-0 GKN
Overton United 4-1 AFC Portchester reserves
Comrades 7-0 Ryde Saints
Yateley 1-3 Brading Town
Horndean reserves w/o-scr Eversley & California
Hartley Wintney reserves 0-7 Yateley Green
Bournemouth Electric v Hythe & Dibden reserves (tie awarded to Bournemouth Electric)
Queens Park Athletic 0-2 West Wight
Durley 0-5 AFC Totton reserves
Lymington Town reserves 0-4 Headley United
Round 2
Wymering 2-1 Fareham Town reserves
Oakfield 5-2 Cowes Sports reserves
Durley reserves 2-3 Fleet Town reserves
United Services Portsmouth reserves 1-5 Brading Town
Bournemouth Sports 4-1 Blackfield & Langley reserves
Baffins Milton Rovers w/o-scr Michelmersh & Timsbury
Richmond Park Con Club 4-0 AFC Stoneham reserves
Sway 2-6 Headley United
Locksheath 2-4 Portcastrian
Yateley Green reserves 3-4 Southampton University
Fawley reserves 0-3 Bush Hill
Newport IOW reserves 0-2 BTC Southampton
Yateley Green 7-0 White Star Wombles
Ringwood Town reserves 0-4 Bournemouth Electric
Four Marks 1-1 New Milton Town reserves (New Milton Town reserves won 4-3 on penalties)
GE Hamble w/o-scr Hythe Aztecs
Broughton 4-1 Fleetlands
Liss Athletic 2-1 Old Farnboronians
Netley Central Sports 2-0 Burridge
Horndean reserves 1-7 AFC Stoneham
West Wight 3-2 Frimley Select
Tadley Calleva reserves 3-3 Sholing reserves (Tadley Calleva reserves won 9-8 on penalties)
Nursliing 0-4 Forest Town
Christchurch reserves 7-0 Bishopstoke WMC
Mudeford Mens 4-2 Comrades
Upham 4-2 Hayling United reserves
Hedge End Rangers 5-0 Pan Sports
University of Portsmouth Community 1-3 Northwood St Johns
Infinity 5-4 East Cowes Victoria Athletic
Lyndhurst 2-0 Meon United
Andover Lions 0-3 AFC Totton reserves
Overton United 1-5 Colden Common
Round 3
Brading Town 3-2 BTC Southampton
Netley Central Sports 5-3 Bournemouth Sports
Northwood St Johns 2-4 Portcastrian
Colden Common 4-1 West Wight
Wymering 1-3 Infinity
Richmond Park Con Club 4-1 Fleet Town reserves
AFC Stoneham 1-2 Baffins Milton Rovers
Liss Athletic 3-4 GE Hamble
Mudeford Mens 1-2 New Milton Town reserves
Southampton University 3-0 Christchurch reserves
Bournemouth Electric 1-2 AFC Totton reserves
Yateley Green 0-0 Tadley Calleva reserves (Yateley Green won 5-4 on penalties)
Forest Town 2-0 Oakfield
Hedge End Rangers 1-2 Upham
Broughton 3-3 Lyndhurst (Lyndhurst won 6-5 on penalties)
Headley United 2-5 Bush Hill
Round 4
Baffins Milton Rovers 3-0 Lyndhurst
Yateley Green 0-1 Southampton University
Upham 0-4 AFC Totton reserves
Portcastian 1-2 Richmond Park Con Club
GE Hamble reserves 1-4 New Milton Town reserves
Colden Common 5-4 Infinity
Brading Town 5-1 Bush Hill
Forest Town 0-0 Netley Central Sports (Netley Central Sports won 8-7 on penalties)
Quarter Finals
Richmond Park Con Club 1-4 Baffins Milton Rovers
New Milton Town reserves 0-2 Brading Town
Netley Central Sports 2-2 Southampton University (Netley Central Sports won 4-2 on penalties)
Colden Common 3-0 AFC Totton reserves
Netley Central Sports 2-0 Baffins Milton Rovers
Colden Common 2-0 Brading Town
Final (@ AFC Totton, 7/5/13)
Netley Central Sports v Colden Common

Herefordshire Challenge Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Pegasus Juniors 2-1 Mercia Athletic
Kington Town 0-7 Bromyard Town
Hereford Lads Club 2-3 Leominster Town
Westfields 7-2 Wellington
Fownhope 11-1 Holme Lacy
Hinton 1-2 Sinkum
Ewyas Harold 2-2 Ledbury Town (Ledbury Town won 5-4 on penalties)
Quarter Finals
Pegasus Juniors 2-0 Sinkum
Bartestree 4-1 Leominster Town
Ledbury Town 5-1 Fownhope
Bromyard Town 0-5 Westfields
Bartestree 1-3 Ledbury Town
Pegasus Juniors 0-1 Westfields
Final (@ Hereford United, 17/4/13)
Ledbury Town 2-3 Westfields

Herefordshire Charity Bowl (Complete)
Round 1
Holme Lacy w/o-scr Leominster Town
Sinkum 3-1 Mercia Athletic
Hinton 3-2 Fownhope
Westfields reserves 6-1 Pegasus
Wellington reserves 4-1 Ewyas Harold
Quarter Finals
Kington Town 4-3 Hereford Lads Club reserves
Bartestree reserves 0-6 Sinkum
Holme Lacy scr-w/o Hinton
Wellington reserves 3-5 Westfields reserves
Kington Town 2-3 Hinton
Westfields reserves 2-1 Sinkum
Final (@ Wellington, 18/4/13)
Hinton 0-4 Westfields reserves

Herts Senior Challenge Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Berkhamsted 1-4 Bishop's Stortford
Tring Athletic 1-6 Barnet
Hitchin Town 3-0 Boreham Wood
Hertford Town 0-4 Cheshunt
Oxhey Jets 8-1 Hatfield Town
Stevenage 5-0 Sawbridgeworth Town
Colney Heath 3-1 Hadley
Round 2
London Colney 1-4 Colney Heath
St Margaretsbury 3-1 Leverstock Green
St Albans City 2-1 Watford
Ware 2-1 Barnet
Oxhey Jets 1-4 Hemel Hempstead Town
Royston Town 2-0 Stevenage
Bishop's Stortford 3-1 Cheshunt
Hitchin Town 0-3 Potters Bar Town
Quarter Finals
St Albans City 2-3 Hemel Hempstead Town
Bishop's Stortford 3-0 Ware
St Margaretsbury 1-6 Potters Bar Town
Colney Heath 0-2 Royston Town
Hemel Hempstead Town 2-1 Bishop's Stortford
Potters Bar Town 3-2 Royston Town
Final (@ Herts FA HQ, Letchworth, 9/4/13)
Hemel Hempstead Town 2-0 Potters Bar Town

Herts Charity Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Potters Bar Town 1-0 Ware
Hemel Hempstead Town 1-0 Cheshunt
Bishop's Stortford 0-0 Hitchin Town (Bishop's Stortford won 5-4 on penalties)
Royston Town 2-3 St Albans City
St Albans City 1-1 Potters Bar Town (St Albans City won 4-2 on penalties)
Bishop's Stortford 2-1 Hemel Hempstead Town
Final (@ Herts FA HQ, Letchworth, 25/4/13)
St Albans City 3-2 Bishop's Stortford

Herts Senior Centenary Trophy (Complete)
Round 1
Whitwell 2-1 Sarratt
Chipperfield Corinthians 6-0 Sandridge Rovers
Sun Postal Sports 2-4 Knebworth
Wormley Rovers 0-1 Tring Corinthians
London Lions 2-2 Baldock Town (Baldock Town won 7-6 on penalties)
Cuffley 2-6 Hoddesdon Town
Bovingdon 4-9 Standon & Puckeridge
Broxbourne Borough 3-1 Belston
Round 2
Wodson Park 3-4 Codicote
Welwyn Garden City 2-1 Letchworth Garden City Eagles
Harpenden Town 2-3 Kings Langley
Metropolitan Police Bushey 3-2 Mill End Sports
Standon & Puckeridge 2-5 Broxbourne Borough
Hoddesdon Town 2-0 Whitwell
Knebworth 1-2 Chipperfield Corinthians
Baldock Town 1-0 Tring Corinthians
Quarter Finals
Kings Langley 1-3 Codicote
Welwyn Garden City 0-4 Baldock Town
Metropolitan Police Bushey 1-3 Broxbourne Borough
Hoddesdon Town 3-0 Chipperfield Corinthians
Hoddesdon Town 0-1 Baldock Town
Broxbourne Borough 2-0 Codicote
Final (@ Herts FA HQ, Letchworth, 3/4/13)
Baldock Town 1-1 Broxbourne Borough (Baldock Town won 5-3 on penalties)

Herts Charity Shield (last checked 28/4)
Round 1
Tring Athletic 1-1 Hoddesdon Town (Hoddesdon Town won 7-6 on penalties)
Oxhey Jets 1-0 St Margaretsbury
Hadley 1-1 Hertford Town (Hertford Town won 4-3 on penalties)
London Lions 4-1 Sawbridgeworth Town
Kings Langley 3-3 Hatfield Town (Kings Langley won 7-6 on penalties)
Leverstock Green 2-2 Welwyn Garden City (Welwyn Garden City won 5-3 on penalties)
London Colney 1-1 Colney Heath (Colney Heath won 4-3 on penalties)
Berkhamsted 3-2 Harpenden Town
Quarter Finals (O/S 10 Apr)
London Lions 0-3 Oxhey Jets
Hoddesdon Town 2-1 Berkhamsted
Welwyn Garden City 1-5 Colney Heath
Kings Langley 1-2 Hertford Town
Hoddesdon Town 0-1 Hertford Town
Oxhey Jets 6-4 Colney Heath
Final (Details TBA)
Hertford Town v Oxhey Jets

Huntingdonshire Senior Cup (last checked 10/3)
Quarter Finals
Eynesbury Rovers 0-1 Huntingdon Town
Yaxley 0-1 Godmanchester Rovers
Huntingdon Town 5-1 St Ives Town
St Neots Town 1-0 Godmanchester Rovers
Final (@ Yaxley, 3/5/13)
Huntingdon Town v St Neots Town

Huntingdonshire Benevolent Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Great Paxton 6-0 Somersham Town
Brampton 11-0 AFC Peterborough
Buckden 3-4 St Ives Rangers
Warboys Town 1-1 Eaton Socon (Eaton Socon won 5-3 on penalties)
Quarter Finals
Brampton 0-1 Great Paxton
Huntingdon Town reserves 4-0 Needingworth United
Eaton Socon 5-1 St Ives Rangers
Huntingdon United RGE 0-6 Ramsey Town
Great Paxton 2-2 Eaton Socon (Eaton Socon won 3-2 on penalties)
Ramsey Town 4-3 Huntingdon Town reserves
Final (@ St Neots Town, 17/4/13)
Ramsey Town 3-1 Eaton Socon

Huntingdonshire Junior Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Alconbury reserves scr-w/o St Ives Town reserves
Round 2
Hartford Sun v Bluntsham Rangers reserves
Ramsey Town reserves 1-2 Godmanchester Rovers reserves
Hemingfords United reserves 0-3 Eaton Socon reserves
Buckden 0-3 Earith United
Brampton reserves 3-2 Huntingdon United RGE
St Ives Town reserves 2-3 Somersham Town
Warboys Town 3-5 Hampton Sports
Parkside w/o-scr Woodston Dynamo
Quarter Finals
Hampton Sports 4-1 Godmanchester Rovers reserves
Parkside 1-2 Eaton Socon
Somersham Town 4-6 Brampton reserves
Earith United 4-4 Bluntisham Rangers reserves (Bluntisham Rangers reserves won 4-3 on penalties)
Brampton reserves 0-1 Hampton Sports
Eaton Socon reserves 2-1 Bluntisham Rangers reserves
Final (@ Huntingdon Town, 10/4/13)
Hampton Sports 1-2 Eaton Socon reserves

Isle of Wight Senior Gold Cup (Harwoods Dacia) (last checked 28/4)
Round 1
Pan Sports 1-4 Osborne Coburg
Brading Town 1-0 Niton
Ryde Saints 1-5 Oakfield
Round 2
Brading Town 3-2 Northwood St Johns
GKN 2-4 Shanklin
Ventnor 1-6 West Wight
Quarter Finals
Newport 1-0 Brading Town
Cowes Sports 8-1 Shanklin
West Wight 3-0 Osborne Coburg
East Cowes Vics 2-0 Oakfield
Semi-Finals (2nd SF 29 Apr)
Newport v West Wight (@ East Cowes Victoria Athletic)
Cowes Sports 1-2 East Cowes Vics (@ ?)

Kent Senior Cup ( (last checked 28/4)
Round 1
Whitstable Town 1-5 Ebbsfleet United
Cray Wanderers 2-4 Maidstone United
Dartford 2-1 Faversham Town
Folkestone Invicta 0-1 Gillingham
Margate 6-1 Sittingbourne
Round 2
Margate w/o-scr Dartford
Welling United 1-3 Ebbsfleet United
Hollands & Blair 4-4 Ramsgate (Ramsgate won 4-3 on penalties)
Thamesmead Town 3-0 Hythe Town
Maidstone United 2-3 Tonbridge Angels
Herne Bay 2-1 Dover Athletic
Chatham Town 0-2 Charlton Athletic
Bromley 3-1 Gillingham
Quarter Finals
Tonbridge Angels 5-1 Bromley
Thamesmead Town 3-0 Ramsgate
Margate 2-4 Ebbsfleet United
Herne Bay 0-3 Charlton Athletic
Ebbsfleet United 1-2 Tonbridge Angels
Thamesmead Town 1-2 Charlton Athletic
Final (@ Tonbridge Angels, 1/5/13)
Tonbridge Angels v Charlton Athletic

Kent Senior Trophy (Complete)
Round 1
Deal Town 3-2 Rochester United
Crockenhill 0-5 Lordswood
West Wickham 1-2 Seven Acre & Sidcup
V C D Athletic 3-0 Sevenoaks Town
Woodstock Park 3-1 Meridian
Lydd Town 1-4 Phoenix Sports
Orpington 0-3 Erith Town
Canterbury City 2-1 Bearsted
Holmesdale 1-2 Ashford United
Crown Alexandra scr-w/o Cray Valley (PM)
Sutton Athletic 2-4 Fisher
Rusthall 1-4 Woodstock Sports
Erith & Belvedere 3-2 Greenwich Borough
Bridon Ropes 1-1 Corinthian (Bridon Ropes won 5-4 on penalties)
Tunbridge Wells 3-2 Kent Football United
Beckenham Town 2-1 Eltham Palace
Round 2
Cray Valley (PM) 1-0 Canterbury City (tie awarded to Canterbury City)
Beckenham Town 1-3 Woodstock Sports
Woodstock Park 0-7 Lordswood
Deal Town 2-1 Seven Acre & Sidcup
Bridon Ropes 2-3 Erith Town
V C D Athletic 0-3 Fisher
Ashford United 2-3 Tunbridge Wells
Erith & Belvedere 4-1 Phoenix Sports
Quarter Finals
Fisher 0-2 Erith & Belvedere
Tunbridge Wells 3-1 Canterbury City
Woodstock Sports 1-2 Lordswood
Erith Town 2-3 Deal Town
Tunbridge Wells 3-0 Erith & Belvedere
Deal Town 1-2 Lordswood
Final (@ Tonbridge Angels, 14/4/13)
Tunbridge Wells 2-1 Lordswood

Kent Intermediate Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Thamesmead Town reserves 2-1 Maidstone United reserves
Corinthian U-21 3-1 Woodstock Sports reserves
Phoenix Sports reserves 2-1 West Wickham reserves
Tudor Sports scr-w/o Crockenhill reserves
Lordswood reserves 7-0 Rushall reserves
Hollands & Blair 3-2 Vickers Crayford Dartford Athletic reserves
Erith Town reserves 3-4 Herne Bay reserves
Bearsted reserves 0-9 Chatham Town reserves
Round 2
Herne Bay reserves 1-1 Thamesmead Town reserves (Herne Bay reserves won 5-3 on penalties)
Phoenix Sports reserves 6-0 Sutton Athletic reserves
Holmesdale reserves 3-1 Lordswood reserves
Hollands & Blair reserves 5-1 Ramsgate reserves
Chatham Town reserves 1-3 Deal Town reserves
Crockenhill reserves 1-4 Canterbury City reserves
Corinthian U-21 0-2 Tonbridge Angels reserves
Margate reserves 0-5 Whitstable Town reserves
Quarter Finals
Canterbury City reserves 1-2 Deal Town reserves
Herne Bay reserves 0-1 Whitstable Town reserves
Holmesdale reserves 0-2 Hollands & Blair reserves
Phoenix Sports reserves 2-4 Tonbridge Angels reserves
Hollands & Blair reserves 2-1 Whitstable Town reserves
Deal Town reserves 0-4 Tonbridge Angels reserves
Final (@ Faversham Town, 17/4/13)
Hollands & Blair reserves 0-2 Tonbridge Angels reserves

Lancashire Senior Cup (Molson Coors) (last checked 28/4)
Round 1
Blackburn Rovers 0-0 Oldham Athletic (Oldham Athletic won 5-4 on penalties)
Preston North End 1-1 Morecambe (Morecambe won 3-2 on penalties)
Blackpool 1-1 Manchester City (Manchester City won 7-6 on penalties)
Bury 1-5 Fleetwood Town
Rochdale 1-0 Bolton Wanderers
Quarter Finals
Fleetwood Town 1-2 Oldham Athletic
Wigan Athletic 0-2 Manchester City
Accrington Stanley 5-7 Rochdale
Morecambe 0-1 Manchester United
Semi-Finals (Rochdale SF 3rd May)
Manchester United v Oldham Athletic
Rochdale v Manchester City

Lancashire Challenge Trophy (Co-Operative) (Complete)
Round 1
Rochdale Town 2-2 Burscough (@: Burscough. Burscough won 4-2 on penalties)
Bamber Bridge 3-1 West Didsbury & Chorlton
Padiham 2-0 Colne
AFC Blackpool 2-3 AFC Darwen
Marine 2-1 Clitheroe
Atherton Collieries 1-3 Daisy Hill
Ashton Athletic 0-0 Atherton LR (Atherton LR won 4-3 on penalties)
Nelson 0-2 Bacup Borough
Round 2
AFC Fylde 6-2 Atherton LR
Daisy Hill 3-3 Wigan Robin Park (Daisy Hill won 3-2 on penalties)
Kendal Town 2-1 Chorley
Padiham 2-0 Lancaster City
Radcliffe Borough 2-2 Bacup Borough (Bacup Borough won 4-3 on penalties)
Bamber Bridge 1-0 Rochdale Town
Marine w/o-scr Barrow
Southport 2-0 AFC Darwen
Quarter Finals
AFC Fylde 3-2 Marine
Padiham 3-2 Bamber Bridge
Bacup Borough 2-1 Daisy Hill
Kendal Town w/o-scr Southport
Semi-Finals (both @ Lancs FA HQ, Leyland)
Bacup Borough 2-1 Padiham
AFC Fylde 3-0 Kendal Town
Final (@ Bolton Wanderers, 11/3/13)
Bacup Borough 0-2 AFC Fylde

Lancashire Amateur Shield (Complete)
Round 1
Mill Hill St Peters 3-0 Elton Vale
Denton Town 3-1 Hurst Green
Wyre Villa 2-4 Golborne Sports
Haslingden St Mary's 4-0 Pennington
Crooklands Casuals 2-2 Fulwood Amateur (Crooklands Casuals won 4-2 on penalties)
Daten 1-1 Slyne with Hest (Daten won 4-2 on penalties)
Merseyside Police 2-6 Dalton United
Vickerstown w/o-scr CMB Sports Club
Breightmet United 0-3 Royton Town
Lostock St Gerards 3-0 Furness Rovers
Southport Trinity 3-2 Burscough Richmond
Furness Cavaliers 1-1 Bolton County (Furness Cavaliers won 5-4 on penalties)
Wythenshawe Amateurs 3-7 Hesketh Bank
Euxton Villa 2-0 Garstang
AFC Bury 2-1 GSK Ulverston Rangers
Stoneclough 5-2 Lytham Town
Prestwich Heys 1-3 Longridge Town
Tempest United 1-3 Coppull United
Blackpool (Wren) Rovers 3-1 Collegiate Old Boys
Leigh Athletic 1-7 Atherton Town
Ladybridge 2-2 Walney Island (Ladybridge won 4-3 on penalties)
Leyland United 5-1 Manchester Gregorians
Hindsford 3-2 Croston Sports Club
Askam United 2-3 Hawcoat Park
Millon 5-2 Thornton Cleveleys
Norcross & Warbreck 3-0 Burnley United
Whinney Hill 1-2 Turton
Walshaw Sports Club 2-1 AFC Monton
Rochdale Sacred Heart 3-3 Todmorden Borough (Todmorden Borough won 11-10 on penalties)
Round 2
Southport Trinity 0-5 Charnock Richard
Atherton Town 1-8 Eagley
Poulton Town 4-1 Ladybridge
Walshaw Sports 3-2 Dalton United
Turton 0-3 AFC Bury
Todmorden Borough 2-1 Hawcoat Park
Coppull United 4-5 Hesketh Bank
Denton Town 1-2 Leyland United
Blackpool (Wren) Rovers 2-1 Mill Hill St Peters
Lostock St Gerards 2-2 Golborne Sports (Golborne Sports won 4-2 on penalties)
Haslingden St Mary's 2-2 Euxton Villa (Haslingden St Mary's won 5-4 on penalties)
Norcross & Warbreck 7-0 Stoneclough
Furness Cavaliers 0-1 Royton Town
Vickerstown 2-4 Millom
Crooklands Casuals 0-4 Longridge Town
Daten 2-4 Hindsford
Round 3
Eagley 1-1 Norcross & Warbreck (Eagley won 7-6 on penalties)
Hesketh Bank 4-3 Golborne Sports
Blackpool (Wren) Rovers 1-1 AFC Bury (Blackpool Wren Rovers won 5-3 on penalties)
Charnock Richard 5-0 Millom
Poulton Town 4-3 Todmorden Borough
Walshaw Sports 2-1 Royton Town
Daten 4-1 Leyland United
Longridge Town 6-1 Haslingden St Marys
Quarter Final
Charnock Richard 2-1 Blackpool (Wren) Rovers
Daten 0-5 Longridge Town
Hesketh Bank 0-2 Eagley
Poulton Town 0-3 Walshaw Sports
Eagley 3-2 Longridge Town (@ Padiham)
Walshaw Sports 0-1 Charnock Richard (@ Bamber Bridge)
Final (@ Lancs FA HQ, Leyland, 11/4/13)
Eagley 3-0 Charnock Richard

Leicestershire Cup Winners Cup (Westerby) (Complete)
Final @ Loughborough Dynamo, 6/8/12
Loughborough Dynamo 1-0 Leicester City
"Denied City their third successive win", so must have some history.

Leicestershire Challenge Cup (Westerby) (last checked 24/3)
Round 1
Bardon Hill Sports v Harborough Town
Heather St Johns 3-1 Anstey Nomads
Hinckley United 2-1 St Andrews
Loughborough Dynamo v Quorn
Barrow Town 5-0 Oadby Town
Kirkby Muxloe 1-5 Coalville Town
Barwell 3-1 Loughborough University
Thurnby Nirvana 0-1 Shepshed Dynamo
Quarter Finals
Loughborough Dynamo 3-0 Hinckley United
Heather St Johns 5-6 Shepshed Dynamo
Barwell 1-2 Harborough Town (@ Harborough Town)
Coalville Town 3-1 Barrow Town
Shepshed Dynamo 1-2 Loughborough Dynamo
Harborough Town 0-8 Coalville Town
Final (@ Leicester City, 7/5/13)
Loughborough Dynamo v Coalville Town

Leicestershire Senior Cup (Jelson Homes) (last checked 24/3)
Round 1
Birstall United Social 4-3 FC Guru Nanak Gurdwar
Aylestone Park 2-3 Oakham United
Cottesmore Amateurs 2-4 Caterpillar
Ellistown 4-1 Desford
Round 2
Ellistown v Ashby Ivanhoe (Match abandoned - tie awarded to Ashby Ivanhoe)
Birstall United Social 4-1 Dunton & Broughton Rangers
Holwell Sports 3-0 Ibstock United
Uppingham Town 5-3 Saffron Dynamo
Blaby & Whetstone Athletic w/o-scr Rothley Imperial
Highfield Rangers 1-4 Aylestone Park
Sileby Saints 1-3 Lutterworth Athletic
Sileby Town 1-3 Caterpillar
Quarter Finals
Blaby & Whetstone Athletic 3-2 Caterpillar
Aylestone Park 5-1 Uppingham Town
Holwell Sports 2-1 Lutterworth Athletic
Birstall United Social 3-4 Ashby Ivanhoe
Ashby Ivanhoe 2-6 Blaby & Whetstone Athletic
Aylestone Park 1-1 Holwell Sports (Aylestone Park won 5-4 on penalties)
Final (@ Holmes Park, 30/4/13)
Aylestone Park v Blaby & Whetstone Athletic

Leicestershire Intermediate Cup (Coalville Trophy Centre) (Complete)
Round 1
Whitwick 5-0 Narborough & Littlethorpe
Houghton Rangers 3-1 Huncote Sports & Social
Asfordby Amateurs 3- Ryhall United 2009
Glen Villa 5-4 Kegworth Imperial
Birstall RBL 1-3 Glenfield Town
County Hall 6-0 Hathern
Ingles 3-1 Braders
East Leake Athletic 2-3 Ketton
Round 2
Glen Villa 8-2 Castle Donington Town
Houghton Rangers 2-0 Anstey Town
Barlestone St Giles 9-1 Kibworth Town
Birstall Old Boys 4-5 Cosby United
Earl Shilton Albion 3-1 Genesiis
FC Khalsa 1-1 Lutterworth Town (FC Khalsa won on penalties; tie later awarded to Lutterworth Town)
Friar Lane & Epworth 3-1 North Kilworth Sports
Greenhill YC 5-2 Magna 73
Medbourne w/o-scr Butler Court
Mountsorrel Amateurs 6-2 Sileby Victoria
Ratby Sports 3-0 Ketton
Melton Mowbray 7-0 Falcons
Whitwick 3-0 Anstey Crown
Kingsway Celtic scr-w/o Glenfield Town
County Hall 2-2 Allexton & New Parks (Allexton & New Parks won 5-4 on penalties)
Asfordby Amateurs 1-2 Ingles
Round 3
Glen Villa w/o-scr Glenfield Town
Allexton & New Parks 2-1 Lutterworth Town
Mountsorrel Amateurs 5-6 Friar Lane & Epworth
Greenhill YC 1-3 Houghton Rangers
Whitwick 4-2 Ratby Sports
Medbourne 3-2 Earl Shilton Albion
Melton Mowbray w/o-scr Cosby United
Ingles 2-4 Barlestone St Giles
Quarter Finals
Whitwick 0-6 Melton Mowbray (tie awarded to Whitwick)
Houghton Rangers 4-0 Medbourne
Glen Villa 0-3 Allexton & New Parks
Barlestone St Giles 1-6 Friar Lane & Epworth
Houghton Rangers 1-0 Whitwick
Friar Lane & Epworth 3-0 Allexton & New Parks
Final (@ Holmes Park, 26/3/13)
Houhgton Rangers 3-1 Friar Lane & Epworth

Lincolnshire Senior Cup (Complete)
Scunthorpe United 0-2 Grimsby Town
Final (@ Lincoln City, 31/7/12)
Lincoln City 1-1 Grimsby Town (Grimsby Town won 5-4 on penalties)

Lincolnshire Senior Shield (last checked 14/4)
Quarter Finals
Lincoln United 0-4 Boston United
Grantham Town 4-0 Brigg Town
Boston United 3-3 Stamford (Boston United won 5-3 on penalties)
Gainsborough Trinity 3-0 Grantham Town
Final (Details TBA)
Boston United v Gainsborough Trinity

Lincolnshire County Senior Trophy (Complete)
Round 1
Winterton Rangers 0-3 Appleby Frodingham
Bottesford Town 2-2 Lincoln Moorlands Railway (Bottesford Town won 4-2 on penalties)
Grimsby Borough 2-3 Cleethorpes Town
Louth Town 2-5 Barton Town Old Boys
Boston Town 0-5 Spalding United
Blackstones 0-3 Bourne Town
Sleaford Town 3-3 Harrowby United (Sleaford Town won 3-0 on penalties)
Deeping Rangers 1-2 Holbeach United
Quarter Finals
Bottesford Town 2-2 Appleby Frodingham
Cleethorpes Town 1-4 Barton Town Old Boys
Sleaford Town 1-2 Spalding United
Holbeach United 1-1 Bourne Town (Holbeach United won 4-3 on penalties)
Spalding United 2-2 Holbeach United (Holbeach United won 3-2 on penalties)
Barton Town Old Boys 0-1 Bottesford Town
Final (@ Lincoln City, 17/4/13)
Bottesford Town 1-4 Holbeach United

Lincolnshire Junior Cup (Mason Bros) (Complet)
Round 1
Boston United Community 0-22 Moulton Harrox
Round 2
Long Sutton Athletic 4-3 Horncastle Town
Fulbeck United 2-1 A & G Auto Repairs
Billinghay Athletic 1-3 Ruston Sports
Cherry Willingham 2-4 CGB Humbertherm
Wyberton 6-0 BBM
Stamford Belvedere 0-5 Nettleham
Benington w/o-scr Mablethorpe Athletic
Crowland Town 1-0 Heckington United
Limestone Rangers 8-2 Tydd St Mary
Hykeham Town 5-3 Pointon
Epworth Town 4-3 Swineshead Institute
Pinchbeck United 7-2 Holton le Clay
AFC Ruston 2-1 Chapel Swifts
Spilsby Town 3-0 Tetney Rovers
Gainsborough Town 5-1 College Wanderers
Waltham Tea Gardens 2-0 The White Horse
Skegness Town 3-0 North Somercotes United
Wrangle United 5-2 Blues Club
Kirton Town 4-6 Sherpa
All Star Panthers 3-0 Scotter United
Ancaster 0-5 Metheringham
Barnetby United 7-0 Woodhall Spa United
Claytons Sports 5-0 Rippingale & Folkingham
Old Leake 3-1 AFC Louth
Old Doningtonians 3-2 Crowle Town Colts
Moulton Harrox w/o-scr Alford Town
Market Rasen Town 1-4 Immingham Bluestone
RM Imp 0-4 White Star Barrowby
Waddington United scr-w/o Crosby Colts
Ivy Tavern CSA 1-7 Skegness United
Freiston 1-2 Donington-on-Bain
Scunthonians w/o-scr Fishtoft
Round 3
Long Sutton Athletic 4-1 Fulbeck United
Ruston Sports 5-0 CGB Humbertherm
Wyberton 4-2 Nettleham
Benington 5-2 Heckington United
Limestone Rangers 2-5 Hykeham Town
Epworth Town 4-0 Pinchbeck United
AFC Ruston 5-4 Spilsby Town
Gainsborough Town 4-1 Waltham Tea Gardens
Skegness Town 4-3 Wrangle United
Sherpa 0-5 All Star Panthers
Metheringham 1-2 Barnetby United
Claytons Sports 3-5 Old Leake
Old Doningtonians 0-9 Moulton Harrox
Immingham Bluestone 3-4 White Swan Barrowby
Crosby Colts 0-1 Skegness United
Donington-on-Bain 1-2 Scunthonians
Round 4
Long Sutton Athletic 2-3 Ruston Sports
Wyberton 7-1 Benington
Hykeham Town 3-2 Epworth Town
AFC Ruston 2-0 Gainsborough Town
Skegness Town 3-0 All Star Panthers
Barnetby United 5-4 Old Leake
Moulton Harrox 4-1 White Swan Barrowby
Skegness United 4-2 Scunthonians
Quarter Finals
Ruston Sports 2-1 Wyberton
Hykeham Town 2-3 Guisborough Town
Skegness Town 2-1 Barnetby United
Moulton Harrox 3-1 Skegness United
Ruston Sports 1-3 Gainsborough Town
Skegness Town 0-5 Moulton Harrox
Final (@ Lincoln City, 9/4/13)
Gainsborough Town 0-4 Moulton Harrox

Liverpool Senior Cup (last checked 28/4)
Preliminary Round
Burscough 1-2 Skelmersdale United
Round 1
Ashton Town 0-0 St Helens Town (Ashton Town won 4-3 on penalties)
Bootle 1-0 Cammell Laird
AFC Liverpool 3-2 Formby
Prescot Cables 0-2 Skelmersdale United
Quarter Finals (last date unknown)
AFC Liverpool v Everton
Ashton Town 0-1 Bootle
Skelmersdale United 5-1 Tranmere Rovers
Marine 2-2 Southport (Southport won 5-3 on penalties)
Semi-Finals (2nd SF TBA)
Bootle w/o-scr Southport
Skelmersdale United v AFC Liverpool or Everton

Liverpool Challenge Cup (last checked 10/3)
Round 1
BRNESC w/o-scr Leyfield
Copperas Hill 3-7 Marshalls
Penlake 3-2 Aigburth Peoples Hall
Stoneycroft 6-2 Hale
Waterloo GSOB 0-1 Collegiate Old Boys
South Liverpool 4-1 Maghull
Pinewoods 0-5 Ford Motors
Alumni 1-3 Old Xaverians
Old Holts w/o-scr Vulcan
Ashton Town reserves 1-2 Edge Hill BCOB
Liverpool North 2-1 Greenalls Padgate St Oswalds
Marine reserves 1-2 Remyca United
Cheshire Lines scr-w/o Waterloo Dock
Round 2
Fleetwood Hesketh 1-3 Eagle Sports
Southport Trinity 2-0 Bootle reserves
Ford Motors 0-2 Mossley Hill Athletic
Warbreck scr-w/o Roma
East Villa 1-2 West Everton Xaviers
South Liverpool 4-0 Garswood United
Kingsley United 2-1 Remyca United
South Sefton Borough 5-1 BRNESC
Marshalls w/o-scr Lucas Sports
Aigburth Peoples Hall 1-5 Red Rum
Birkdale United scr-w/o Collegiate Old Boys
Billinge 2-1 Edge Hill BCOB
Page Celtic 5-1 Old Holts
Stoneycroft 0-1 Rylands
Waterloo Dock 5-1 Pilkington
Liverpool North 0-3 Old Xaverians
Round 3
Marshalls 1-1 Kingsley United (Kingsley United won 4-2 on penalties)
Southport Trinity 1-4 Waterloo Dock
Rylands 2-1 Collegiate Old Boys
Mossley Hill Athletic 2-1 Eagle Sports
Roma 0-6 South Liverpool
Red Rum 5-6 Old Xaverians
Page Celtic 3-1 West Everton Xaviers
Billinge 0-1 South Sefton Borough
Quarter Finals
South Liverpool 0-4 Old Xaverians
Kingsley United 1-2 Rylands (@ Rylands)
South Sefton Borough 3-1 Mossley Hill Athletic
Waterloo Dock 4-1 Page Celtic
Semi-Finals (9 Mar)
South Sefton Borough 3-2 Waterloo Dock
Rylands 0-1 Old Xaverians
Final (@ Liverpool County FA HQ, 7/5/13)
South Sefton Borough v Old Xaverians

London Senior Cup (last checked 28/4)
Round 1
Lewisham Borough (Community) 2-0 Kent Football United
Cockfosters 4-1 Seven Acre & Sidcup
Round 2
Hanwell Town 1-0 South Kilburn
Barkingside 0-2 Cockfosters
Haringey Borough 4-3 Lewisham Borough (Community)
AFC Croydon Athletic 3-4 Erith Town
Croydon 4-0 Clapton
Erith & Belvedere 5-3 Holmesdale
Fisher 1-3 Haringey & Waltham Development
Beckenham Town 6-3 Bridon Ropes
Round 3
Haringey & Waltham Development 1-2 Haringey Borough
Tooting & Mitcham United 2-1 Beckenham Town
Cray Valley (PM) 3-4 Hanwell Town
Barking 3-1 Erith & Belvedere
Redbridge 1-2 Croydon
Corinthian-Casuals 3-1 Cockfosters
Dulwich Hamlet 5-0 Erith Town
Thamesmead Town 5-2 Welling United
Round 4
Dulwich Hamlet 4-1 Corinthian-Casuals
Bromley 1-0 Harrow Borough
Kingstonian 2-1 Hanwell Town
Croydon 1-3 Hendon
Wingate & Finchley 1-1 Haringey Borough (Wingate & Finchley won 4-3 on penalties)
Metropolitan Police 1-4 Tooting & Mitcham United
Cray Wanderers 2-1 Thamesmead Town
Barking 1-1 AFC Wimbledon (AFC Wimbledon won 4-2 on penalties)
Quarter Finals
Bromley 2-0 Tooting & Mitcham United
Wingate & Finchley 3-0 Hendon
Dulwich Hamlet 2-4 Kingstonian
AFC Wimbledon 3-4 Cray Wanderers
Kingstonian 3-2 Cray Wanderers
Wingate & Finchley 1-1 Bromley (Bromley won 4-3 on penalties)
Final (@ Metropolitan Police, 30/4/13)
Bromley v Kingstonian

London Intermediate Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Bexley Borough 1-2 Forest Hill Park
Metrogas w/o-scr Barkingside reserves
Corinthian-Casuals reserves 1-2 Cockfosters reserves
Erith Town reserves 0-1 Peckham Town
Barking reserves 0-2 Newham United
Kilburn 2-2 Sloane (Sloane won 7-6 on penalties)
North Kensington 4-2 Wingate & Finchley reserves
Quarter Finals
Interwood 1-0 Newham United
Peckham Town 0-2 Metrogas
Sloane 0-1 Cockfosters reserves
North Kensington 3-0 Forest Hill Park
Metrogas 4-0 Cockfosters reserves
Interwood 3-0 North Kensington
Final (@ Corinthian Casuals, 20/4/13)
Metrogas 0-1 Interwood

Manchester Senior Cup (Robinson’s Brewery) (last checked 28/4)
Group Stage
19/09/12 Bolton Wanderers 1-2 Stockport County (Reversed to Edgeley Park)
20/09/12 Bury 1-4 Manchester United (Reversed to Altrincham)
17/10/12 Stockport County 1-3 Bury (Edgeley Park)
18/10/12 Manchester United 2-1 Bolton Wanderers (Altrincham)
24/10/12 Manchester United 2-1 Stockport County (Edgeley Park)
19/11/12 Stockport County 0-0 Manchester City (Edgeley Park) (Manchester City won 4-3 on penalties)
08/01/13 Bolton Wanderers 3-0 Oldham Athletic (Lancashire FA)
06/02/13 Manchester United 7-0 Oldham Athletic (Moss Lane)
11/02/13 Bolton Wanderers 1-0 Bury (Lancashire FA)
04/04/13 Oldham Athletic 1-2 Bury (Chapel Road Training Ground)
18/04/13 Bolton Wanderers 3-1 Manchester City (Lancashire FA)
23/04/13 Stockport County 1-1 Oldham Athletic (Edgeley Park) (Oldham Athletic won 4-2 on penalties)
The remaining fixtures are below:
29/04/13 Oldham Athletic v Manchester City (Boundary Park)
*Manchester City v Manchester United
*Manchester City v Bury

Current group table (as at 22/4/13
Manchester United
Bolton Wanderers
Stockport County
Manchester City
Oldham Athletic
(one point awarded for a loss on penalties)
Manchester Premier Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Ashton United 4-1 New Mills
Glossop North End 1-4 Curzon Ashton
Mossley 3-2 FC United of Manchester
Abbey Hey 6-2 Irlam
Trafford 4-1 Oldham Boro
Maine Road 2-0 Hyde
Droylsden 2-1 Chadderton
Salford City 3-1 Radcliffe Borough
Quarter Finals
Maine Road 1-0 Trafford
Ashton United 2-2 Mossley (Mossley won 9-8 on penalties)
Curzon Ashton 3-4 Salford City
Abbey Hey 1-6 Droylsden
Mossley 1-0 Maine Road
Salford City 1-0 Droylsden
Final (@ Stockport County, 27/3/13)
Mossley 2-2 Salford City (Mossley won 4-2 on penalties)

Manchester Saturday Challenge Trophy (Complete)
Round 1
Hyde reserves 2-1 Hollinwood CC
Salford Victoria 9-0 Trafford United reserves
Round 2
Salford Victoria reserves 0-1 East Manchester reserves
Heyside 4-1 Trafford United
Irlam Steel 3-2 Curzon Ashton reserves
Beechfield United 0-5 AFC Oldham 2005
Gorse Hill 5-2 Fives Athletic
Wythenshawe Town 1-1 Hyde reserves (Hyde reserves won 5-4 on penalties)
Newton 0-7 Avro
Maine Road reserves 0-2 Abacus Media
Quarter Finals
AFC Oldham 2005 0-0 Hyde reserves (Hyde reserves won 6-5 on penalties)
Abacus Media 2-4 East Manchester reserves
Avro 1-3 Gorse Hill
Heyside 4-1 Irlam Steel
Heyside 1-3 Gorse Hill
Hyde 1-1 East Manchester (Hyde reserves won 3-1 on penalties)
Final (@ Manchester Regional Sports Arena, 1/3/13)
Gorse Hill 2-3 Hyde

Middlesex Senior Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Bedfont Sports 1-0 Hanwell Town
Wembley 1-2 Hanworth Villa
Harefield United 3-1 Enfield 1896
Round 2
Wealdstone 0-0 Ashford Town (Middx) (Ashford Town (Middx) won 5-4 on penalties)
Staines Town 6-1 Hanworth Villa
Uxbridge 1-0 Harrow Borough
Northwood 3-0 Bedfont Sports
Harefield United 3-2 AFC Hayes
North Greenford United 3-2 Hendon
Hampton & Richmond Borough 3-0 Hillingdon Borough
Enfield Town 2-3 Hayes & Yeading United
Quarter Finals
Northwood 3-0 Hampton & Richmond Borough
Staines Town 2-2 Harefield United (Staines Town won 7-6 on penalties)
Ashford Town (Middx) 1-0 North Greenford United
Hayes & Yeading United 3-5 Uxbridge (@ Uxbridge)
Ashford Town (Middx) 0-0 Northwood (Ashford Town (Middx) won 5-4 on penalties)
Staines Town 3-2 Hayes & Yeading United
Final (@ Uxbridge, 1/4/13)
Ashford Town (Middx) 0-2 Staines Town

Middlesex Charity Cup (last checked 28/4) (supporting Help For Heroes)
Round 1
North Greenford United scr-w/o Hampton & Richmond Borough
Northwood 2-1 Bedfont Sports
Rayners Lane 1-8 Enfield Town
Feltham 0-6 Wealdstone
Cockfosters 5-0 Wembley
Hanworth Villa 3-1 Ashford Town (Middx)
Staines Lammas 1-3 Brentford (@ Ashford Town (Middx))
Uxbridge 3-1 Hanwell Town
Quarter Finals (Last 2 May?)
Hampton & Richmond Borough v Brentford
Enfield Town 4-1 Northwood
Hanworth Villa 1-1 Cockfosters (Hanworth Villa won 4-2 on penalties)
Uxbridge w/o-scr Wealdstone
Semi-Finals (2nd SF TBA)
Uxbridge 0-0 Enfield Town (Uxbridge won 4-2 on penalties)
Hampton & RB or Brentford v Hanworth Villa

Middlesex Premier Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Bedfont Sports reserves 7-1 Northwood reserves
Hanworth Villa reserves 2-1 Harefield United reserves
Rayners Lane 2-3 Wealdstone reserves
Feltham 4-3 North Greenford United reserves
Southall 7-0 Uxbridge reserves
Hampton & Richmond Borough reserves 6-2 Enfield 1893 reserves
Quarter Finals
Ashford Town (Middlesex) reserves 1-2 Southall
Hampton & Richmond Borough reserves 0-2 Staines Lammas
Hanworth Villa reserves 2-4 Feltham
Wealdstone reserves v Bedfont Sports reserves – both teams disqualified
Southall 4-3 Staines Lammas
Feltham – Bye
Final (@ North Greenford United, 20/3/13)
Feltham 3-0 Southall

Norfolk Senior Cup (last checked 24/3)
Round 1
Stalham Town 2-1 Norwich CEYMS
Poringland Wanderers 0-3 Aylsham
Hellesdon 2-5 Bradenham Wanderers
Long Stratton 5-3 Watton United
Harleston Town 6-2 Holt United
Horsford United 5-1 Wells Town
Caister 4-0 Hindringham
Round 2
Stalham Town 5-0 North Walsham Town
Dersingham Rovers 4-1 Horsford United
Long Stratton 0-3 Caister
Reepham Town 4-1 Aylsham
Mattishall 0-1 St Andrews
Sheringham 1-1 Hempnall
Wymondham Town 2-1 Bradenham Wanderers
Harleston Town 0-3 Loddon United
Round 2 Replay
Hempnall 1-3 Sheringham
Round 3
Cromer Town 3-0 Stalham Town
Caister 5-2 Sheringham
Reepham Town 4-3 St Andrews
Spixworth 4-3 Wymondham Town
Great Yarmouth Town 3-1 Fakenham Town
Acle United 2-3 Blofield United
Dersingham Rovers 1-1 Loddon United
Swaffham Town 0-1 Dereham Town
Round 3 Replay
Loddon United 0-4 Dersingham Rovers
Round 4
Gorleston 3-1 Norwich United
Wroxham 2-1 Dersingham Rovers
Reepham Town 3-2 Dereham Town
Thetford Town 0-3 King's Lynn Town
Great Yarmouth Town 1-3 Diss Town
Spixworth 5-1 Caister
Dereham Town 1-1 Norwich City
Cromer Town 5-1 Blofield United
Round 4 Replay
Norwich City 2-1 Dereham Town
Quarter Finals
Diss Town 0-0 Cromer Town
Reepham Town 0-1 Spixworth
Norwich City 6-3 King's Lynn Town
Wroxham 3-2 Gorleston
Quarter Final Replay
Cromer Town 2-1 Diss Town
Cromer Town 0-4 Norwich City
Spixworth 0-3 Wroxham
Final (@ Norwich City, 13/5/13)
Norwich City v Wroxham

Norfolk Junior Cup (last checked 7/4)
Round 1
Acle United reserves 6-0 Bridgham United
Attleborough Town 7-0 North Walsham Town reserves
Hingham Athletic 3-2 Heacham
Terrington St Clemeent scr-w/o Gressenhall
Watton United reserves 3-0 Jubilee Rangers
Saham Toney 2-1 Hopton
Great Yarmouth Town Hall 2-4 Scole United
Hindringham reserves 4-5 Hemsby
Norton Athletic 10-7 Mundesley
Buxton 5-1 Diss Town reserves
St Andrews reserves 0-5 Lynn North End
Marlborough Old Boys 2-2 Sprowston Athletic
Long Stratton reserves 4-1 Corpusty & Saxthorpe
Bohemians 4-2 Wymondham Town reserves
North Elmham 2-10 Mundford
Gimingham United 6-5 West Winch
Reepham Town reserves 1-5 Norwich Medics
Holt United reserves 3-1 Narborough
Northwold Sports & Social 2-2 Bradenham Wanderers
Earsham 2-1 Eaton Beehive
Harleston Town reserves 1-2 Castle Acre Swifts
Redgate Rangers w/o-scr Mousehold Athletic
Ingoldisthorpe 4-1 South Yarmouth
Cromer Town reserves 0-0 Mattishall reserves
Thorpe Rovers 1-2 Downham Town reserves
Marlingford 2-1 Easton
East Ruston 0-4 Runton United
Sedgeford 3-6 Gayton United
Yaxham w/o-scr Reffley Royals
Sprowston Wanderers w/o-scr Belton
Freethorpe 9-0 Gaultree
Newton Flotman 3-6 Drayton
Haisboro Athletic 0-3 Stalham Town reserves
Aylsham reserves 1-2 Hempnall reserves
Circle Anglia 8-2 Garboldisham
Morley Village 5-5 UEA
Ludham 4-7 Caister Roma
Lyng United scr-w/o Loddon United
Foulsham 3-2 Martham
South Walsham w/o-scr Sheringham reserves
Dereham Town reserves 1-2 Albion Tramway
Haven Bridge United 2-0 Worstead
Feltwell United 4-2 Thetford Rovers
South Creake 2-0 Shipdham
Jarrolds 4-0 Blofield United reserves
Great Massingham w/o-scr Wells Town reserves
Hoveton Wherrymen 8-0 Poringkand Wanderers reserves
Watlington Sports & Social w/o-scr Horning
Caister reserves 2-0 Mulbarton Wanderers
Thetford Town reserves 0-4 Yelverton
Taconelston 0-5 Thorpe Village
Round 1 Replays
Sprowston Athletic 5-3 Marlborough Old Boys
Bradenham Wanderers 6-2 Northwold Sports & Social
Mattishall reserves 1-4 Cromer Town reserves
UEA 6-0 Morley Village
Round 2
Ingoldisthorpe 2-1 Watlington Sports & Social
Acle United reserves 3-2 Sprowston Wanderers
Runton United 3-4 Scole United
Costessey Sport 1-2 Norwich CEYMS reserves
South Creake 3-1 Rockland United
Jarrolds 1-8 Cromer Town reserves
Great Yarmouth Town reserves 1-1 Long Stratton reserves
Sprowston Athletic 2-0 Earsham
Yelverton 3-1 Holt United reserves
Castle Acre Swifts 4-1 Horsford United
Foulsham 0-2 Watton United reserves (tie awarded to Foulsham)
Great Massingham 2-1 Yaxham
Hoveton Wherrymen 4-1 Gimingham United
Marlingford 3-2 Caister Roma
Norton Athletic 5-0 Bradenham Wanderers reserves
CNSOBU scr-w/o Gayton United
Gressenhall 0-3 Haven Bridge United
Gorleston reserves 4-0 Loddon United reserves
Albion Tramway 3-2 MK Shrubs
Saham Toney 1-8 Redgate Rangers
Hingham Athletic 2-4 Feltwell United
Norwich Medics 1-4 Mundford
Drayton 3-5 Thorpe Village
Bohemians 0-5 Swaffham Town reserves
East Harling 4-3 Great Yarmouth International
UEA 5-1 Caister reserves
Buxton 4-2 Hempnall reserves
Freethorpe 2-5 Attleborough Town
Downham Town reserves 1-6 Catfield
Lynn North End w/o-scr Hemsby
Fakenham Town reserves 1-2 South Walsham
Circle Anglia 5-0 Stalham Town reserves
Round 2 Replay
Long Stratton reserves 0-1 Great Yarmouth Town reserves
Round 3
Norwich CEYMS reserves 4-1 Castle Acre Swifts
Feltwell United 2-1 Albion Tramway
Lynn North End 1-4 UEA
Buxton 4-6 Swaffham Town reserves
Gayton United 4-1 Ingoldisthorpe
Redgate Rangers 1-4 Foulsham
Hoveton Wherrymen 4-7 Gorleston reserves
Haven Bridge United 6-2 Circle Anglia
Great Yarmouth Town reserves 3-0 South Creake
Sprowston Athletic 4-4 Great Massingham
Acle United reserves 4-1 Cromer Town reserves
Mundford 8-2 Norton Athletic
Marlingford 2-2 East Harling
Yelverton 0-4 South Walsham
Catfield 5-4 Scole United
Thorpe Village 2-3 Attleborough Town
Round 3 Replay
Great Massingham 1-0 Sprowston Athletic
East Harling 1-2 Marlingford
Round 4
Haven Bridge United 0-0 Mundford
Acle United reserves 4-1 Norwich CEYMS reserves
Feltwell United 1-3 Attleborough Town
South Walsham 1-4 Great Massingham
UEA 2-1 Gorleston reserves
Catfield 6-0 Swaffham Town reserves
Marlingford 4-0 Great Yarmouth Town reserves
Gayton United 2-4 Foulsham
Round 4 Replay
Mundford 3-2 Haven Bridge United
Quarter Finals
Great Massingham 3-2 Foulsham
UEA 0-1 Catfield
Attleborough Town 8-1 Marlingford
Acle United reserves 0-1 Mundford
Catfield 1-0 Great Masssingham
Mundford 2-0 Attleborough Town
Final (@ Norwich City, 14/5/13)
Catfield v Mundford

North Riding Senior Cup (last checked 24/3)
Round 1
Pickering Town 3-2 Thornaby
North Ormesby 2-4 Northallerton Town
Grangetown Boys Club 2-1 Scarborough Town
Guisborough Town 6-2 Stokesley SC
Redcar Athletic 2-2 Scarborough Athletic (Redcar Athletic won 3-2 on penalties)
Marske United 3-1 Fishburn Park
Quarter Finals
York City 3-0 Northallerton Town
Grangetown Boys Club 0-2 Pickering Town
Guisborough Town 4-1 Redcar Athletic
Middlesbrough 1-2 Marske United
Pickering Town 1-1 Guisborough Town (Pickering Town won 4-2 on penalties)
Marske United 2-0 York City
Final (@ North Riding FA HQ, Stokesley, 30/4/13)
Pickering Town v Marske United

North Riding Saturday County Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Catterick Garrison Football 1-3 Endeavour
University of York 3-0 Thornaby Dubliners
Grangetown Boys Club 10-1 Falsgrave
Whinney Banks YCC 8-1 Hinderwell
North Ormesby 4-1 Wigginton Grasshoppers
Cargo Fleet Social Club scr-w/o BEADS
Redcar Newmarket 2-3 Richmond Mavericks
Great Ayton United 5-1 Catterick Rovers
New Marske w/o-scr Jorvik Blades
Redcar Athletic reserves 5-0 Seamer Sports
Fishburn Park 3-2 Terrington Glory
Nunthorpe Athletic 1-3 Richmond Town
Stockton Churches Portrack 0-3 Bedale
York St Johns University 1-2 Kirkbymoorside
Thirsk Falcons 7-0 Hemlington Smithy
Round 2
University of York 3-3 Scarborough Athletic reserves (University of York won 4-1 on penalties)
Great Ayton United 3-6 Redcar Athletic
Whinney Banks YCC 3-2 New Marske
Kirkbymoorside 1-2 Endeavour
Richmond Town 3-2 Richmond Mavericks
Fishburn Park 3-3 Bedale (Fishburn Park won 4-3 on penalties)
BEADS 2-2 North Ormesby (BEADS won 4-3 on penalties)
Thirsk Falcons 3-3 Grangetown Boys Club (Thirsk Falcons won 5-4 on penalties)
Quarter Finals
BEADS 1-0 Endeavour
Thirsk Falcons 6-1 Fishburn Park
University of York Amateur 4-2 Redcar Athletic
Richmond Town 2-1 Whinney Banks YCC
University of York Amateur 1-0 Richmond Town
Thirsk Falcons 0-4 BEADS
Final (@ North Riding FA HQ, Stokesley, 24/4/13)
University of York Amateur 3-1 BEADS

Northants Maunsell Cup (Complete)
Final (@ Brackley Town, 21/7/12)
Brackley Town 3-0 Peterborough United

Northants Hillier Senior Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Irchester United 0-2 Wellingborough Town
Brackley Town 0-1 Daventry Town
Stewart & Lloyds Corby 0-1 Desborough Town
Kettering Town 2-0 Peterborough Northern Star
Quarter Finals
Desborough Town 4-3 Cogenhoe United
Long Buckby 1-2 Corby Town
Daventry Town 3-0 Woodford United
Kettering Town 3-0 Wellingborough Town
Daventry Town 3-0 Kettering Town
Desborough Town 1-4 Corby Town
Final (@ Northampton Town, 16/4/13)
Daventry Town 1-3 Corby Town

Northants Les Underwood Junior Cup (last checked 26/4)
Round 1
Woodford United reserves 2-1 Wootton St George
Kings Cliffe 0-5 Netherton United
Northampton ON Chenecks 1-3 Brixworth All Saints
Hardingstone 3-5 Ringstead Rangers
Burton Park Wanderers 2-1 Middleton Cheney
Corby Legion Locomotives 3-2 Northampton Harlequins
Moulton 0-1 Harpole
Stanion Quantum Print 6-1 Roade
Peterborough Caistor & Ailsworth 0-5 Desborough Town reserves
Milton 2-1 Peterborough Sports Parkway
Bugbrooke St Michaels 5-0 Gretton
Stanwick Rovers 0-2 Thrapston Town
Northampton Spencer 2-1 Raunds Town
Yardley Gobion 3-3 Corby S&L Khalsa (Yardley Gobion won 3-1 on penalties)
Kettering Orchard Park 7-0 Northampton Mereway United
Peterborough Northern Star reserves 1-5 Peterborough ICA Sports
Northampton Sileby Rangers 9-2 Northampton Denton X
AFC Rushden & Diamonds 1-3 Wellingborough Whitworth
Corby Everards 2-2 Brackley Sports (Brackley Sports won 5-4 on penalties)
Rushden & Higham United 2-0 Weldon United
Heyford Athletic 0-8 Cogenhoe United reserves
Blisworth James King 2-0 Corby Stewart & Lloyds
Kettering Nomads 0-2 Welford Victoria
Northampton Delapre 2-3 Silverstone
Round 2
Kettering Ise Lodge 1-4 Burton United
Corby Pegasus 2-5 Milton
Earls Barton United 2-4 Northampton Sileby Rangers
Northampton Spencer 14-0 Finedon Volta
Yardley Gobion 0-4 Kislingbury
Potterspury 1-3 Desborough Town reserves
Brackley Sports 0-4 Rothwell Corinthians
Ringstead Rangers 1-3 Brixworth All Saints
Corby Legion Locomotives 3-4 Rushden & Higham United
Welford Victoria 2-4 Bugbrooke St Michael
Netherton United 0-2 Peterborough ICA Sports
Kettering Orchard Park 0-3 Cogenhoe United reserves
Thrapston Town 2-0 Harpole
Burton Park Wanderers 3-0 Wellingborough Whitworth
Woodford United reserves 0-3 Blisworth James King
Silverstone 1-2 Stanion Quantum Print
Round 3
Peterborough ICA Sports 3-4 Thrapston Town
Rothwell Corinthians 2-0 Milton
Burton United 1-2 Brixworth All Saints
Burton Park Wanderers 2-4 Rushden & Higham United
Desborough Town reserves 0-2 Kislingbury
Cogenhoe United reserves 2-0 Stanion Quantum Print
Northampton Spencer 0-4 Bugbrooke St Michael
Blisworth James King 1-4 Northampton Sileby Rangers
Quarter Finals
Brixworth All Saints 3-2 Thrapston Town
Bugbrooke St Michaels 1-6 Rushden & Higham United
Kislingbury 1-3 Cogenhoe United reserves
Rothwell Corinthians 2-1 Northampton Sileby Rangers
Rushden & Higham United 2-0 Rothwell Corinthians
Cogenhoe United reserves 4-1 Brixworth All Saints
Final (@ Northampton Town, 13/5/13)
Cogenhoe United reserves v Rushden & Higham United

Northumberland Senior Cup (last checked 22/4)
Round 1
Team Northumbria 0-2 Morpeth Town
West Allotment Celtic 3-0 Newcastle Benfield
Alnwick Town 3-5 North Shields
Quarter Finals
Blyth Spartans 0-0 Whitley Bay
West Allotment Celtic 1-6 North Shields
Morpeth Town 3-6 Ashington
Bedlington Terriers 3-2 Newcastle United reserves
Quarter Final Replay
Whitley Bay 2-0 Blyth Spartans
Whitley Bay 4-3 Bedlington Terriers
North Shields 0-2 Ashington
Final (@ Newcastle United, 1/5/13)
Whitley Bay v Ashington

Northumberland Benevolent Bowl (last checked 28/4)
Round 1
Ashington Colliers 0-2 Blyth Town
Wallington 0-3 Stocksfield
Percy Main Amateurs 1-0 Heddon
Ponteland United 5-0 Walker Central
Whitley Bay "A" 1-0 Amble United
Wallsend Town 2-0 Shankhouse
Heaton Stannington 4-1 Killingworth YPC Sporting
Seaton Delaval Amateurs 3-2 Prudhoe Town
Quarter Finals
Stocksfield 2-1 Blyth Town
Percy Main Amateurs 3-0 Seaton Delaval Amateurs
Whitley Bay "A" 1-2 Heaton Stannington
Wallsend Town 1-2 Ponteland United
Percy Main Amateurs 2-3 Ponteland United
Stocksfield 1-3 Heaton Stannington
Final (@ West Allotment Celtic, 8/5/13)
Ponteland United v Heaton Stannington

Nottinghamshire Senior Cup (last checked 7/4)
Round 1
Selston 0-4 Sutton Town
Blidworth Welfare 2-2 Ollerton Town (Blidworth Welfare won 5-4 on penalties)
Linby Colliery Welfare 6-3 Radford
Ruddington Village 0-2 Clipstone Welfare
Gedling Miners Welfare 1-2 Southwell City
Keyworth United 2-0 Magdala Amateurs
Bilborough Pelican 3-2 FC Cavaliers
Hucknall Rolls Leisure 1-0 Kimberley Miners Welfare
Wollaton 0-7 Calverton Miners Welfare
Bulwell 1-0 Basford United
Radcliffe Olympic 3-4 Teversal
Attenborough 3-1 Thoresby Colliery Welfare
Round 2
Clipstone Welfare 2-1 Teversal
Keyworth United 3-5 Southwell City
Calverton Miners Welfare 1-2 Sutton Town
Hucknall Rolls Leisure 1-3 Linby Colliery Welfare
Blidworth Welfare 1-5 Attenborough
Bulwell 4-0 Bilborough Pelican
Round 3
Linby Colliery Welfare 2-1 Carlton Town
Hucknall Town scr-w/o Carlton Town
Dunkirk 3-2 Attenborough
Eastwood Town 1-3 Sutton Town
Arnold Town 0-2 Greenwood Meadows
Newark Town 1-1 Rainworth Miners Welfare (Rainworth Miners Welfare won 5-4 on penalties)
Clifton All Whites 1-1 Retford United (Clifton All Whites won 5-4 on penalties)
Bulwell 5-1 Southwell City
Quarter Finals
Bulwell 1-2 Carlton Town
Dunkirk 2-3 Rainworth Miners Welfare
Greenwood Meadows 0-1 Sutton Town
Linby Colliery Welfare 1-3 Clifton All Whites
Sutton Town 2-0 Rainworth Miners Welfare
Carlton Town 4-0 Clifton All Whites
Final (@ Eastwood Town, 30/4/13)
Sutton Town v Carlton Town

Nottinghamshire Intermediate Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Southwell City reserves 4-3 Kimberley Miners Welfare reserves
Bilborough Pelican reserves 6-3 Bulwell Town reserves
Netherfield Albion reserves 4-3 Kirton Brickworks
Sherwood Colliery 2-3 Awsworth Villa
Wollaton reserves 1-2 Hucknall Rolls Leisure reserves
Underwood Villa 3-4 Selston reserves
Thoresby Colliery Welfare reserves scr-w/o Kashmir
Rainworth Miners Welfare reserves 2-2 Sandhurst (Sandhurst won 4-3 on penalties)
AFC Bridgford 2-1 Bilborough United
Newark Town reserves 3-1 Dunkirk reserves
Radford reserves 2-1 Ruddington Village reserves
Calverton Miners Welfare reserves 0-2 Teversal reserves
Magdala Amateurs reserves 3-4 Clipstone Welfare reserves
Clifton w/o-scr Bulwell reserves
West Bridgford 2-0 Hucknall Town
Bawtry Town 2-3 Santos
Nottinghamshire 2-0 DFS Welbeck Welfare
Boots Athletic 4-0 Keyworth United reserves
Samba v Bilborough Town (match abandoned, Samba scratched before replay)
Round 2
Southwell City reserves 5-2 Gedling Southbank
Beeston 4-3 Santos
Radford reserves 2-9 Burton Joyce
Old Elizabethans 3-1 Cotgrave
Linby Colliery Welfare reserves 6-2 Bingham Town
Nottinghamshire 1-4 Radcliffe Olympic reserves
Woodborough United 2-1 Kashmir
Nottingham United 0-1 Hucknall Rolls Leisure reserves
Clipstone Welfare reserves 1-2 Arnold Town reserves
AFC Mansfield 4-0 Eastwood Town reserves
Clifton 3-0 Teversal reserves
Boots Athletic 3-2 Netherfield Albion
Selston reserves 2-2 West Bridgford (Selston reserves won 4-3 on penalties)
Sandhurst 1-2 Newark Town reserves
Awsworth Villa 2-1 Bilborough Pelican reserves
Bilborough Town 1-5 AFC Bridgford
Round 3
Burton Joyce 4-2 Woodborough United
Radcliffe Olympic reserves 5-4 Hucknall Rolls Leisure
Awsworth Villa 3-0 Southwell City reserves
Clifton 0-2 AFC Bridgford
Newark Town reserves 1-5 Boots Athletic
Old Elizabethans 3-4 AFC Mansfield
Beeston 2-0 Selston reserves
Arnold Town reserves 1-6 Bingham Town
Quarter Finals
Burton Joyce 2-1 Boots Athletic
Radcliffe Olympic reserves 1-5 AFC Mansfield
Bingham Town 0-1 Beeston
AFC Bridgford 3-5 Awsworth Villa
Beeston 3-2 Burton Joyce
Awsworth Villa 0-4 AFC Mansfield
Final (@ Eastwood Town, 23/4/13)
Beeston 0-2 AFC Mansfield

Oxfordshire Senior Cup (last checked 10/4)
Round 1
Clanfield 85 2-3 Headington Amateurs
Hook Norton 4-0 Charlton United
Chinnor 10-2 Henley Town
Garsington 3-1 Launton Sports
Oxford Irish 1-3 Bletchingdon
Stonesfield Sports 2-4 Mansfield Road
Horspath 2-2 Marston Saints (Marston Saints won 4-2 on penalties)
Old Woodstock Town 3-2 Woodcote/Stoke Row
The Riverside 3-2 Freeland
Kidlington 5-4 AFC Hinksey
Adderbury Park 1-3 Carterton
Oxford University Press 1-2 Easington Sports
Rotherfield United 0-2 Thame United
Round 2
Old Woodstock Town 1-1 Chinnor (Chinnor won 4-3 on penalties)
Marston Saints 1-9 Witney Town
Easington Sports 7-0 The Riverside
Garsington 3-1 Oxford City Nomads
Hook Norton 1-2 Ardley United
Bletchingdon 4-2 Mansfield Road
Carterton 0-2 Thame United
Headington Amateurs 1-2 Kidlington
Round 3
Witney Town scr-w/o Kidlington
Bletchingdon 3-2 Easington Sports
Thame United 1-0 Ardley United
Chinnor 3-2 Garsington
Quarter Finals
Bletchington 0-5 Oxford City (@ Oxford City)
Kidlington 1-2 Banbury United
North Leigh 1-2 Thame United
Oxford United 1-0 Chinnor
Banbury United 2-3 Oxford United (@ Oxford City)
Oxford City 5-0 Thame United (@ Thame United)
Final (@ Oxford United, 1/5/13)
Oxford United v Oxford City

Oxfordshire Intermediate Cup (last checked 14/4)
Round 1
Kidlington reserves w/o-scr Witney Town reserves
Mansfield Road reserves 2-5 Old Woodstock Town reserves
Eynsham Association 4-1 Yarnton
Banbury United reserves 3-0 Bletchingdon
Round 2
Northway Boys 7-0 Launton Sports reserves
Watlington Town 0-0 Hook Norton reserves (Hook Norton won 4-3 on penalties)
Clanfield reserves scr-w/o Oxford Irish reserves
Chinnor reserves 4-0 Adderbury Park reserves
Freeland reserves scr-w/o Old Woodstock Town reserves
North Leigh reserves 3-0 Easington Sports reserves
Garsington reserves 2-3 Broughton & North Newington
Enstone Sports 0-5 Banbury United reserves
Thame United reserves 8-0 Horspath
Oxford University Press reserves 1-0 Goring United
Kidlington reserves 0-8 Berinsfield
Chalgrove 4-1 Benson
Eynsham Association 4-1 Rotherfield United reserves
Charlton United reserves 6-1 North Oxford
Kidlington Old Boys 4-2 Stonesfield Sports reserves
Marston Saints reserves 3-5 Woodcote/Stoke Row reserves
Round 3
Eynsham Association 2-0 Chinnor reserves
Oxford Irish reserves 2-1 Broughton & North Newington
North Oxford 1-4 Northway Boys
Chalgrove 8-0 Oxford University Press reserves
Banbury United reserves 1-4 Berinsfield
Thame United reserves 1-2 North Leigh reserves
Woodcote/Stoke Row reserves 1-2 Hook Norton reserves
Old Woodstock Town reserves 1-7 Kidlington Old Boys
Quarter Finals
Berinsfield 6-2 Oxford Irish reserves
Chalgrove 4-1 Kidlington Old Boys
Hook Norton reserves 3-4 Eynsham Association
Northway Boys 1-4 North Leigh reserves
Semi-Finals (2nd SF 4 May)
Chalgrove v North Leigh reserves
Eynsham Association 1-3 Berinsfield
Final (@ ?, 8/5/13)
Chalgrove or N Leigh reserves v Berinsfield

Sheffield & Hallam Senior Cup (JustOneStanding) (last checked 14/4)
Round 1
AFC Emley 9-2 Phoenix
Dinnington Town 0-1 Frecheville CA
Frickley Athletic 8-0 Bentley Colliery
Athersley Recreation 2-0 Shaw Lane Aquaforce Barnsley
Hemsworth Miners Welfare 2- Houghton Main
Kinsley Boys 2-1 South Kirkby Colliery
Maltby Main 3-2 Handsworth
Nostell MW 5-2 Brodsworth Welfare
Parkgate 4-1 Mexborough Town
Penistone Church 0-2 Worsbrough Bridge Athletic
Rossington Main 4-1 Kiveton Park
Sheffield 3-2 Hallam
Staveley Miners Welfare w/o-scr Yorkshire Mai
Worksop Parramore 4-1 Harworth Colliery Institute
Round 2
AFC Emley 4-3 Maltby Main
Hemsworth Miners Welfare 1-4 Sheffield
Worksop Parramore 1-2 Stocksbridge Park Steels
Athersley Recreation 4-1 Nostell MW
Worsbrough Bridge Athletic 2-1 Kinsley Boys
Frickley Athletic 6-2 Worksop Town
Staveley Miners Welfare 2-0 Frecheville CA
Parkgate 1-2 Rossington Main
Quarter Finals
Frickley Athletic 3-1 Athersley Recreation
AFC Emley 1-2 Stocksbridge Park Steels
Worsbrough Bridge Athletic 2-2 Sheffield (Sheffield won 3-1 on penalties)
Rossington Main 0-2 Staveley Miners Welfare
Sheffield 4-2 Staveley Miners Welfare
Stocksbridge Park Steels 1-3 Frickley Athletic
Final (@ ?, 9/5/13)
Sheffield v Frickley Athletic

Sheffield & Hallam Association Cup (Rosehill Press) (Complete)
Round 1
Hare & Hounds 2-0 Hallam reserves
Staveley Miners Welfare reserves 0-1 Hemsworth United
Carcroft Village scr-w/o Worsbrough Bridge Athletic reserves
Oughtibridge WMSC 4-2 Athersley Recreation reserves
Wombwell Main 3-1 Wickersley
Jubilee Sports 3-2 Silkstone United
Boynton Sports 4-1 South Kirkby Colliery reserves
Davys 2-0 Worksop Town reserves
Thorpe Hesley 1-2 Denaby United
Thorncliffe 0-3 Dinnington Town reserves
Hall Green United 2-1 Kingstone United WMC
Holmbridge 2-3 Rossington Main reserves
Rose & Crown Darton 2-5 Crofton Sports
Bramley Sunnyside 4-2 Sheffield Athletic
Millmoor Juniors 9-1 Sheffield Bankers
Swallownest Miners Welfare 5-0 High Green Villa
Penistone Church reserves 2-1 Millmoor Juniors
Swinton Athletic 3- Kiveton Park reserves
De La Salle Old Boy scr-w/o Hemsworth Miners Welfare
Kirkburton 5-1 South Elmsall United Services
Shepley 2-1 Sheffield Lane Top
Shafton Villa 0-2 Kinsley Boys reserves
Ecclesfield Red Rose 8-0 New Bohemians
AFC Dronfield Woodhouse 3-0 Harworth Colliery Institute reserves
Caribbean Sports 4-4 Frecheville CA reserves (Caribbean Sports won won 4-2 on penalties)
Round 2
Hemsworth Miners Welfare 0-3 AFC Dronfield Woodhouse
Stocksbridge Park Steels reserves 12-0 Nostell MW reserves
Swallownest Miners Welfare 0-1 Bramley Sunnyside
Kirkburton 4-0 Scholes
Millmoor Juniors 6-0 Dinnington Town reserves
Everest 1-0 Hall Green United
AFC Emley reserves 1-1 Crofton Sports (AFC Emley reserves won 4-3 on penalties)
Wombwell Main 5-1 Boynton Sports
Hemsworth Town 0-8 Oughtibridge WMSC
Ecclesfield Red Rose 1-2 Hepworth United
Rossington Main reserves 2-0 Caribbean Sports
Penistone Church reserves 1- Hare & Hounds
Jubilee Sports 3-0 Scawthorpe & Bentley Rhinos
Swinton Athletic 3-1 Shepley
Kinsley Boys reserves 2-3 Denaby United
Davys 6-2 Worsbrough Bridge Athletic reserves
Round 3
Millmoor Juniors 3-2 AFC Emley reserves
Swinton Athletic 3-0 Swallownest Miners Welfare
Kirkburton 3-1 Hepworth United
Denaby United 2-4 Wombwell Main
Jubilee Sports 5-2 Oughtibridge WMSC
Penistone Church reserves 2-3 Everest
Stocksbridge Park Steels reserves 1-3 AFC Dronfield Woodhouse
Davys 2-3 Rossington Main reserves
Quarter Finals
Kirkburton 3-2 Everest
Jubilee Sports 4-6 Rossington Main reserves
Millmoor Juniors 3-0 Wombwell Main
Swinton Athletic 3-2 AFC Dronfield Woodhouse
Rossington Main 1-3 Kirkburton
Millmoor Juniors 2-3 Swinton Athletic
Final (@ Worksop Parramore, 25/4/13)
Swinton Athletic 3-0 Kirkburton

Sheffield & Hallam Junior Challenge Cup (Genting) (Complete)
Round 1
Dale Dynamos w/o-scr HSBC Athletic
Sheffield FC Over 35s 3-2 Hallam Vets
Scisscett 2-4 HSBC Bank Over 35s
Byron House 2010 6-3 Newton Arms
Cumberworth 0-2 Upperthong SC
The Birley 3-1 Denaby Main
Sporting scr-w/o Horse & Groom
Beighton Falcons 6-1 Harworth Colliery Institute “A”
Totley Sports w/o-scr Brodsworth Welfare reserves
North Gawber Colliery 13-0 Swallownest Miners Welfare reserves
New Bohemians reserves w/o-scr AFC Stannington
Brighton Albion 2-7 Durkar
Penistone Church Over 35s 8-1 Manor Castle
Phoenix Knights 0-5 Brinsworth Whitehill
The Soldiers (South Elmsall) 0-4 Rovers Foundation
Kinsley Old Boys 1-2 Skelmanthorpe
Hade Edge w/o-scr Troway
Scawthorpe Scorpions 2-4 North Gawber Colliery
Hemsworth United 2-3 Aughton Black Bull
Flockton 3-3 Sheffield Medics (Sheffield Medics won on penalties)
Holmfirth Town 5-1 Wooldale Wanderers
Sheffield West End 1-1 Shelley (Sheffield West End won 5-4 on penalties)
Manor Castle scr-w/o Millmoor Juniors
ISG Doncaster 2-1 Noahs Ark
Grange Moor 6-1 Woodouse Junction
Cartworth Moor 0-4 Hall Green United reserves
Westwoodside Rangers 3-5 Maltby
Handsworth Turf Tavern 1-3 Sheffield Bankers reserves
Jubilee Sports Over 35s 2-4 Hunters Bar
Shaw Lane Aquaforce Barnsley w/o-scr Royston
Round 2
Horse & Groom 3-6 Holmfirth Town
Hunters Bar 3-0 New Bohemians
Dale Dynamos 2-3 ISG Doncaster
Penistone Church Over 35s 7-6 Aughton Black Bull
Sheffield West End 2-6 Shaw Lane Aquaforce Barnsley
Brinsworth Whitehill 0-8 Bramley Sunnyside reserves
Beighton Falcons 1-5 Totley Sports
Hade Edge 1-3 Sheffield Medics
The Burtley 2-3 Rovers Foundation
Upperthong 0-8 HSBC Bank Over 35s
Millmoor Juniors 4-2 Skelmanthorpe
Sheffield Bankers reserves 4-1 Maltby
Sheffield Over 35s 1-3 North Gawber Colliery
Hall Green United reserves 1-6 Byron House 2010
Durkar 1-2 Grange Moor
Swinton Athletic 3-3 North Gawber Colliery reserves (Swinton Athletic reserves won 5-4 on penalties)
Round 3
Shaw Lane Aquaforce Barnsley reserves 1-1 HSBC Bank Over 35s (HSBC Bank Over 35s won 4-2 on penalties)
Penistone Church Over 35s 2-4 Holmfirth Town
Bramley Sunnyside reserves 3-4 Swinton Athletic reserves
Totley Sports 3-1 Hunters Barkingside
ISG Doncaster 1-5 Sheffield Medics
North Gawber Colliery 8-2 Millmoor Juniors
Sheffield Bankers reserves 1-8 Rovers Foundation
Byron House 2010 5-2 Grange Moor
Quarter Finals
Totley Sports 4-7 Byron House 2010
Sheffield Medics 0-2 Holmfirth Town
HSBC Bank Over 35s 0-5 North Gawber Colliery
Swinton Athletic reserves 2-1 Rovers Foundation
North Gawber Colliery 2-1 Byron House 2010
Holmfirth Town 4-0 Swinton Athletic reserves
Final (@ ?, 24/4/13)
North Gawber Colliery 2-2 Holmfirth Town (Holmfirth Town won 5-4 on penalties)

Shropshire Senior Cup (last checked 14/4)
Quarter Finals
The New Saints 4-0 Bridgnorth Town
Market Drayton Town 0-1 AFC Telford United
The New Saints 0-3 AFC Telford United
Final (details TBA)
Shrewsbury Town v AFC Telford United

Shropshire Challenge Cup (last checked 24/3)
Round 1
Dawley Town 0-4 Shawbury United
Wellimgton Amateurs 9-1 Telford Juniors
Shifnal Town 0-1 Haughmond
Shifnal United 97 2-2 Allscott (Alscott won 3-2 on penalties)
Morda United 3-0 Whitchurch Alport
AFC Ludlow 1-2 Newport Town
Round 2
Newport Town 2-0 St Martins
Morda United 0-5 Haughmond
Weston Rhyn 0-1 Wem Town
Shawbury United 4-0 Ketley Bank United
Wrockwardine Wood Juniors 0-6 Church Stretton Town
Ellesmere Rangers 1-1 Hanwood United (Hanwood United won 6-5 on penalties)
Wellington Amateurs 5-2 Oakengates Athletic
FC Hodnet 1-4 Allscott
Quarter Finals
Newport Town 2-3 Wem Town
Church Stretton Town 0-3 Haughmond
Allscott 2-7 Shawbury United (@ Shawbury United)
Wellington Amateurs 2-1 Hanwood United (@ Hanwood United)
Shawbury United 3-1 Wem Town
Haughmond 2-3 Wellington Amateurs
Final (@ Shrewsbury Town, 30/4/13)
Shawbury United v Wellington Amateurs

Somerset Premier Cup (last checked 14/4)
Round 1
Larkhall Athletic 3-2 Keynsham Town
Frome Town 6-1 Chard Town
Shepton Mallet 1-2 Hengrove Athletic
Paulton Rovers 3-2 Clevedon Town
Weston super Mare 6-1 Street
Bishop Sutton 5-0 Radstock Town
Welton Rovers 1-2 Odd Down
Round 2
Bridgwater Town 2-1 Portishead Town
Wellington 0-4 Bath City
Taunton Town 2-0 Brislington
Bishop Sutton 3-0 Yeovil Town
Paulton Rovers 4-0 Wells City
Larkhall Athletic 1-0 Cheddar
Odd Down 2-0 Hengrove Athletic
Weston super Mare 3-4 Frome Town
Quarter Finals
Taunton Town 5-2 Frome Town
Paulton Rovers 3-1 Larkhall Athletic
Bath City 2-0 Odd Down
Bishop Sutton 2-3 Bridgwater Town
Semi-Finals (2nd SF 30 Apr)
Bridgwater Town v Taunton Town
Paulton Rovers 3-2 Bath City

Somerset Senior Cup (Melhuish & Saunders) (last checked 7/4)
Round 1
Cutters Friday 0-2 Middlezoy Rovers
Ashton United 1-0 Burnham United
Chard Town reserves 1-2 Cleeve West Town
Clutton 6-0 Westland United
Churchill Club 70 w/o-scr Broadwalk
Nailsea United 2-1 Keynsham Town reserves
Radstock Town reserves 9-0 Farrington Gurney
Nailsea Town 2-1 Frome Collegians
Clevedon United 1-0 Imperial
Minehead 4-0 Odd Down reserves
Watchet Town 5-0 Hengrove Athletic reserves
Wells City reserves 0-1 Castle Cary
Creech North Curry 2-1 Ashton & Backwell United
Broad Plain House 2-0 Wrington Redhill
Winscombe 2-3 Congresbury
Street reserves 2-0 Weston St Johns
Wincanton Town 6-0 Chew Magna
Worle 1-7 St George Easton-in-Gordano
Banwell 0-2 Glastonbury Town
Dundry Athletic 8-0 Wellington reserves
Tunley Athletic 2-1 Larkhall Athletic reserves
Fry Club 1-3 Portishead Town reserves
Cheddar reserves 2-4 Purnell Sports
Shepton Mallet reserves 1-2 Bridgwater Town reserves
Stockwood Green 9-2 Whitchurch
Westfield 2-0 Welton Rovers reserves
Bishop Sutton reserves 4-1 Ilminster Town
Berrow 4-0 Saltford
Combe St Nicholas 0-1 Brislington reserves
Timsbury Athletic 0-11 Westland Sports
Langford Rovers 7-2 Bishop's Lydeard
Peasedown Athletic 4-2 Long Ashton
Round 2
Radstock Town reserves 1-1 Peasedown Athletic (Peasedown Athletic won 4-2 on penalties)
Ashton United 0-2 Dundry Athletic
Cleeve West Town 2-1 Purnell Sports
Churchill Club 70 2-5 Wincanton Town
Street reserves 2-1 Watchet Town
Bridgwater Town reserves 1-3 Middlezoy Rovers
Langford Rovers 6-5 Minehead
Creech North Curry 1-8 Nailsea Town
Portishead Town reserves 1-0 St George Easton-in-Gordano
Clevedon United 3-1 Westfield
Nailsea United 1-0 Berrow
Congresbury 1-2 Westland Sports
Bishop Sutton reserves 4-2 Tunley Athletic
Stockwood Green 2-1 Glastonbury Town
Broad Plain House 6-1 Castle Cary
Clutton 1-2 Brislington reserves
Round 3
Clevedon United 4-0 Bishop Sutton reserves
Portishead Town reserves 1-0 Peasedown Athletic
Langford Rovers 4-2 Broad Plain House
Nailsea Town 4-0 Cleeve West Town
Street reserves 0-2 Brislington reserves
Middlezoy Rovers 5-4 Westland Sports
Stockwood Green 4-3 Nailsea United
Dundry Athletic 2-3 Wincanton Town
Quarter Finals
Nailsea Town 0-4 Clevedon United
Brislington reserves 3-0 Portishead Town reserves
Wincanton Town 5-3 Langford Rovers
Stockwood Green 1-1 Middlezoy Rovers (Middlezoy Rovers won 4-3 on penalties)
Middlezoy Rovers 1-7 Wincanton Town
Brislington reserves 2-1 Clevedon United
Final (@ Street, 17/5/13)
Wincanton Town v Brislington reserves

Somerset Intermediate Cup (last checked 22/4)
Round 1
Dowlish Wake & Donyatt scr-w/o Redgate
Pen Mill 8-0 Victoria Sports reserves
Westonzoyland 1-2 High Littleton
Norton Fitzwarren 0-3 Staplegrove reserves
Pill United 5-0 Evercreeh Rovers reserves
Wincanton Town “A” 1-5 Barrington
Westfield “A” 3-0 Tunley Athletic reserves
Clutton reserves 7-1 Forton Rangers
Martock United 4-3 Ilchester Junior reserves
Perry Street & Yonder Hill reserves 1-0 Wembdon
Bridgwaster Sports reserves 2-0 KVFC
Yellow Wagtail scr-w/o Stoke Rovers
Morganians w/o-scr Montacute
West & Middle Chinnock 4-5 Weston super Seagulls
Portishead Town “B” 0-3 AFC Huish
Civil Service Larkhall 1-4 Glastonbury Town reserves
Worle reserves 7-4 Coleford Athletic reserves
Aces reserves 0-18 Blagdon Hill
AFC Wessex w/o-scr Clevedon Dons
Fry Club “B” 3-0 Locking Park
Pensford 9-0 Rhode Lane Wanderers
Brhoden 2-2 Misterton (Brhoden won 2-1 on penalties)
Templecombe Rovers reserves 2-5 Chilcompton Sports reserves
Frome Collegians reserves 0-3 Westhill Sports
Odcombe reserves 0-3 Peasedown Athletic reserves
South Park Rangers 4-3 Clevedon United “A”
Crekwerne Rangers 2-4 Wyvern Rangers
Temple Cloud reserves w/o-scr Aller Park Rangers reserves
South Petherton reserves scr-w/o Hartcliffe
Porlock w/o-scr Barwick & Stoford reserves
Exmoor Rangers 3-2 Radstock Town “A”
Winscombe “A” w/o-scr Cleeve West Town “A”
Draycott reserves 2-2 Burnham United “A” (Draycott reserves won 4-2 on penalties)
Stogursey 10-0 Highbridge Town reserves
Chew Magna reserves 2-4 Interhound
Mells & Vobster reserves 3-1 Crewkerne Town reserves
Chard United 1-2 Middlezoy Rovers reserves
Fry Club Old Boys reserves 0-5 Parson Street Old Boys reserves
Axbridge Town 1-4 Hamilton Hawks
Gallery 5-1 Tone Youth Junior
Chard Rangers 4-3 Priory
Pilton United 3-6 Westend
Round 2
Meadow Rangers reserves 1-4 Parson Street Old Boys reserves
Bruton United Junior 1-7 Wyvern Rangers
Winscombe “A” 4-5 Dolphin Atlantic
Sydenham Rangers 4-3 Fry Club “B”
Appletree 2-1 Chilcompton Sports reserves
Castle Cary reserves 6-4 Milborne Port reserves
Porlock 2-1 Milverton Rangers
Peasedown Athletic reserves 9-2 Wedmore
Perry Street & Yonder Hill 6-0 Chilcompton United
Ilminster Town Colts 0-5 Middlezoy Rovers reserves
Somerton Sports reserves 1-2 Nailsea United “B”
Nether Stowey 2-4 Gallery
Mells & Vobster reserves 1-4 Combe St Nicholas “A”
Wembdon Saints 7-2 Redgate
AFC Wessex 2-0 North Petherton
Long Ashton reserves w/o-scr Temple Cloud reserves
AFC Huish 3-4 Worle Rangers
Sampford Blues 1-3 Pen Mill
Wells City “B” 0-0 Exmoor Rangers (Exmoor Rangers won 4-2 on penalties)
Blagdon Hill 5-1 Clapton In Gordano
Brhoden 3-1 Weston Super Seagulls
Draycott reserves 0-5 Clutton reserves
Bridgwater Sports reserves 3-0 High Littleton
Stoke Rovers 4-2 Westfield “A”
Westend 1-4 Pensford
Staplegrove reserves 1-0 Worle reserves
Barrington 3-0 South Park Rangers
Hamilton Hawks 9-0 Glastonbury Town reserves
Stogursey 2-6 Interhound
Martock United 5-3 Chard Rangers
Pill United 2-1 Morganians
Westhill Sports 4-1 Hartcliffe reserves
Round 3
Peasedown Athletic reserves 2-0 Nailsea United “B”
Pensford 4-0 Pill United
AFC Wessex 0-2 Castle Cary reserves
Westhill Sports 2-0 Exmoor Rangers
Pen Mill 5-3 Appletree
Hamilton Hawks 2-1 Brhoden
Stoke Rovers 5-0 Sydenham Rangers
Martock United 0-0 Bridgewater Sports reserves (Bridgwater Sports won 4-1 on penalties)
Barrington 0-4 Wyvern Rangers
Parson Street Old Boys reserves 2-4 Long Ashton reserves
Interhound 9-0 Gallery
Staplegrove reserves 6-2 Porlock
Perry Street & Yonder Hill reserves 1-4 Combe St Nicholas “A”
Clutton 0-4 Blagdon Mill
Wembdon Saints 1-3 Middlezoy Rovers reserves
Worle Rangers 5-0 Dolphin Athletic
Round 4
Westhill Sports 3-5 Pen Mill
Combe St Nicholas “A” 1-2 Staplegrove reserves (tie awarded to Combe St Nicholas “A”)
Blagdon Hill 0-4 Stoke Rovers
Long Ashton reserves 0-0 Middlezoy Rovers reserves
Peasedown Athletic reserves 0-1 Worle Rangers
Wyvern Rangers 2-3 Castle Cary reserves
Hamilton Hawks 3-4 Interhound
Pensford 5-0 Bridgwater Sports reserves
Quarter Finals
Castle Cary reserves 1-2 Pen Mill
Stoke Rovers 0-1 Middlezoy Rovers reserves
Interhound 7-0 Combe St Nicholas “A”
Worle Rangers 1-3 Pensford
Pen Mill 4-3 Pensford (tie awarded to Pensford)
Middlezoy Rovers reserves 2-1 Interhound
Final (@ Taunton Town, 9/5/13)
Middlezoy Rovers reserves v Pensford

Staffordshire Senior Cup (last checked 14/4)
Round 1
Hednesford Town 4-1 Stone Dominoes
Norton United 3-2 Stoke City
Heath Hayes 2-0 Rocester
Stafford Rangers 2-0 Leek Town
Chasetown 2-0 Newcastle Town
Quarter Finals (last 7 Mar)
Norton United 1-2 Port Vale
Rushall Olympic 4-1 Kidsgrove Athletic
Chasetown 2-1 Heath Hayes
Hednesford Town 3-0 Stafford Rangers
Hednesford Town 3-2 Port Vale
Chasetown 1-3 Rushall Olympic
Final (@ Port Vale, 24/4/13)
Hednesford Town 5-1 Rushall Olympic

Staffordshire Vase (Complete)
Round 1
Hanley Town 2-0 Kidsgrove Athletic reserves
Florence 2-3 Stretton
Biddulph Town 0-2 Wolverhampton Casuals
Cheadle Town 1-1 Wolverhampton Sporting Community (Wolverhampton Sporting Community won 8-7 on penalties)
Stone Old Alleynians 0-5 Walsall Wood
Norton United reserves 3-4 Stafford Town
Shenstone Pathfinder 0-1 Lichfield City
Stone Dominoes reserves 1-0 Bloxwich United
Newcastle Town reserves 1-5 Sporting Khalsa
Ball Haye Green 3-5 Keele University
Redgate Clayton 7-1 Eccleshall
Bilston Town 2007 2-1 Eccleshall AFC
Wolstanton United 5-2 Brocton
Pelsall Villa 1-0 Wyrley
Leek CSOB 0-2 Abbey Hulton United
Audley & District v Warstones Wanderers – abandoned in extra time, tie awarded to Audley
Round 2
Hanley Town 2-1 Wolverhampton Casuals
Stretton 0-9 Wolstanton United
Keele University 2-2 Pelsall Villa (Keele University won 3-2 on penalties)
Lichfield City 2-1 Walsall Wood
Stone Dominoes reserves 5-7 Sporting Khalsa
Bilston Town 2007 4-3 Abbey Hulton United
Redgate Clayton 0-1 Audley & District
Wolverhampton Sporting Community 1-3 Stafford Town
Quarter Finals
Hanley Town 2-1 Lichfield City
Sporting Khalsa 4-2 Bilston Town
Wolstanton United 3-0 Keele University
Audley & District 1-2 Stafford Town
Stafford Town 2-3 Wolstanton United
Sporting Khalsa 0-2 Hanley Town
Final (@ Stafford Rangers, 15/4/13)
Wolstanton United 1-3 Hanley Town

(Staffordshire) Walsall Senior Cup (last checked 28/4)
Round 1
Pelsall Villa 0-1 Bolehall Swifts
Boldmere St Michaels 4-1 Continental Star
Wolverhampton Casuals 1-3 Stafford Rangers
Round 2
Warstones Wanderers 0-8 Brocton
Heath Hayes 2-0 Chasetown
Romulus 0-3 Rushall Olympic
Bolehall Swifts 2-4 Walsall Wood
Stafford Town 1-2 Stafford Rangers
Bilston Town 2007 5-1 Bloxwich United
Sporting Khalsa 0-4 Walsall
Boldmere St Michaels 2-3 Sutton Coldfield Town
Quarter Finals
Bilston Town 1-1 Sutton Coldfield Town (Sutton Coldfield Town won 5-4 on penalties)
Brocton 3-1 Heath Hayes
Stafford Rangers 4-2 Rushall Olympic
Walsall Wood 0-2 Walsall
Stafford Rangers 4-3 Brocton
Walsall 1-0 Sutton Coldfield Town
Final (@ Walsall, 1/5/13)
Stafford Rangers v Walsall

Suffolk Premier Cup (John Banks In The Community) (last checked 7/4)
Round 1
Ipswich Town 5-1 Walsham-le-Willows
Hadleigh United 2-1 Needham Market
Felixstowe & Walton United 2-1 Mildenhall Town
Bury Town 10-1 AFC Sudbury
Leiston 3-3 Haverhill Rovers (Leiston won 5-4 on penalties)
Lowestoft Town 3-2 Brantham Athletic
Quarter Finals
Bury Town 2-0 Kirkley & Pakefield
Felixstowe & Walton United 2-1 Ipswich Town (tie awarded to Ipswich Town)
Leiston 1-0 Woodbridge Town
Hadleigh United 1-3 Lowestoft Town
Leiston 1-2 Bury Town (@ Needham Market)
Ipswich Town 0-1 Lowestoft Town (@ Kirkley & Pakefield)
Final (@ Ipswich Town, 14/5/13)
Bury Town v Lowestoft Town

Suffolk Senior Cup (LB Group) (last checked 24/3)
Round 1
Haverhill Sports Association 0-4 Corton
Felixstowe United 5-3 Grundisburgh
Long Melford 3-0 Cornard United
Brandon Town 1-4 Melton St Audrys
Stowmarket Town 0-3 Team Bury
Stanton 3-4 Achilles
Wickham Market 3-2 Debenham LC
Ipswich Wanderers 6-0 Old Newton United
Newmarket Town 7-1 Capel Plough
Coplestonians 0-1 Leiston St Margarets
Lakenheath 1-3 Whitton
East Bergholt United 2-2 Crane Sports (Crane Sports won 5-3 on penalties)
Ipswich Athletic 3-0 Ipswich Exiles
Round 2
Beccles Town 5-1 Ipswich Athletic
Ipswich Wanderers 3-1 Melton St Audrys
Achilles 2-4 Long Melford
Newmarket Town 4-1 Felixstowe United
Corton 2-1 Team Bury
Ipswich Valley Rangers 2-1 Wickham Market
Leiston St Margarets 1-6 Whitton United
Crane Sports 5-1 Haughley United
Quarter Finals
Whitton United 4-3 Ipswich Valley Rangers
Long Melford 1-2 Crane Sports
Ipswich Wanderers 3-1 Beccles Town
Corton 1-1 Newmarket Town (Corton won 5-3 on penalties)
Corton 0-2 Whitton United
Ipswich Wanderers 4-0 Crane Sports
Final (@ Brantham Athletic, 10/5/13)
Whitton United v Ipswich Wanderers

Suffolk Senior Reserve Cup (last checked 14/4)
Round 1
Hadleigh United reserves 6-0 Wickham Market reserves
Stowmarket Town reserves 6-0 Leiston St Margarets reserves
Round 2
Ipswich Wanderers reserves 7-0 Haverhill Rovers reserves
Woodbridge Town 6-0 Beccles Town
Ipswich Valley Rangers reserves w/o-scr Corton reserves
East Bergholt United reserves 2-5 Kirkley & Pakefield reserves
Brandon Town reserves scr-w/o Leiston reserves
Melton St Audrys reserves 4-0 Ipswich Athletic reserves
Needham Market reserves 4-0 Grundisburgh reserves
Haughley United reserves 0-1 Felixstowe & Walton United reserves
Long Melford reserves 0-1 AFC Sudbury reserves
Stanton reserves 8-2 Newmarket Town reserves
Stowmarket Town reserves 1-4 Walsham-le-Willows reserves
Felixstowe United reserves 1-5 Achilles reserves
Hadleigh United reserves 5-0 Capel Plough reserves
Crane Sports 0-1 Coplestonians reserves
Brantham Athletic reserves 5-1 Old Newton United reserves
Lowestoft Town reserves 3-2 Whitton United reserves
Round 3
Leiston reserves 5-3 Needham Market reserves
Lowestoft Town reserves 1-2 Felixstowe & Walton United reserves
Ipswich Wanderers reserves 4-1 Melton St Audrys reserves
Achilles reserves 4-3 Stanton reserves
Woodbridge Town reserves 3-2 Brantham Athletic reserves
Coplestonians reserves 0-3 Hadleigh United reserves
Ipswich Valley Rangers reserves 0-11 AFC Sudbury reserves
Kirkley & Pakefield reserves 2-0 Walsham-le-Willows reserves
Quarter Finals
Kirkley & Pakefield reserves 2-1 Leiston reserves
Woodbridge Town reserves 3-5 Ipswich Wanderers reserves
AFC Sudbury reserves 2-1 Felixstowe & Walton United reserves
Hadleigh United reserves 1-0 Achilles reserves
AFC Sudbury reserves 1-0 Ipswich Wanderers reserves
Kirkley & Pakefield reserves 3-2 Hadleigh United reserves
Final (@ Brantham Athletic, 10/5/13)
AFC Sudbury reserves v Kirkley & Pakefield reserves

Suffolk Primary Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Kesgrave Kestrels 0-9 Westerfield United reserves
Copelstonians "A" 3-0 AFC Titans
Trimley Red Devils reserves 6-0 Sproughton Sports reserves
Felixstowe Harpers 3-2 Tattingstone United
East Bergholt United "A" 4-2 Chantry Grasshoppers
Woolverstone United 6-6 Bramford Road Old Boys reserves (Woolverstone United won 4-3 on penalties)
Bramford United reserves 3-5 Henley Athletic reserves
Waterside reserves 0-1 Ransome Sports reserves
Adhara 2-1 Sproughton United
WEMP 4-0 Southwold Town
Carlton Rangers reserves 2-3 Waveney Gunners 04
Wenhaston United reserves 1-0 DK Consultants reserves
Halesworth Town 7-1 Stanford Arms
Payton 4-2 Spexhall Huntsman & Hounds reserves
Beccles Caxton reserves 4-2 Crusaders
Waveney reserves 2-1 Mutford & Wrentham
Electro Tec 1-5 Oxford Arms reserves
Carlton Colville Town 3-2 Gunton United
Somersham 3-1 Kedington
Acton Crown 4-3 AFC Sudbury "A"
Bures United reserves 4-2 Punch 68
Cockfield United 0-9 Thurlow Royal Exchange
Glemsford & Cavendish United reserves 4-0 Hundon reserves
Thurston reserves 2-4 Black Boy
Beck Row reserves 0-6 Sporting 87 reserves
Ram Meadow reserves 2-5 Lakenheath Casuals
Studlands Park SC 2-6 Exning Athletic
Bury Rovers 1-7 Red Lodge
Barton Mills scr-w/o Elmswell
Framlingham Town reserves 0-8 AFC Hoxne reserves
Ufford Sports 4-1 Saxmundham Sports reserves
Bacton United 89 reserves 2-4 AFC Crowley reserves
Stradbroke United 0-1 Redgrave Rangers
Sizewell Associates 2-6 Old Newton United "A"
Great Blakenham 5-0 Mendlesham reserves
Benhall St Mary 5-1 Salvation Army
Round 2
Henley Athletic reserves 9-2 RF Saints
Westhall 07 3-2 Shotley
Bungay Town reserves 6-0 St Clements Hospital
Carlton Colville Town 1-4 Coddenham reserves
Old Newton United "A" 1-0 Stonham Aspal reserves
Lakenheath Casuals 1-3 Clare Town reserves
Walsham-le-Willows "A" 1-3 Exning Athletic
Wickhambrook 0-2 Halesworth Town
Bildeston Rangers 4-1 Elmswell
Great Blakenham 4-0 Claydon reserves
Tacket Street Boys Brigade Old Boys 7-1 Witnesham Wasps
Beccles Caxton reserves 1-8 Telecom Rovers
Factory Arms 2-0 Corton Seltic reserves
Wortham 2-5 Black Boy
Trimley Red Devils reserves 3-2 Elephant & Castle
Aldeburgh Town 4-2 Waveney reserves
Payton 3-6 Kirkley & Pakefield "B"
Mildenhall United 1-1 Wenhaston United reserves (Mildenhall United won 4-3 on penalties)
Bures United reserves 0-2 Stoke by Nayland reserves
Ufford Sports 0-1 Cedars Park
FC Eastport 2-0 East Bergholt United "A"
Red Lodge w/o-scr Willis reserves
Haverhill Rovers "A" 0-5 AFC Crowley reserves
Thurlow Royal Exchange 8-1 St Johns reserves
Ransomes Sports reserves 6-0 Woolverstone United
Felixstowe Harpers 4-0 Sporting 87 reserves
AFC Hoxne reserves 3-0 Adhara
WEMP 1-5 Benhall St Mary
Redgrave Rangers 2-4 Westerfield United reserves
Oxford Arms reserves 4-2 Acton Crown
Coplestonians "A" 6-1 Waveney Gunners 04
Somersham 4-1 Glemsford & Cavendish United reserves
Round 3
FC Eastport 3-7 AFC Crowley reserves
Mildenhall United w/o-scr Westerfield United reserves
Somersham 9-0 Coddenham reserves
Thurlow Royal Exchange 4-0 Felixstowe Harpers
Westhall 07 0-8 AFC Hoxne reserves
Old Newton United "A" 6-2 Clare Town reserves
Exning Athletic 10-1 Henley Athletic reserves
Kirkley & Pakefield "B" 2-0 Oxford Arms reserves
Cedars Park 3-1 Benhall St Mary
Red Lodge 2-1 Bungay Town reserves
Stoke by Nayland reserves 3-5 Black Boy
Factory Arms 6-8 Telecom Rovers
Trimley Red Devils reserves 2-3 Aldeburgh Town
Tacket Street Boys Brigade Old Boys 2-1 Great Blakenham
Coplestonians "A" 5-2 Bildeston Rangers
Ransomes Sports reserves 0-3 Halesworth Town
Round 4
Black Boy 1-6 Cedars Park
Old Newton United "A" 1-4 AFC Hoxne reserves
AFC Crowley reserves 0-4 Thurlow Royal Exchange
Telecom Rovers 2-5 Tacket Street Boys Brigade Old Boys
Kirkley & Pakefield "B" 0-1 Aldeburgh Town
Red Lodge 5-0 Halesworth Town
Somersham 3-1 Exning Athletic
Coplestonians "A" 3-0 Mildenhall United
Quarter Finals
Copelstonians 0-1 Somersham
Cedars Park 2-2 Thurlow Royal Exchange (Cedars Park won 4-3 on penalties)
Aldeburgh Town 2-0 Tacket Street Boys Brigade Old Boys
AFC Hoxne reserves 1-2 Red Lodge
Somersham 0-1 Red Lodge (@ Haverhill Rovers)
Aldeburgh Town 3-4 Cedars Park (@ Henley Athletic)
Final (@ Walsham-le-Willows, 19/4/13)
Cedars Park 1-3 Red Lodge

Surrey Saturday Senior Cup (last checked 22/4)
Round 1
Ash United 0-2 Ashford Town (Middx)
Walton Casuals 4-3 Raynes Park Vale
Chertsey Town 1-3 Walton & Hersham
Camberley Town 1-2 Farnham Town
Round 2
Tooting & Mitcham United 0-1 Lingfield
AFC Wimbledon 1-0 Ashford Town (Middx)
Guildford City 1-5 Chipstead
Croydon 2-2 Horley Town (Horley Town won 3-0 on penalties)
Dorking 1-3 Colliers Wood United
Walton Casuals 1-2 Carshalton Athletic
Chessington & Hook United 2-3 Godalming Town
Beckenham Town 1-6 Egham Town
Epsom & Ewell 1-4 Leatherhead
Kingstonian 1-2 Corinthian-Casuals
Merstham 2-5 Woking
Molesey 2-0 Badshot Lea
Farnham Town 2-1 Redhill
Sutton United 5-2 Whyteleafe
South Park 1-2 Metropolitan Police
Dorking Wanderers 1-0 Walton & Hersham
Round 3
Molesey 3-2 Colliers Wood United
Metropolitan Police 3-0 Egham Town
Corinthian-Casuals 0-0 Sutton United (Sutton United won 4-3 on penalties)
Carshalton Athletic 2-4 Chipstead
AFC Wimbledon 4-1 Horley Town
Lingfield 1-2 Leatherhead
Farnham Town 0-5 Woking (@ Woking)
Dorking Wanderers 0-6 Godalming Town
Quarter Finals
Metropolitan Police 4-2 Leatherhead
Sutton United 6-2 Molesey
Chipstead 1-2 AFC Wimbledon
Godalming Town 1-1 Woking (Godalming Town won 2-0 on penalties)
Semi-Finals (2nd SF 11 Apr)
AFC Wimbledon 2-5 Sutton United
Godalming Town 2-1 Metropolitan Police
Final (@ Sutton United, 8/5/13)
Sutton United v Godalming Town

Surrey Saturday Premier Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Colliers Wood United reserves 2-3 Old Wilsonians
Round 2
Chessington & Hook United reserves 3-1 Banstead Athletic
Warlingham 2-1 Camberley Town reserves
Worcester Park 2-3 Cobham
Frimley Green 2-1 Dorkinians
Lingfield reserves 0-2 Merton
Molesey reserves 0-2 Metropolitan Police reserves
Redhill reserves 2-5 Staines Lammas
Leatherhead reserves 2-2 Sheerwater (Sheerwater won 8-7 on penalties)
Shene Old Grammarians 0-1 Westfield
South Park reserves 0-4 Raynes Park Vale reserves
Farleigh Rovers 4-1 Knaphill
Old Wilsonians 4-1 Epsom Athletic
Dorking Wanderers reserves 0-9 Walton & Hersham reserves
Farnham Town reserves 2-3 Walton Casuals reserves
Mole Valley SCR 4-0 Ash United
Carshalton Athletic reserves 3-3 Corinthian-Casuals reserves (Carshalton Athletic reserves won 5-4 on penalties)
Round 3
Walton Casuals reserves 3-1 Frimley Green
Merton 1-3 Warlingham
Cobham 1-2 Westfield
Carshalton Athletic reserves 0-2 Old Wilsonians
Mole Valley SCR 4-2 Walton & Hersham reserves
Chessington & Hook United reserves v Raynes Park Vale reserves (tie awarded to Raynes Park Vale reserves)
Staines Lammas 5-4 Metropolitan Police reserves
Farleigh Rovers 3-2 Sheerwater
Quarter Finals
Old Wilsonians 1-2 Walton Casuals reserves
Westfield 3-0 Warlingham
Mole Valley SCR 4-1 Farleigh Rovers
Staines Lammas 3-1 Raynes Park Vale reserves
Mole Valley SCR 2-5 Walton Casuals reserves
Westfield 2-4 Staines Lammas (tie awarded to Westfield)
Final (@ Carshalton Athletic, 19/3/13)
Walton Casuals reserves 2-1 Westfield
Surrey Intermediate Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Abbey Rangers 1-0 Shottermill & Haslemere
Bookham 3-2 West End Village
Brockham 7-0 AC Malden
Claygate & Ditton 1-1 Battersea Ironsides (Claygate & Ditton won 5-4 on penalties)
Cranleigh 2-1 Tolworth Athletic
Crescent Rovers 2-1 Cheam Village Warriors
Croygas Phoenix scr-w/o Coulsdon Town
Elm Grove Seniors 1-5 Bagshot
Epsom Athletic reserves 4-5 Lightwater United
Farleigh Rovers reserves 1-5 Frimley Green reserves
Fulham Deaf 3-5 Real Holmesdale
Hale Rovers 2-3 Chobham Burymead
Kerria Knights 4-5 Westside
Knaphill Athletic 5-0 Mole Valley SCR reserves
Merton reserves 1-2 Horsley
Milford & Witley 1-0 Worcester Park reserves
Old Boys Clapham 3-2 Ashtead
Old Rutlishians 2-4 Westfield reserves
Oxted & District 4-7 AFC Molesey
Reigate Priory 5-3 Virginia Water
Ripley Village 4-2 Royal Holloway Old Boys
Shalford 1-6 Merrow
Sheerwater reserves 1-4 Pyrford
Sutton High 2-3 Chiddingfold
Tongham 0-1 Project Clapham
Unis Old Boys 0-8 Cobham reserves
Warlingham reserves 1-3 Shalford Social
Westminster Casuals 10-10 Dormansland Rockets (Westminster Casuals won 3-2 on penalties)
Weston Green Sports 1-3 Trinity
Windlesham United 2-2 Worplesdon Phoenix (Windlesham won 4-2 on penalties)
Woking & Horsell w/o-scr Staines Lammas reserves
Round 2
Abbey Rangers 0-1 Westminster Casuals
Bagshot w/o-scr Reigate Priory
Chiddingfold 2-1 Windlesham United
Chobham Burymead 3-6 Real Holmesdale
Cobham reserves 3-1 Cranleigh
Crescent Rovers 1-3 Coulsdon Town
Frimley Green reserves 3-2 Project Clapham
Horsley 6-0 Knaphill Athletic
Merrow 7-2 Lightwater United
Milford & Witley 3-1 Millmead
Pyrford 2-6 AFC Molesey
Shalford Social 1-2 Brockham
Trinity 2-0 Ripley Village
Wesrtfield reserves w/o-scr Claygate & Ditton
Westside 2-3 Bookham
Woking & Horsell 1-10 Old Boys Clapham
Round 3
Bagshot 5-8 AFC Molesey
Brockham 0-5 Real Holmesdale
Chiddingfold 0-1 Cobham reserves
Coulsdon Town 3-4 Merrow
Frimley Green reserves 0-5 Old Boys Clapham
Horsley 2-0 Bookham
Westfield reserves 1-2 Milford & Witley
Westminster Casuals 0-1Trinity
Quarter Finals
Horsley 2-0 AFC Molesey
Merrow 3-0 Cobham reserves
Milford & Witley 1-2 Old Boys Clapham
Trinity 1-1 Real Holmesdale (Trinity won 4-3 on penalties)
Horsley 4-1 Trinity
Old Boys Clapham 1-4 Merrow
Final (@ Corinthian-Casuals, 24/4/13)
Horsley 0-1 Merrow

Sussex Roy Hayden Trophy (complete)
Final (@ Three Bridges, 7/8/12)
Whitehawk 4-1 Three Bridges

Sussex Senior Cup (Parafix) (last checked 14/4)
Round 1
East Grinstead Town 0-4 East Preston
St Francis Rangers 0-3 Hassocks
Broadbridge Heath 2-3 Peacehaven & Telscombe
Ringmer 3-4 Rye United
Pagham 3-0 Rustington
Southwick 2-0 Wick
Little Common 3-3 Crowborough Athletic (Crowborough Athletic won 6-5 on penalties)
AFC Uckfield 3-2 Worthing United
Saltdean United 2-3 Newhaven
Storrington 2-0 Seaford Town
Eastbourne United Association 6-1 Midhurst & Easebourne
Mile Oak 0-1 Arundel
Horsham YMCA 2-1 Bexhill United
Steyning Town 6-3 Shoreham
Littlehampton Town 1-0 Westfield
Loxwood 6-4 Sidley United
Hailsham Town 2-3 Selsey
Chichester City 0-3 Oakwood
Round 2
Three Bridges 4-0 Arundel
Selsey 0-5 Bognor Regis Town
Loxwood 2-0 Horsham YMCA
Crowborough Athletic 4-2 Southwick
Hastings United 4-1 Pagham
Burgess Hill Town 1-4 Rye United
East Preston 5-3 Steyning Town
Brighton & Hove Albion 2-0 Worthing
Newhaven 5-1 Littlehampton Town
Lewes 1-2 Eastbourne United Association
Eastbourne Borough 1-0 Horsham
Lancing 6-0 Oakwood
Eastbourne Town 2-0 Crawley Down Gatwick
Storrington 1-5 Hassocks
Peacehaven & Telscombe 6-1 AFC Uckfield
Whitehawk 2-4 Crawley Town
Round 3
Three Bridges 4-0 Crowborough Athletic
East Preston 2-1 Rye United
Eastbourne Borough 2-0 Hassocks
Lancing 0-5 Brighton & Hove Albion
Loxwood 0-4 Eastbourne Town (@ Eastbourne Town)
Eastbourne United Association 3-4 Bognor Regis Town
Newhaven 0-1 Crawley Town
Peacehaven & Telscombe 1-2 Hastings United
Quarter Finals
Hastings United 3-0 Crawley Town
Bognor Regis Town 3-1 Eastbourne Borough
Brighton & Hove Albion 2-0 Three Bridges (@ Lancing)
Eastbourne Town 1-2 East Preston
Brighton & Hove Albion 3-2 East Preston (@ Worthing)
Bognor Regis Town 2-1 Hastings United (@ Lancing)
Final (@ Brighton & Hove Albion, 18/5/13)
Brighton & Hove Albion v Bognor Regis Town

Sussex RUR Charity Cup (last checked 10/4)
Round 1
Redhill 3-0 Rustington
Southwick 2-1 St Francis Rangers
Little Common 5-1 Steyning Town
Shoreham 3-3 Arundel (Shoreham won 3-2 on penalties)
AFC Uckfield 5-3 Wick
Pagham 3-1 Worthing United
Mile Oak 4-2 Seaford Town
Ringmer 0-1 East Grinstead Town
Round 2
Eastbourne United Association 3-1 Oakwood
East Grinstead Town 1-2 Lancing
Peacehaven & Telscombe 4-0 Horsham YMCA
Hailsham Town 0-5 Broadbridge Heath
Shoreham 1-2 Bexhill United
Selsey 4-0 Rye United
Sidley United v Newhaven (tie awarded to Newhaven)
East Preston 3-1 Chichester City
Storrington 2-0 Midhurst & Easebourne
Mile Oak 4-0 Saltdean United
Littlehampton Town 2-2 Loxwood (Littlehampton Town won 4-1 on penalties)
Hassocks 5-5 Little Common (Little Common won 4-3 on penalties)
Dorking Wanderers 2-1 Westfield
Crowborough Athletic 6-2 AFC Uckfield
Lingfield 2-1 Pagham
Redhill 3-2 Southwick
Round 3
Bexhill United 1-2 Broadbridge Heath
Storrington 2-5 Crowborough Athletic
Little Common 2-1 Mile Oak
Eastbourne United Association 4-2 Lingfield
Newhaven 1-0 Lancing
Peacehaven & Telscombe 3-0 Selsey
Littlehampton Town 3-2 Redhill
Dorking Wanderers 0-1 East Preston
Quarter Finals
Crowborough Athletic 2-1 Newhaven
Eastbourne United Association 2-3 Broadbridge Heath
Peacehaven & Telscombe 3-2 Littlehampton Town
Little Common 0-4 East Preston
East Preston 1-0 Peacehaven & Telscombe
Broadbridge Heath 2-0 Crowborough Athletic
Final (@ Lancing, 7/5/13)
Broadbridge Heath v East Preston

Sussex Intermediate Cup (Brighton Marquees)
Round 1
Shoreham 3-2 Lavant
East Grinstead Town 3-3 Worthing Leisure (Worthing Leisure won 13-12 on penalties)
O&G United v Hastings United reserves (tie awarded to Hastings United reserves)
Wick reserves 1-4 Hollington United
Phoenix United 4-3 Royal Hove
Whitehawk Veterans 0-4 Ferring
Hunston Community Club 2-3 CCK
Yapton 3-0 East Grinstead United
Wittering Untied w/o-scr Hailsham Town reserves
GSK Sports 1-4 Billingshurst
Storrington 1-2 Barns Green
Lancing United 1-0 Seaford Town reserves
Pagham reserves 1-6 Ringmer reserves
East Dean 4-2 Horsham YMCA reserves
Chichester City reserves 11-0 Worthing Dynamos
Old Varndeanians 0-4 Eastbourne Borough reserves
Holbrook 1-2 Roffey
Steyning Town reserves 1-4 Eastbourne United Association reserves
Peacehaven Academicals w/o-scr Crawley Down Gatwick “A”
Rye United reserves 7-4 Ovingdean
Langney Wanderers 2-0 Upper Beeding
West Chiltington 4-1 Newhaven reserves
St Francis Rangers reserves 0-2 Hair Razors
AFC Uckfield reserves 0-4 Lancing reserves
TD Shipley 0-4 Peacehaven & Telcombe reserves
Selsey reserves 5-1 Henfield
Montpelier Villa 5-1 Littlehampton Town reserves
Sidley United reserves 3-1 Midhurst & Easebourne reserves
Cowfold 3-2 Bexhill United reserves
Southwick reserves 4-1 Broadbridge Heath reserves
Turners Hill 0-1 Peche Hill Select
Sidlesham 14-0 Westfield reserves
Hurstpierpoint 1-3 Crowborough Athletic reserves
Round 2
Clymping 2-1 Ninfield United
East Preston reserves 1-5 Montpelier Villa
Southwater 4-5 West Chiltington
Portslade Athletic v Lancing United – Match abandoned
Uckfield Town 9-2 CCK
Selsey reserves 2-1 Willingdon Athletic
Hooe Sports w/o-scr Saltdean United reserves
Rottingdean Village 1-2 Hassocks reserves
Wittering Untied 2-1 Lindfield
Peacehaven United 3-1 Rye United
St Leonards Social 4-1 Mile Oak reserves
Ifield 4-2 Barns Green
Cowfold 4-1 Ticehurst
Watersfield scr-w/o Eastbourne Town reserves
Hair Razors 2-4 Haywards Heath Town
Petworth 3-0 AFC Stanley
Newtown Villa 2-0 Broadwater Athletic
Rustington reserves 1-10 Worthing Leisure
White Knight 4-2 Peche Hill Select
Bosham 5-0 Ringmer reserves
Polegate Town 3-2 Barnham
Hastings United reserves 3-2 Loxwood reserves
Lancing reserves 4-2 Arundel reserves
Phoenix United 6-2 Eastbourne Untied Association reserves
Roffey 4-2 Sidlesham
Eastbourne Borough reserves 4-4 Hollington United (Eastbourne Borough reserves won 4-3 on penalties)
Billingshurst 3-2 Peacehaven Academicals
Ferring 3-2 Crowborough Athletic reserves
East Dean 3-1 Chichester City reserves
Langney Wanderers 6-0 Peacehaven & Telscombe reserves
Southwick reserves 4-1 Sidley United reserves
Shoreham reserves 1-3 Yapton
Round 2 Replay
Lancing United 1-5 Portslade Athletic
Round 3
Wittering United 1-0 Hastings United reserves
Billingshurst 4-2 Petworth
Hassocks reserves 4-0 Newtown Villa
Hooe Sports 1-9 Cowfold
Yapton 0-0 Clymping (Clymping won 4-1 on penalties)
White Knight 3-2 Ferring
Polegate Town 0-3 Haywards Heath Town
Montpelier Villa 6-1 Eastbourne Borough reserves
Bosham 4-6 Lancing reserves
Langney Wanderers 9-1 East Dean
Eastbourne Town reserves 3-1 Uckfield Town
Ifield 3-1 Southwick reserves
Selsey reserves 2-1 Worthing Leisure
Portslade Athletic 3-3 Roffey (Roffey won 4-2 on penalties)
St Leonards Social 5-0 Phoenix United
Peacehaven United 7-0 West Chiltington
Round 4
Cowfold 4-1 White Knight
Hassocks reserves 3-1 Lancing reserves
Wittering United 2-1 St Leonards Social
Haywards Heath Town v Selsey reserves (tie awarded to Haywards Heath Town)
Peacehaven United 3-1 Eastbourne Town reserves
Langney Wanderers 4-0 Roffey
Clymping 2-1 Ifield
Montpelier Villa 2-3 Billingshurst
Quarter Finals
Peacehaven United 2-3 Langney Wanderers
Clymping 2-3 Hassocks reserves
Wittering United 2-1 Cowfold
Haywards Heath Town 2-1 Billingshurst
Langney Wanderers 2-3 Hassocks reserves
Wittering United 0-1 Haywards Heath Town
Final (@ Lancing, 16/4/13)
Hassocks reserves 1-2 Haywards Heath Town
Westmorland Senior Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Wetheriggs United 6-3 Penrith reserves
Carvetii United 2-3 Kendal United
Burton Thistle 0-7 Kendal County
Unisun Athletic 1-2 Keswick
Sedbergh Wanderers 4-5 Shap
Langwathby United 3-2 Burneside
Eden Thistle 2-1 Coniston
Kirkoswald 3-2 Kendal Celtic
Arnside v Esthwaite Vale United (tie awarded to Esthwaite Vale United)
Penrith Rangers 6-0 Kirkby Lonsdale
Staveley United 2-0 Ibis
Penrith Saints 1-7 Lunesdale United
Round 2
Ambleside United w/o-scr Penrith Rangers
Appleby 3-1 Kendal Town reserves
Shap 1-3 Corinthians
Lunesdale United 4-3 Kirkoswald
Eden Thistle 3-9 Kendal United
Langwathby United 0-7 Kendal County
Staveley United 2-3 Keswick
Esthwate Vale United 0-7 Wetheriggs United
Quarter Finals
Keswick 3-0 Wetheriggs United
Corinthians 1-2 Kendal United
Kendal County 3-0 Ambleside United
Lunesdale United 2-3 Appleby
Kendal United 1-3 Kendal County
Keswick 5-3 Appleby
Final (@ Kendal Town, 20/4/13)
Keswick 1-2 Kendal County

Westmorland Benevolent Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Dent 3-6 Greystoke
Coniston 3-8 Lunesdale United
Wetheriggs United w/o-scr Corinthians
Penrith Rangers v Sedbergh Wanderers (tie awarded to Penrith Rangers)
Round 2
Penrith reserves 2-7 Ambleside United reserves
Kirkoswald 1-2 Appleby
Burneside 2-5 Penrith Rangers
Carvetii United 0-3 Keswick
Staveley United 1-0 Langwathby United
Kendal Celtic scr-w/o Kendal United
Wetheriggs United 1-2 Unisun Athletic
Greystoke 1-8 Lunesdale United
Quarter Finals
Kendal United 0-1 Appleby
Unisun Athletic 0-1 Penrith Rangers
Keswick v Staveley United (tie awarded to Keswick)
Lunesdale United 2-2 Ambleside United reserves (Ambleside United reserves won 6-5 on penalties)
Ambleside United reserves 0-3 Kendal United
Penrith Rangers 1-2 Keswick
Final (@ Kendal Town, 23/4/13)
Kendal United 0-3 Keswick

West Riding County Cup (last checked 15/3)
Round 1
Goole 1-0 Pontefract Collieries
Yorkshire Amateur 2-5 Harrogate Railway Athletic
Armthorpe Welfare 1-4 Barnoldswick Town
Knaresborough Town 3-2 Brighouse Town
Farsley 1-4 Albion Sports
Silsden w/o-scr Askern Villa
Thackley 1-2 Tadcaster Albion
Wakefield 1-5 Ossett Town
Ossett Albion 2-0 Selby Town
Garforth Town 3-5 Liversedge
Round 2
Tadcaster Albion 2-1 Eccleshill United
Ossett Albion 0-1 Harrogate Town
Albion Sports 3-0 Glasshoughton Welfare
Ossett Town 3-2 Goole Town
Liversedge 0-7 FC Halifax Town
Guiseley 4-1 Bradford Park Avenue
Harrogate Railway Athletic 4-3 Barnoldswick Town
Silsden 0-3 Knaresborough Town
Quarter Finals
Ossett Town 2-1 Knaresborough Town
Albion Sports 0-2 FC Halifax Town
Harrogate Railway Athletic 3-2 Tadcaster Albion
Harrogate Town 0-5 Guiseley
Guiseley 5-0 Harrogate Railway Athletic
FC Halifax Town 1-0 Ossett Town (@ Ossett Town)
Final (@ Bradford City, 14/5/13)
Guiseley v FC Halifax Town

West Riding Challenge Cup (last checked 7/4)
Round 1
Stanningley Old Boys 4-2 Northowram
Otley Town 1-2 Uppermill
Ventus/Yeadon Celtic 1-3 Westbrook YMCA
Tyersal w/o-scr Bronte Wanderers
Hunsworth 3-2 Campion
Wyke Wanderers 2-1 Salts
Harlow Hill 3-5 Gildersome Sports OB
Ovenden West Riding 6-2 Lepton Highlanders
Salem 2-3 Leeds City
Elland Allstars 1-4 Moldgreen
St Bedes 6-2 Holmfield
Elland United 2-4 North East Leeds
Brighouse Town reserves 2-4 Marsden
Huddersfield Amateur 1-2 Robin Hood Athletic
Liversedge reserves 2-4 Boroughbridge
East End Park WMC 4-1 FC Headingley
Ripon City 2-3 Collingham Old Boys
Warley Rangers 0-2 Hunslet Club
Glasshoughton Welfare reserves 1-2 Bramley Juniors Old Boys
Wibsey 1-0 Barnoldswick Town reserves
Grassington United 3-2 Silsden reserves
Greetland 0-3 Springhead
Lower Hopton 5-2 Burley Trojans
Tingley Athletic 2-4 Storthes Hall
Rothwell 3-0 Pool
Pontefract Collieries reserves 2-4 Wadsworth United
COwling 2-2 Horbury Town (Horbury Town won 4-2 on penalties)
Overthorpe SC 1-7 Bainbridge
Copley United 0-4 White Horse Church Fenton
Old Headingley 1-2 Newsome
Littletown 8-0 Denholme United
Kirk Deighton Rangers 2-4 Carlton Athletic
Steeton 1-3 Whitkirk Wanderers
Round 2
Wetherby Athletic 2-5 Stanningly Old Boys
Swillington Saints Welfare 0-3 Uppermill
Westbrook YMCA 1-4 Teversal
Hunsworth 2-3 Wyke Wanderers
Gildersome Spurs OB 2-4 Ovenden West Riding
Leeds City 11-1 Moldgreen
St Bedes 1-4 Rimington
North East Leeds 5-6 Golcar United
Marsden 2-0 Old Centralians
FC RIASA 2-3 Pannal Sports
Ryburn United 7-1 Shelf United
Brighouse Old Boys 6-2 Halifax Irish Centre
Berry Brow 4-5 Oxenhope Recreation
Altofts 3-1 Knaresborough Town
Sherburn White Rose 3-0 Thackley reserves
Bardsey 3-1 Beeston St Anthony
Field w/o-scr Albion Sports reserves
Carleton Sports Club 3-3 Halifax Irish Club (Carleton Sports Club won 5-4 on penalties)
Alwoodley 4-1 Shire Academics
Bay Athletic 3-1 Ossett Albion reserves
Rolls 3-1 Ealandians
Selby RSSC 1-0 Baildon Trinity Athletic
Robin Hood Athletic 5-2 Boroughbridge
East End Park WMC 4-2 Collingham Old Boys
Hunslet Club 9-1 Bramley Juniors Old Boys
Wibsey 3-1 Grassington United
Springhead 1-0 Lower Hopton
Storthes Hall 1-2 Rothwell
Wadsworth United scr-w/o Horbury Town
Bainbridge 2-3 White Horse Church Fenton
Newsome 5-1 Littletown
Carlton Athletic 1-3 Whitkirk Wanderers
Round 3
Stanningley Old Boys 3-2 Uppermill
Tyersal 2-1 Wyke Wanderers
Ovenden West Riding 5-2 Leeds City
Rimington 5-0 Golcar United
Marsden 4-2 Pannal Sports
Ryburn United 1-5 Brighouse Old Boys
Oxenhope Recreation 13-2 Altofts
Sherburn White Rose 0-4 Bardsey
Field 2-1 Carleton Sports Club
Alwoodley 2-6 Bay Athletic
Rolls 4-5 Selby RSSC
Robin Hood Athletic 6-3 East End Park WMC
Hunslet Club 5-4 Wibsey
Springhead 3-0 Rothwell
Horbury Town 3-1 White Horse Church Fenton
Newsome 14-0 Whitkirk Wanderers
Round 4
Stanningley Old Boys 0-3 Tyersal
Ovenden West Riding 2-3 Rimington
Marsden 4-6 Brighouse Old Boys
Oxenhope Recreation 1-5 Bardsey
Field 1-1 Bay Athletic (Bay Athletic won 5-4 on penalties)
Selby RSSC 1-2 Robin Hood Athletic
Hunslet Club 0-3 Springhead
Horbury Town 2-0 Newsome
Quarter Finals
Tyersal 4-6 Rimington
Brighouse Old Boys 1-3 Bardsey
Bay Athletic 2-1 Robin Hood Athletic
Springhead 2-1 Horbury Town
Rimington 1-0 Bardsey
Bay Athletic 4-1 Springhead
Final (@ :Leeds United, 3/5/13)
Rimington v Bay Athletic

Wiltshire Premier Shield
Not being contested 2012-13?

Wiltshire Senior Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Wootton Bassett Town 7-2 New College Swindon
Wroughton 0-1 Amesbury Town
Pewsey Vale 3-0 Ludgershall Sports
Warminster Town 2-4 Trowbridge Town
Downton 1-0 Purton
Bradford Town 4-2 Southbrook
Malmesbury Victoria 1-3 Cricklade Town
Devizes Town 3-1 Marlborough Town
Corsham Town 6-0 SKS Blyskawica
Round 2
Bemerton Heath Harlequins 3-1 Calne Town
Melksham Town 2-1 Highworth Town
Laverstock & Ford 1-3 Cricklade Town
Westbury United 3-0 Wootton Bassett Town
Devizes Town 1-1 Downton (Downton won 2-1 on penalties)
Pewsey Vale 0-2 Shrewton United
Bradford Town 1-0 Trowbridge Town
Corsham Town 12-0 Amesbury Town
Quarter Finals
Shrewton United 2-3 Cricklade Town
Melksham Town 2-3 Bradford Town (tie awarded to Melksham Town)
Westbury United 0-3 Bemerton Heath Harlequins
Corsham Town 0-2 Downton
Bemerton Heath Harlequins 2-2 Melksham Town (@ Warminster Town, Melksham Town won 4-3 on penalties)
Cricklade Town 2-5 Downton (@ Devizes Town)
Final (@ Chippenham Town, 20/4/13)
Melksham Town 2-0 Downton

Worcestershire Senior Cup (Complete)
Round 1
Redditch United 3-1 Worcester City
Stourbridge 3-0 Evesham United
Kidderminster Harriers 1-2 Redditch United
Final (@ Worcester City, 23/4/13)
Redditch United 0-0 Stourbridge (Stourbridge won 4-3 on penalties)

Worcestershire Senior Urn (last checked 21/4)
Round 1
Bromsgrove Sporting 2-0 Littleton
Alvechurch 2-1 Stourport Swifts
Quarter Finals
Studley 3-0 Lye Town
Malvern Town 1-4 Bromsgrove Sporting
Pershore Town 1-0 Dudley Sports
Bewdley Town 0-3 Alvechurch
Semi-Finals (9 Apr)
Bromsgrove Sporting 1-1 Pershore Town (Pershore Town won 4-3 on penalties)
Alvechurch 2-1 Studley
Final (@ ?, 3/5/13)
Pershore Town v Alvechurch

Central Wales Challenge Cup
Round 1
Cardigan 2-1 Abermule
Round 2
Bettws 1-10 Knighton
Bont 2-7 Rhosgoch
Kerry w/o-scr Brecon
Llandrindod Wells 5-0 Newtown
Llanfair United 6-0 Llanfair
Llangedwyn 0-2 Hay St Mary's
Presteigne 7-2 Maesglas
Talgarth w/o-scr Newcastle Emlyn
Tregaron Turfs 3-2 Aberystwyth Town
Cardigan 4-1 Llanfyllin
Machynlleth 3-4 New Quay
Round 3
Aberaeron 5-3 Tregaron Turfs
Four Crosses 2-3 Hay St Mary's
Guilsfield 2-0 Berriew
Llandrindod Wells 1-5 Montgomery
Llanfair United 5-0 Knighton
Llanidloes Town 1-1 Penrhyncoch (Llanidloes Town won 5-4 on penalties)
Llanrhaedr 3-2 Dyffryn Banw
Rhayader Town 8-0 Kerry
Talgarth 4-6 Llansantffraid
Waterloo 5-1 Newbridge
Welshpool 1-2 Carno
Caersws 12-0 Dolgellau
Twywn Bryncrug 2-1 Rhosgoch
Bow Street 4-0 New Quay
Presteigne 1-2 Aberystwyth University
Round 4
Rhayader Town 4-2 Builth Wells
Llansantffraid 0-1 Carno
Guilsfield 5-0 Hay St Mary's
Llanfair United 3-2 Caersws
Llanrhaedr 1-1 Montgomery (Montgomery won 4-2 on penalties)
Waterloo 9-2 Bow Street
Aberystwyth University 1-2 Aberaeron
Tywyn Bryncrug 5-5 Llanidloes Town (Tywyn/Bryncrug won 4-2 on penalties)
Quarter Finals
Guilsfield 5-0 Carno
Llanfair United 1-3 Rhayader Town
Aberaeron 3-2 Waterloo
Montgomery 2-3 Tywyn Bryncrug
Semi-Finals (2nd 15 May)
Aberaeron 2-1 Rhayader Town
Guilsfield v Tywyn Bryncrug (@ Llanidloes Town)

Gwent Senior Cup (last checked 28/4)
Round 1
Newport Civil Service 0-5 Monmouth Town
Treowen Stars 2-4 Croesyceiliog
Undy Athletic 2-0 Newport YMCA
Newport County scr-w/o Aberbargoed Buds
Goytre 4-1 Tredegar Town
Caldicot Town 4-3 Chepstow Town
Abertillery Bluebirds 0-3 Caerleon
Risca United 1-2 Cwmbran Celtic
Quarter Finals
Monmouth Town 5-1 Croesyceiliog (@ Croesyceiliog)
Undy Athletic 0-1 Aberbargoed Buds
Goytre 2-3 Caldicot Town (@ Caldicot Town)
Caerleon 1-2 Cwmbran Celtic (@ Cwmbran Celtic)
Monmouth Town 3-4 Aberbargoed Buds
Caldicot Town 2-1 Cwmbran Celtic
Final (@ Goytre, 7/5/13)
Aberbargoed Buds v Caldicot Town

Gwent Amateur Cup (last checked 28/4)
Preliminary Round
STNP 6-2 Newport Eagles
Nantyglo 5-2 Tredegar Arms
Mathern Wanderers 12-0 Oakfield Inn
PFS Athletic 1-2 Cwmcarn Athletic
Brynmawr 8-1 Hafodyrynys Inn
Round 1
Rockfield Rangers 1-2 Abertillery Excelsiors
Fleur-de-Lys 2-5 Pentwynmawr Athletic
Abergavenny Thursdays 1-4 Lliswerry
Blaenavon Blues 1-2 Govilon
Cwm 3-2 The Oak
Trethomas Bluebirds 3-1 Spencer Youth & Boys
Crosskeys 0-9 PILCS
Cefn Forest 3-2 New Inn
Clydach Wasps 2-3 Nantyglo
Mathern Wanderers 3-8 AC Pontymister
Villa Dino/Christchurch 8-1 Brymnawr
Tredegar Athletic 2-3 Tranch
Thornwell Red & White 2-4 Trinant
Cwmbran Town 11-0 Portskewett & Sudbrook
Albion Rovers 5-0 Race
Ponthir 2-3 Llanhilleth Athletic
Newport Corinthians 2-0 West of St Julians
Sebastopol 4-3 Graig-y-Rhacca
Sudbrook Cricket Club 0-6 Blackbrook Rovers
Infusion Sports Bar 0-7 Cromwell
Pontypool Town 0-11 Malpas United
Wattsville 5-1 Athletico Cwmbran
Ynysddu Crusaders 4-3 Lucas Cwmbran
Marshfield 10-0 FC Rileys
Cwmffrwdoer Sports 3-2 Underwood Social Club
RTB Ebbw Vale 4-2 STNP
Rogerstone 2-6 Machen Athletic
Garnlydan 0-4 Panteg
Rhymney 4-5 Pill
Mardy 2-6 Whiteheads
Abercarn Athletic 1-0 Cwmcarn Athletic
Coed Eva Athletic 4-2 Fairfield United
Round 2
Llanhilleth Athletic 0-6 Lliswerry
Blackrock Rovers 3-1 Albion Rovers (tie awarded to Albion Rovers)
Whiteheads 1-2 Malpas United
Cwmffrwdoer Sports 1-0 Marshfield
Tranch 4-2 Machen Athletic
Govilon 8-1 Trinant
Panteg 3-1 Abercarn Athletic
Pill 3-2 Cromwell
Pentwynmawr Athletic 1-3 Nantyglo
PILCS 3-3 Cwmbran Town (PILCS won 3-2 on penalties)
Cwm 3-2 Cefn Forest
Newport Corinthians 3-3 AC Pontymister (AC Pontymister won 3-2 on penalties)
Ynysddu Crusaders 6-0 Sebastopol
Abertillery Excelsiors 3-0 Villa Dino/Christchurch
Trethomas Bluebirds 6-1 RTB Ebbw Vale
Wattsville 2-3 Coed Eva Athletic
Round 3
Pill 2-3 Cwm
Ynysddu Crusaders 1-2 Nanyglo
Lliswerry 5-1 PILCS
AC Pontymister 7-1 Tranch
Panteg 1-2 Govilon
Albion Rovers 2-1 Abertillery Excelsiors
Coed Eva Athletic 4-7 Cwmffrwdoer Sports
Malpas United 2-1 Trethomas Bluebirds
Quarter Finals
Cwm 0-4 Cwmffrwdoer Sports
Lliswerry 3-0 Govilon
Malpas United 3-4 AC Pontymister
Albion Rovers 4-1 Nantyglo
Semi-Finals (2nd SF 18 Apr???)
Albion Rovers 1-4 Cwmffrwdoer Sports (@ Aberbargoed Buds)
AC Pontymister v Lliswerry (@ Risca United)
Final (@ Aberbargoed Buds, 4/5/13)
Cwmffrwdoer Sports v Lliswerry

North East Wales FA Saturday Challenge Cup (last checked 28/4)
Preliminary Round
AFC Brynford 4-3 Acrefair
Round 1
FC Nomads 6-1 New Brighton Villa
Greenfield 6-2 Rhos Aelwyd
Llangollen Town 3-1 Gresford Athletic
CPD Sychdyn 0-2 CPD Llanwuchllyn
Johnstown Colts 0-5 Connah's Quay Tigers
Llay Miners Welfare 2-1 Penley
Shotton Steel 0-3 Penyffordd
Argoed United 1-3 Brymbo
Johnstown Youth 0-2 Overton Recreation
Gap Connah's Quay 3-2 Mold Juniors
Venture 1-3 Chirk AAA
Borras Park Rangers 3-4 Brickfield Rangers
Mostyn Dragons 6-1 Unedig Pen-y-Bryn
Bala Town 5-1 Saltney Town
Corwen 1-2 Coedpoeth United
Caerwys 1-3 Hawarden Rangers
Mold Alexandra 9-2 AFC Brynford
Flint Mountain 3-2 Lex XI
Halkyn United 0- Borras Park Albion
Round 2
Mostyn Dragons 1-6 Penyffordd
Brymbo 3-1 Chirk AAA
Llanwchllyn 2-3 Overton Recreation
Connah's Quay Tigers 0-3 Greenfield (@ Greenfield)
Gap Connah's Quay 7-5 Coedpoeth United
FC Nomads 1-3 Hawarden Rangers (@ Hawarden Rangers)
Flint Mountain 0-3 Brickfield Rangers (@ Brickfield Rangers)
Bala Town scr-w/o Llangollen
Llay Welfare 0-2 Mold Alexandra
Borras Park Albion 2-6 Castell Alun Colts
Round 3
Brymbo 1-4 Mold Alexandra
Llangollen 2-3 Penyffordd
Ruthin 1-2 Penycae
Castell Alun Colts 1-2 Rhydymwyn
Cefn Druids 8-0 Gap Connah's Quay
Overton Athletic???
Buckley Town???
Flint Town???
Quarter Finals (5-9 Mar)
Penyffordd 1-2 Buckley Town
Penycae 0-1 Mold Alexandra
Cefn Druids 5-1 Overton Athletic
Rhydymwyn 0-6 Flint Town
Buckley Town 3-2 Cefn Druids (@ Flint Town United)
Flint Town United 3-2 Mold Alexandra (@ Buckley Town)
Final (@ Wrexham, 14/5/13)
Buckley Town v Flint Town United

South Wales FA Senior Cup (last checked 17/3)
Round 1
AFC Butetown 0 -1 Lewistown
Cadoxton Barry 4 -0 Lisvane & Llanishen
Cardiff Draconians 5-2 Stanleytown
Carnetown BGC 1-2 Fochriw
Grange Albion 4-1 Cwm Welfare
STM Sports 12-1 Brynna
Treforest 3-0 Brecon Corries
Round 2
AFC Bargoed 0-3 Fochriw
Cadoxton Barry 3-5 Cardiff Draconians
Cardiff Hibernian 3-5 Cogan Coronation
Clwb Cymric 0-3 Hirwaun Mackworth
Cornelly United 2-3 Blaenrhondda
Lewistown 3-1 Penrhiwfer
Llangynwyd Rangers 3-2 Treforest
Llwynypia BGC 1-7 Perthcelyn United
Penrhiwceiber Con Ath 0-2 Llantwit Fardre
Penydarren BGC 3-2 Ynyshir Albion
Pontlottyn 3-2 Grange Albion
Porthcawl Town Athletic 1-3 STM Sports
Rhoose 4-2 Rhydyfelin
St Josephs 3-1 Pencoed Athletic
Sully Sports 6-2 Splott Albion
Tongwynlais 2-2 Cwmbach Royal Stars (Tongwynlais won on penalties)
Round 3
Blaenrhondda 0-5 Sully Sports
Cardiff Draconians 1-2 Llantwit Fardre
Llangynwyd Rangers 1-2 Fochriw
Penydarren BGC 3-1 Hirwaun Mackworth
Rhoose 5-2 Cogan Coronation
St Josephs 3-6 Pontlottyn
STM Sports 3-1 Perthcelyn United
Tongwynlais 0-3 Lewistown
Quarter Finals
Fochriw 1-5 Sully Sports
Lewistown 3-3 STM Sports (STM Sports won on penalties)
Llantwit Fardre 1-5 Rhoose
Penydarren BGC 2-1 Pontlottyn
Rhoose 5-5 Sully Sports (@ Cwm Welfare, Rhoose won 4-2 on penalties)
Penydarren BGC 1-3 STM Sports (@ Treforest)
Final (@ ?, 10/5/13)
Rhoose v STM Sports

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Mar 12, 2013, 11:44 AM

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Re: [Richard Rundle] County Senior Cups Summary [In reply to] Quote | Reply or Reply Privately

Absolutely brilliant work Richard. Being a geek I spend a lot of time trawling the net gathering these results to make comparisons of different cups. This will save me hours. On the other hand, you have just ruined my day's fun by doing it all for me...

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Mar 12, 2013, 12:45 PM

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Re: [Richard Rundle] County Senior Cups Summary [In reply to] Quote | Reply or Reply Privately

Richard, you have missed out Dave The Glassboy's favourite competition:

Worcestershire Senior Cup

First Round
Redditch United 3 v 1 Worcester City

Semi Finals
Stourbridge 3 v 0 Evesham United
Kidderminster Harriers 1 v 2 Redditch United

Redditch United v Stourbridge

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Mar 12, 2013, 1:11 PM

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Re: [Richard Rundle] County Senior Cups Summary [In reply to] Quote | Reply or Reply Privately

Very informative Richard, Well done Smile

Last New Ground 2016/17 (15) 29/4/2017 HIGHMOOR/IBIS RESERVES 1 Mortimer 1 - Thames Valley premier league, Premier Division

Richard Rundle
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Mar 19, 2013, 10:13 AM

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Re: [sandhurstbee] County Senior Cups Summary [In reply to] Quote | Reply or Reply Privately

The listing above has now been updated to 16 March in most cases

Offer of a PDF of the above plus a league cup one (which currently runs to over 70 A4 pages) still available.

Richard Rundle
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Mar 26, 2013, 12:31 PM

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Re: [Richard Rundle] County Senior Cups Summary [In reply to] Quote | Reply or Reply Privately

Updated again, to include results I know of up to 24th March

Also a few extra competitions added in.

Richard Rundle
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Apr 8, 2013, 12:31 PM

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Re: [Richard Rundle] County Senior Cups Summary [In reply to] Quote | Reply or Reply Privately

First post updated again, plus several Intermediate level cups now added, with more to come next week.

As usual, any additions/amendments/queries etc. gladly received, things like semi-finals being on neutral grounds that I have missed etc. particularly needed

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Re: [Richard Rundle] County Senior Cups Summary [In reply to] Quote | Reply or Reply Privately


Sussex RUR Cup Final will now be held on 7th May same venue. This is to help the Sussex County League complete its fixtures by 4th May.

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Apr 16, 2013, 12:10 PM

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Re: [burgesshillbee] County Senior Cups Summary [In reply to] Quote | Reply or Reply Privately

Updated and expanded again

Richard Rundle
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Apr 23, 2013, 1:32 PM

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Re: [Richard Rundle] County Senior Cups Summary [In reply to] Quote | Reply or Reply Privately

Updated and expanded again.

This will probably be the penultimate update in this format as very soon I will be concentrating on final league tables.


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