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Tuesday 28th May 2019


John Treleven
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May 28, 2019, 9:57 PM

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Tuesday 28th May 2019 Can't Post or Reply Privately

Last match of the domestic season in Jersey

St. Peter (U18 champions) 4 (28. 50, 67, 73)
Rest of the League 2 (15, 66)

Att 87

Next match is a pre-season friendly exactly a month away v Exeter City. In the meantime the Parishes of Jersey play in Yorkshire this weekend and Jersey play in Ynys Mon "Island Games" two weeks after that.

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May 29, 2019, 3:31 PM

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Re: [John Treleven] Tuesday 28th May 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

John - I'll be interested to hear if the "Parishes" and Island games squads are similar.


Karntner Liga. Austrian Fourth Tier
SV Spittal/Drau 2-0 ASKO Wolfnitz
Admission €7 (oldier). Attendance 150. No Programme

Tuesday was another case of parting the ways. We travelled out of the Czech Republic together, but I left Pizzaman and the Minion on a train heading west from Salzburg as I went south to Spittal an der Drau.

It was a wet afternoon, although reports say that I had less rain the contend with than the other group. I naturally took only a short walk into town before returning to my hotel, which was conveniently located next to the Goldeckstadion.

SV Spittal/Drau are currently at the fourth tier of Austrian Football, in the Kärntner Liga. I had seen them play once away from home, back in 1990 when they were at the second level. They have played one season at the top level, 1984-5. Unfortunately for the club, the top league was reduced that season from 16 teams to 12, so a 13th place finish was not enough. They came close to another shot at the top level on a few occasions. They dropped to the Regionalliga in 1999 and to their current level ten years later

The ground is a simple one, with a raised bank all around and standing available above this bank, except in one small corner where it appears difficult to access. There is not a track around the stadium, but there is an oval path, in tarmac around the pitch at pitch level. These means the area behind each goal is a curve.

A simple stand is on one side, with more than adequate seating for the crowds at this level. It is stands at the top of the banking – which appears to be natural ground level at this point. My feeling is that the ground has been dug out and levelled from previously sloping ground, with some of the earth removed used to build the bank at the lower north end.

The visitors, ASKÖ Wolfnitz were second to bottom and in danger of relegation. On what we saw in this game, they will go down. They tried hard, especially at the start of each hard but many of the players had too much faith in their own abilities and the home side found disposing the players quite easy.

Spittal did not show a lot, just a little bit more than their opponents. A well taken headed goal broke the deadlock on 54 minutes and a disputed second goal settled in just before the end. The second goal should have been a tap in, but was mishit towards the keeper who almost stopped it crossing the line. It was only given on the word of the linesman, and two visiting players were booked immediately after for their dispute

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John Treleven
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May 29, 2019, 6:55 PM

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Re: [leohoenig] Tuesday 28th May 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

The Parishes/Island Games/Jersey Bulls squads are all similar

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Jun 5, 2019, 3:03 PM

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Re: [John Treleven] Tuesday 28th May 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Haven 1-1 Bellslea
N.E.Scotland FA (summer league), Victoria Coaches Cup groups stage, Group 4
at Barclay Park, Peterhead
f&n, h/c 34

I needed to get this one done since Haven are about to move onto their own new pitch (in St Fergus) once the water has been connected up etc.
Barclay Park is end-to-end with Buchanhaven Hearts North Juniors' ground, with a quirky pavilion in the corner. The road-edge wall drops to the grass below, making it a good perch point from which to watch. Several other NESFA teams use Barclay Park - I've previously seen Buchanhaven FC on here.
All the goals in the first half. Bellslea also having a penalty saved.
In the second period, the Haven keeper thumped a ball out to just in front of his winger, 'encouraging' him to chase it with a shout of "F***ing run, ya ginger c*nt" !!

On the way home, dropped in to The Craft Bar in Pitmedden, in the hope that it would have one of the Badochra Brewery's ales on - the brewers there told me it was one of the outlets they regularly supply. Contrary to its name it doesn't only serve fizz marketed at the gullible, but also has 2 handpumps. Bingo! Formartine Ale was on. Excellent. A micropub, with emphasis on chat. The owners remembered me from my previous visit. One of their regulars had just lost his Mum, so was in need of talking it out, so they didn't shut the shop until gone half past midnight, the entourage at his table including a GP and a Councillor both supping deep into the night. A long time for me to cuddle one pint, but it would have been rude just to walk off. Great place.


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