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Wednesday 5th June 2019


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Jun 6, 2019, 8:04 AM

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Wednesday 5th June 2019 Can't Post or Reply Privately

Glasgow AFA Spring Cup Final
EKRR 0-4 St Pats FP 2nd (at Cambuslang Rangers FC)
Admission 3, no paper, Att:150 (ish)

Almost certainly the last club game of the season for me. Happily, I was in Glasgow for work, allowing me to get to the game. Less happily, as someone relying on public transport, my hotel was in the middle of nowhere, meaning a 2 mile walk to my nearest station during which time the heavens opened, and I was soaked to the skin by the time I got on the train.

At the opposite end of the scale, few grounds can be more conveniently situated for the station than Cambuslang Rangers. Just cross the road from the station then a two minute walk. This does, of course, require you to leave the station by the correct exit, unlike yours truly!

The ground is a good one. In its day, it must have been very good. Terracing on all four sides, and cover running most of the length of the far touchline.

Both sides lined up 1-11, except for St Pats rather randomly fielding number 53 instead of 10. He was quite a small bloke, so maybe it was the only shirt that fitted!
Two teams I know nothing about, there was little between them in the first half, St Pats going in one goal up at the break thanks to a header from a corner. The longer the game went on, though, the more St Pats took control. 2 up when number 9 volleyed in from close range, then a brace from number 12 on 58 and 77 minutes completed the scoring. The margin was harsh on "Rolly", but no doubt that St Pats were deserved winners.

"People do not have moments of truth in station waiting rooms"

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Jun 6, 2019, 10:42 AM

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Re: [Karb] Wednesday 5th June 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Drumoak & Durris 1-2 Lumphanan
Mid Deeside Summer League
at Keithmuir Park, Drumoak, Aberdeenshire
f&n, h/c 16

Full of flu after the shock to the system of returning from the heat of Englandshire to the cold and wet of chilly Jockoland, I spent the day coughing & spluttering over everybody at work - a dirty protest against the dreadful Open Plan they've imposed on us all, having previously had my own office. So common sense said I should have spent the evening tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle. But the lure of a tick in the Mid Deeside Summer League trumps common sense of course. Especially since I've got another business trip to France to do soon that will wipe out 10 days of this league's already short season, and with the way the fixtures are, tonight was the only chance I'll get to do Drumoak this year.
At the end of a labyrinth of residential streets in a commuter village just outside Aberdeen, the park is on a plateau above a playpark with pleasant views onto rising fields - horses were nonchalantly grazing. Good job it's elevated - we've had a lot of rain these past days, indeed one of the other Mid Deeside games tonight (Charleston Rovers, who play out of Aboyne) was off waterlogged ...but which will now yield me a Monday tick on its rearranged date. Smile
A much closer encounter than many of the games I've seen recently, good to see a genuine contest rather than a one-sided embarrassment as I've had too many of. The visitors took the lead after only 2 minutes - at 28 minutes past 7, 2 minutes 'before KO', since the ref had got us going four minutes early. The equalizer came in the 17th when the keeper tried to be too cute, playing with his feet, but proving why he's not in the outfield when the forward easily tackled him and slotted it into an empty net. That perhaps spooked the Lumphanan captain, who when one of his midfielders tried to slot a pinpoint pass to a forward, berated him with "just put yer foot through it, don't take chances". Aye, none of that silky skills nonsense in Scottish fitba, eh! Lumphanan took the lead again just after the half hour, scored by that captain (so maybe his route 1 philosophy was justified) for what turned out to be the winner, despite many more chances at both ends in a hard fought contest. So hard fought that one crunching tackle just before the end made the red mist descend and we had fisticuffs, both the perpetrator and the aggrieved victim getting red carded. No bath to go to early - there is no pavilion, all having arrived already in kit and all having to drive home for their showers.
2 of 7 done, 5 to go.


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